Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm loving this question and answer thing. Why did I never do this before?

Okay, so in the comments section yesterday, we had some very good suggestions about what readers want more of in Young Adult fiction. (The next Harry Potter was my favorite- I'll get right on that, Erin.)

There was also a request for books in a similar vein as Ann Cannon's LOSER'S GUIDE TO LIFE AND LOVE. Since y'all are such a well-read bunch, I'm asking you to weigh in on this.

Several comments requested a more varied vocabulary. Let's challenge those readers! Make them look in a dictionary once in a while. I admit to using the word "abscond" in my book. I had to look it up.

So, you are getting more questions today. Let's see if we can get every single lurker to make an appearance. (In addition to you regular commenters, of course).

You may choose to answer one, all, or none.

1. Do you like me?
I jest, of course. But I want to know what you look for in a blog. What keeps you reading? Checking in every day? What would you like to see more of? Because, I'm here to make you happy.

2. I plan on interviewing authors on my blog. What questions would you ask a published author?

3. Cubs or White Socks? Seriously, I'm doing research for my next project. Bear cubs or my dirty white tennis socks?

4. What's on your mind? What shows are you watching? What books have you read recently that you love?

5. I want to write a good ghost story. Anyone know any ghosts personally?

6. Do you like the Animaniacs as much as I do?

7. Will you still read my blog if I cut out the Tuesday post, and just do Monday, Wednesday, Friday?

Let's cut the questions off at an even seven.

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." - Mark Twain

This is one of my favorite quotes. It's true for books, but it's even more pronounced in lyrics. Lyricists amaze me, because each word carries so much weight. So when lyrics are bad, they are really really bad.

I am a product of the 80's, and here are the lyrics to the chorus of one of my favorite songs growing up. They make me laugh now.

"East is east, west is west
Two diff'rent colors on the map
We say break the line, chew the fat
a keep moving out into the gap"

What does that even mean?

Some more examples of lyrics from popular artists:
"I love you like
A fat kid loves cake"

Yeah, that line is how Sam got me to marry him.

"I don't like cities
But I like New York
Other places
Make me feel like a dork"

I'm with you on the dork part.

"Coast to coast
L.A. to Chicago"

Which coast would Chicago be on?

"I wish it was Sunday
That's my fun day
My I-don't-have-to-run day"

I got nothin'.

So when you find a lyric master, it's beautiful. My lyric sensei is Paul Simon. Every word is lightning.
Below, I present my all time favorite line. (Train in the Distance).

"The thought that life could be better
Is woven indelibly
Into our hearts
And our brains"

And the lyrics to "Something so Right".
You've got the cool water
When the fever runs high
You've got the look of lovelight in your eyes
And I was in crazy motion
'Til you calmed me down
It took a little time
But you calmed me down

When something goes wrong
I'm the first to admit it
I'm the first to admit it
And the last one to know

when something goes right
Well it's likely to lose me, mm
It's apt to confuse me
It's such an unusual sight
Oh, I can't, I can't get used to something so right
Something so right

They've got a wall in China
It's a thousand miles long
To keep out the foreigners they made it strong
And I've got a wall around me
That you can't even see
It took a little time
To get next to me


Some people never say the words "I love you"
It's not their style
to be so bold
Some people never say the words "I love you"
But like a child they're longing to be told, mm


Seriously good stuff. And now, while you ponder our discussion questions, enjoy this video from other talented lyricists, the Animaniacs.


  1. Re: Paul Simon. Yes, he is the best. I enjoy some Indigo Girls songs, but sometimes they go too far in their use of similes and metaphors.

    Re: Ghosts. I don't know any, but I have a cousin who knows several. Want to hear the stories?

    Re: Tuesday posts. Yes, I'll still read.

    Re: Animaniacs. Yes, I think so. I also like the Tiny Toons episode about the machine that eradicates swearing. Seen it?

    Re: What I'm reading and watching. NOTHING! (except your ms of course.) Sorry to be useless and boring there.

    Re: What I look for in a blog. I rarely read blogs except the ones by people I know and like. So no improvement needed there. ;) If I read a blog of a stranger, I am usually looking for wit, recipes, or publishing info.

  2. I love the Animaniacs. Seriously, they rock.

    I read your blog because you are awesome and I will read it 1 day a week or 7 days a week. As often as you want to post, I am all over it.

    I don't believe in Ghosts. Except for maybe Casper.

    I like blogs that make me laugh and think. Yours does both and that makes me happy and smart.

  3. 1. Yup. Alot! I like the witty, silly, well written you're so good at.

    2. Can I be your friend? Will you be mine? How do YOU start a book (outline, just start writing outline comes about by pg 50 or so, tell all your friends your ideas and then start writing)?

    3. I'm gonna have to go with bear cubs cause stinky socks just isn't doing anything for me.

    4. Too much! Shows: We dont have tv so we watch all of our shows via Hulu and streaming it through our xbox to tv. Love it. Right now it's 30 Rock, Biggest Loser, Life, Burn Notice and The Office. I think thats literally the only tv shows I watch. Still probably too many. Haha.
    Books: Last year I read so many (I was working towards a huge goal) so this year I have sadly only read a few books. Hunger Games, Freshman for President, The Alchemist

    5. Not me. My hubby served a mission to Pennsylvania and has a few stories though. Apparently the bewitching hour is 2:30-4ish.

    6. Sorta. My sister LOVED them so it sorta rubbed off on me. I've always really really wanted to learn all the states in alphabetical order. Perhaps that should be a goal by the end of the year

    7. For sure.

  4. Kim- Yes, I want to hear the ghost stories.

    Sam- thanks Magoo!

    Deb- I'll be sure to ask the authors your questions, and it seems you and I have the same taste in television!
    (Sorry- that might not be a comforting thought)

  5. too many questions, not enough dt. coke today!

    i will read your blog no matter how often or little you post.

    i have no clue what/who the animaniacs are (it must be a cable thing).

    i just finished watching BSG online...hmmmmm.

    just finished reading "pig boy" (beehive nominee--good SHORT read)

  6. I love the Animaniacs too. They don't make cartoons like those anymore.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. It brings me joy and gets me thinking of funnier things in life...and I need that.

    As far as ghosts go: Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg come to mind. Although I don't think Whoopi was the actual ghost. But nothing beats the pottery making scene.

    I am thoroughly enjoying BSG episodes and books that are page turners. I listen to sports and talk radio so I can't really comment on music lyrics other than I have listened to your i-pod and...enough said :).

  7. I would still read your blog without the tuesdays post, sometimes I don't even know what shows your talking about.

    Right now I am reading Three Cups of Tea and it is really good and I just finished reading the Bayren Series by Shannon Hale for the 5th time.

    I love your blog, it is hilarious!!!
    p.s The Animaniacs are amazing but I only get to see them when I am at your house.

  8. Brodi,
    Love the Thompson Twins lyrics. I love that song but have to agree with you...just what does it mean?
    As for the questions, here are my responses
    1- yes, we are kindred spirits. I love your blog because you are very clever and witty with a hint of sarcasm...just my cup of diet coke!
    2-I always want to know what inspired authors to start writing. Also, their favorite books!
    3-Baltimore Orioles. Just kidding. Bear cubs sounds far more interesting to research.
    4-Shows that I watch..hmm...I am a little embarrassed to admit, I have a weird obsession with the show 7th Heaven. Maybe it is my desire to have a "perfect" life. I do love Grey's and Private Practice. As for books, The Book Thief and the Hunger Games have been the best books I have read in awhile. Although I am enjoying The Wednesday Wars.
    5- Nope..
    6- Yes! They beat Dora hands down. I wish I could convince my kids.
    7-Yes, of course!

  9. 1. Of course.
    2. Um. I don't really roll that way.
    3. Bear cubs, definately.
    4. Sawyer, sawyer, sawyer...Queen of Babble was a great series. I love humor and romance.
    5. There once was a man named Ben Ballou...
    6. Ani-who?
    7. You post on Tuesday? LOL!

    Okay, is my favorite lyric huh of all time...

    "Wrapped up like a douche another rubber in the night."

    HA,HA,HA... I googled and it's 'revved up like a duece, another runner in the night' but I like my version better...

    How are these elipses treating you?....

  10. Dorien- did you catch the last 7 minutes of BSG? Somehow we missed them for an entire week!

    Erin- I can't help it if your taste in music is lacking.

    Eliza- Hope I haven't corrupted you.

    Monae- right back at ya!

    cam- lol!

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  12. I'm Kristi Lee and I'm a lurker. There, it's out. Being a Chicago girl and seeing the Cubs or White Sox question, I got real hopeful of a future book about ghosts in Chicago (by the way, I'm a Cubs fan). My new little one Spencer does resemble Slimer...always something ooey and gooey coming from him. I went through a jaded phase where I loved Alanis Morisette's lyrics. I still like listening to her stuff. Jono is a pretty good lyricist too.
    And I look to get free prizes from blogs, so keep up the contests! ;)
    Things I love to watch: Comic Bryan Regan, Flight of the Concords, Lost, Office, 30 Rock and pretty much anything on HGTV or the Food Channel. I haven't read a lot of YA fiction lately (besides the obvious Harry Potter and Twilight series), but I'm totally into children's books. I love anything Dr. Seuss, the Mr. Men and Little Miss series and I love the character Toad in The Wind in the Willows.

  13. 1. I don't know you personally so I can't say to whether we'd like each other or not. However, I love your blog. It's witty and refreshing, relaxed and down-to-earth, the questions, topics and rants are delightful - thank you! And of course as we do the posting and commenting back and forth we'll get to know each other.

    2. My questions would depend on the author. That being said - might be a good question of the day for you to ask us when you know what author you are interviewing - we could give you what our questions of that author would be.

    3. Speaking of baseball - neither team. Speaking of cute cuddle bear cubs or dirty white socks - I'd go for the bears, hands down.

    4. It's almost five o'clock, I can go home after stopping by the library to pick up a book (Black Dawn - Night World series by L.J. Smith) I don't watch much television - but I do love "Lie to Me." I just finished the Night Huntress series and I my to-read stack at home is frightful (but I love it)

    5. No, don't know any ghosts personally. However, I went on a ghost walk in York, England and have read and watched many a ghost story. However, there was this one time I felt like someone touched my shoulder...I could feel fingers and palm. When I turned...there was no one there.

    6. I love the Animaniacs!

    7. Yes, I will continue to read your blog. I will say that M, W, F series makes sense to me... reminds me of college classes.

  14. my answers
    #2 i would ask an authur what made them want to write a book
    #6 yes we do love animaniacs as much as you do
    #7 i would still read it