Friday, July 13, 2012

Full Cover for EVERBOUND and how we got Too Close to the Fireworks

Two Things!

Thing #1

Have you ever wanted to see the FULL cover for EVERBOUND? Here it is, in its entirety...

Thing #2

You know how the 4th of July was the other day? Like, on the 4th? Well, I was watching the fireworks with my family on the balcony, and Kid C said we weren't close enough. So, we decided to "chase" the fireworks, like professionals "chase" tornadoes.

We got in the car and took off, driving toward each new batch of fireworks that we saw.

Eventually, we ended up on the side of a hill where we'd heard a rumor that there would be fireworks. (Actually, the "rumor" was an announcement on the city's webpage).

We weren't sure if the hill would be in the way of our viewing, so we asked a few people who were seated on the side of the road.

me: "So, will we be able to see the fireworks from here?"

guy (giving me a strange look): "Uh... you see that guy right there?" Points about ten yards away. "He's lighting them. You brought your ear plugs, didn't you?"

I didn't get a chance to answer, because without any more warning, the lights everywhere went out, and the show started. And by "show", I mean thunderous explosions that rattled my bones, reducing my organs to jelly, and fire that rained down on us.

I fought the urge to run naked down the street, screaming, "We're all gonna die! We're all gonna die!"

I lunged for Kid C, shielding him with my body, then the three of us (me, my mom and Kid C) dropped to the ground, flattening ourselves on our backs, partly to get the best view of the fireworks about twenty feet above our heads, and partly for safety measures.

During a break, I screamed to Kid C, "Plug your ears! Use the entire fist!"

At one point, I tried to get a video. It doesn't do our proximity justice, but you can tell we could only fit one portion of the show in the viewfinder. To get the full experience, turn it up way loud, find yourself the nearest jack hammer, swallow it, and then turn it on at the same time you press play. 

Afterward, my mom asked me (in the loud voice reserved for people who have just experienced mortar shelling) "Did you really ask that guy if we'd be able to see them from here?"

I could tell she was saying something, but I'm not good at reading lips, so I just nodded deliriously and hit the side of my head. Is it possible to catch "firework of the brain"? 


  1. Oh, wow. That is so awesome! Um...both Things! :D

  2. That would be EPIC. I love to feel fireworks, not just see them.

  3. Love the full cover. It's beautiful! And, what a fun firework adventure! I want to experience that some day! Where was this hill, lol?

  4. Oh my goodness. That cover is INCREDIBLE! Have you just spent hours staring at it? Because I would totally understand.

  5. ROFL How lucky was that to be right there where the fireworks were going off . . . as long as they weren't also in the process of starting of the dreadful wildfires we've been having. One of my sons living in Herriman had to evacuate. Again. *sigh*

    Love the cover.

  6. Wow, to be so close to the fireworks is quite an experience =D

    Love the new cover!

  7. Such cool things. I'm now doubly jealous. :D

    1. I just read the front cover flap. There are no words. When do I get to read it? WHEN?!

  8. That is insanely too close for fireworks, lol! I would have ran!
    Stunning cover! I cannot wait to see what happens!!!

  9. You have the best firework experiences. ;) I still laugh whenever I think about your all-smoke-ball firework show. Haha!

  10. Awesome 4th of July story. I have this image of you at your next book signing talking REALLY loud to everyone and yelling into the mic. And saying, "come again" every time someone talks to you. Good times.

  11. Love the cover, I can not wait for the next book. I find myself still torn between to the two boys.

    Best firework story ever. I've been up close to a firework show before and experienced the hearing loss that last for days.

    Library of a Book Witch

  12. Wow, the full cover is soo pretty. I already loved it but now this... Oh man... Can't wait for Everbound....

  13. the jack hammer comment made me laugh LOUD out loud! Thank you so much for that! I used to watch fireworks from my inlaws boat while they set them off from a barge, and THAT was loud....can't imagine a few feet away. :)