Monday, June 11, 2012

Three Things... Including the Inspiration for the Daughters of Persephone

Three things! 


First off, I have to give a big shout out to my main squeeze, Rafael Nadal, for defeating Novak Djokovic winning his 7th French Open Title. 
This was taken after Novak Djokovic punched him in the nose out of frustration.
His rivalry with the Djoker plays out like a good novel. After dominating in tennis for years, he sort of fell from the top and Djoker took over. Rafa couldn't beat him in a major. He'd lost his mental mojo. 

And then this morning, he persevered. 

I can't wait to discuss the epic victory with Rafa over a cappuccino tonight in my dreams. (Because in my dreams, Rafa and I are the best of friends, and I drink cappuccinos like they're water. Or in my case, like they're Diet Coke.)


Kid B has been sick to his stomach. Last night, in the middle of the night, he suddenly pops out of bed and stands in the threshold of our bedroom. He says, "Mr. Daddy, Miss Mommy... explosion!"

This is a word you never want to hear in the middle of the night, during a stomach virus. That is all I'll say. Because I know it's early in the week, and you don't need any more information. So this is the official final word I'll say on the subject. 



I'm hard at work on EVER-Novella. It's taking me to places I didn't know we'd be going, and I'm meeting mysterious societies I never knew existed. (That sentence makes no sense, because I am the one writing the darn thing, so I am the one making up said societies.)

Random Factoid: 
Speaking of strange societies, for those of you who've read EVERNEATH, do you want to know where I got the inspiration for the Daughters of Persephone? It was from a group in Utah called the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, or the D.U.P. When you google them, you get lots of pictures like this: 

My grandma was a proud member. Unlike the Daughters of Persephone, the DUP group is not bizarre, nor do they worship immortals, but they do care about lineage. 

That's one of my favorite things about being a writer. Taking seemingly mundane things from everyday life, and twisting them. 

I'm sorry, what was the question? I feel like this blog post is long and rambly. 

Wait, you say no one asked me a question in the first place? Then what am I doing here??


  1. Poor Kid B. And, poor Mr. Daddy and Miss Mommy too! I hope he feels better soon.

    And, that's really cool about DUP. I've actually never really heard of them, lol. What kind of Utahn and Mormon am I? Obviously, not a good one!

    I hope your cappuccino date is awesome!

    1. Don't worry about never hearing of the DUP. They are a pretty unique group. :)

  2. Three things of my own.
    #1 Found you through Ally Condie's blog.
    #2 Have loved reading back through your blog posts!
    #3 Haven't read Everneath, but picking it up on the way home from work today. :)

    1. I love Ally! Thanks so much for reading the blog and even more for picking up Everneath. Hope you like it!

  3. We are all thrilled about Rafa. If only Ana could have won 4 more matches, she would have joined him in the winner's circle.

    I have a feeling that every time Kid B uses the bathroom in the future, he will just always yell out: Explosion!

  4. Oh, no. Sorry about the poop explosion. I find it fascinating that he calls you Mr. Daddy and Miss Mommy. Hope he's feeling better soon!

    1. He specifically asked us one day: "Mommy is a Miss, and Daddy is a Mr, right?" He's been calling us that ever since. :)

  5. Yes to Rafa! Boo to explosions. YAY to mundane things and making them important in books. You rock. That is all.