Friday, March 29, 2013

Because EVERNEATH 3: It's EVERNEATH-iest is a tad cumbersome... Here's the Real Title

So, after what feels like months being underwater with revisions... (wait a second... it WAS months) EVERNEATH 3: It's EVERNEATH-iest is now officially in copyedits!

Which means it's basically done!

(I say basically, because copyedits still have to be done, but it's like mostly done. Like, medium well.)

So now, without further ado... (adieu? adoo?) I'd like to introduce y'all to the real title of EVERNEATH 3: It's EVERNEATH-iest. Because EVERNEATH 3: It's EVERNEATH-iest is not the real title, although I have greatly enjoyed typing EVERNEATH 3: It's EVERNEATH-iest over and over and over.

The title is...


I really like this title. I hope you do too. 

And now... to collapse. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Week in Pictures... L.A. Version

I'm in Los Angeles for work this week. Here's what my week in pictures looks like:

You can't go to L.A. without seeing Universal Studios, right? I think you get fined if you try...
Cynthia Hand (author of the Unearthly Series), me, Jodi Meadows (author of the Incarnate Series).
We wore our hair in pigtails so we could find each other easily.
 We met lots of crazy characters...

like Shrek and Fiona...
Why is Fiona so mad? 
 And the Scooby Gang...
Did you notice that Daphne tried to put her hair in pigtails too?
And Curious George...
Curious George was a little too curious about my pigtails. He kept pulling on one of them, and then he'd shrug innocently as if to say, "Hey! I'm a monkey!" Like that excuses it...
 And a random set of Asian brothers... 
Spotted them sitting in the middle of the cafeteria, blending in with everyone...
 To cap off the day, I ate my weight in cotton candy. And that, let me tell you, is a lot of cotton candy. 
Objects in picture are much larger than they appear... Except my cheeks. Those are about spot on.
 The next day, we spoke to a novel-writing class at Pepperdine University, whose campus is so beautiful it should be illegal. I'm not jealous. 
The three of us with with the ugly coastline and mediocre deep blue sea in the background. Gross. 
Then we had lunch at a place in Malibu by the ocean...
How come everything in California is by the ocean? Don't they care that they're making the rest of us insanely jealous? I hate every person in this picture.

By which point, hubs accused me of playing and not working. So, just to appease him, I got to work. 
I always carry my purse while jackhammering...

That pothole on Generic Street in Manhattan is now fixed. 

You're welcome, New York. 

By the way, I'll be appearing at the Barnes and Noble in Westlake tomorrow night at 7pm with Cynthia Hand and Jodi Meadows.

And then on Saturday, we will be at Books Inc. in Mountain View California at 5:00 pm. 

Anyone in the L.A. or San Fran areas? Come out and say hi. 

So... what are y'all up to? Anyone jackhammer a pothole lately? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In Which the Consequences for Losing my Pillbox are Disastrous

I have a husband who fills my pillbox for me weekly. The reason for this is two-fold: 1. I'm too lazy to fill my own pillbox. I really can't be bothered to flip lids and divvy out pills. 2. I'm forgetful. I really can't be bothered to remember.

I know, you'd want to be married to that too, right? 

Well, about a week before my deadline, I misplaced my pill box. But because I was staying up late most nights to write, I never got a chance to tell hubs. So every night, at like 1 am, I would go to the medicine cabinet and just grab my pills individually. 

Fast forward a few days. Let me paint you a picture. 

I woke up in the morning and felt the need for an omelet with a side of a brick of chocolate. So I ate an omelet and a brick of chocolate. Then I went to the grocery store and bought a giant bag of corn chips and a big jar of that nacho cheese, and came home and melted the cheese and ate the entire thing. Then, for the leftover chips, I grated a bunch of cheese and melted it directly on top. 

Then I went to the gas station to buy five packages of grape Hi-Chews. And the gas station attendant was all, "Hey! I haven't seen you since last night. You already need five more packages of candy?" 

And I was all *flips him off*

Then I went to a birthday lunch for my sis-in-law, and I ordered one meal to eat at the restaurant and one to take home.

And then when I got home - and feeling the need for vegetables - I made myself some creamy cilantro dressing and steamed an entire bag of broccoli and dipped the broccoli in the dressing, but the dressing wasn't enough so I got another jar of nacho sauce so I could dip the broccoli in the cheese first and then the dressing. 

And with a full mouth, I called into the other room, "Sam! Can you make a run to Wendy's for me?"

And he's all, "I can't understand you, due to the fact that your mouth is filled with broccoli/nacho stuffs."


And he's all, "Talking louder will not make you easier to understand. You have to empty your mouth first."

And I'm all, "Empty my mouth? So there's no food in it? Death first!"

And he's all, "Seriously, swallow!"

So, with a dramatic eye roll, I swallowed and didn't put anything new in my mouth so I could ask him, "Can you make a run to Wendy's for me?"

He gave me a surprised look, partly because I'd never in the history of our marriage asked him to make a run to Wendy's for me, and partly because I had just eaten ALL THE FOOD. 

He's all, "Um... okay. What do you want?"

me: "Two baked potatoes, with everything, and a large chili. Extra cheese. Hold the chives. Because chives are gross. And a frosty."

Him: "..."

me (putting another nacho-broccoli in my mouth because I've waited long enough): "What?"

him: "You want TWO baked potatoes? AND the large chili?"


Later that night, I went to the medicine cabinet to get my pills, and I saw an extra prescription bottle in the top right corner. I looked at the label. It was for my pills. 

Then I looked at the prescription bottle I'd just taken a pill from. It was prednisone. A steroid for people who can't breathe. It was also a dosage for a large man. 

One of the side effects of the pill is INCREASED HUNGER. 

I'd been taking prednisone for AN ENTIRE WEEK. While I was on DEADLINE. (I think another side effect is putting every fifth word in ALL CAPS). 

You can probably guess what happened next.

Yep. I got so mad at Sam for not noticing I was taking the wrong pill all week, and for the freshman fifteen I'd put on. 

He's so sorry.

By the way, I'll be at the Provo Library tonight at 7pm with the Dark Days tour. That is, if I can fit in my car.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Guess what I can do with a Parrot on my Shoulder?

Hey y'all!  How's it going? I feel like I haven't seen you (yes, you!) forever. I've been flailing under a deadline for Book 3 in the Everneath series, tentatively titled "EVERNEATH 3: It's Everneath-iest".

Here are a couple of things I've been doing:

1. I've made my acting debut!

Yep, that's me in the book trailer for Lindsey Leavitt's darling new book GOING VINTAGE. Give it a looksy...


A few things I noticed while watching this video. 

a. I blink a lot.
b. There's a chance that if flattened out, my cheeks would reach from here to Milwaukee. 

What do all y'all think of the trailer? 

2. I will be appearing with the Dark Days tour on Wednesday night, March 6th, at 7 pm at the Provo Library. 

Did you catch a glimpse of the other fabulous authors who will be there? Kiersten White? Dan Wells? Lauren Oliver? Debra Driza?

It is going to be quite the event, full of shenanigans and I'm sure several instances where I insert my foot in my mouth. (Did I tell you about my first stop on the Dark Days tour in L.A.? Where an audience member asked, "How do you like doing so much research for your books?" and I answered, "Yuck. I don't do any research. I HATE READING."

Yep. "I hate reading," she said to a room full of readers at a book event. It's a good thing no one in the audience had a phone or an internet connection. Oh, wait...

3. Tonight, at some point, the behind-the-scenes video of the Dark Days tour will be up. I don't want to give anything away, but if you watch it, you'll discover why Cynthia Hand and I shared a bag of underwear. 

Follow @harperteen to find the link. It will be up tonight. At some given hour. Have I ever told y'all that I'm not good with details? Like times and stuff? 

4. Since it's a day full of videos of myself, here's me playing the piano with Pidge on my shoulder. My hairless dog is filming. Because I live in a zoo. 

5. And here is a video of me in my first ballet recital when I was eight. 

Kidding. I won't show you that. :)

So, how was all y'all's week? Anyone adopt any hairless animals? Anyone want me to star in their book trailer? Anyone think they can draw a map of the United States on my cheeks?