Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Week in Pictures... L.A. Version

I'm in Los Angeles for work this week. Here's what my week in pictures looks like:

You can't go to L.A. without seeing Universal Studios, right? I think you get fined if you try...
Cynthia Hand (author of the Unearthly Series), me, Jodi Meadows (author of the Incarnate Series).
We wore our hair in pigtails so we could find each other easily.
 We met lots of crazy characters...

like Shrek and Fiona...
Why is Fiona so mad? 
 And the Scooby Gang...
Did you notice that Daphne tried to put her hair in pigtails too?
And Curious George...
Curious George was a little too curious about my pigtails. He kept pulling on one of them, and then he'd shrug innocently as if to say, "Hey! I'm a monkey!" Like that excuses it...
 And a random set of Asian brothers... 
Spotted them sitting in the middle of the cafeteria, blending in with everyone...
 To cap off the day, I ate my weight in cotton candy. And that, let me tell you, is a lot of cotton candy. 
Objects in picture are much larger than they appear... Except my cheeks. Those are about spot on.
 The next day, we spoke to a novel-writing class at Pepperdine University, whose campus is so beautiful it should be illegal. I'm not jealous. 
The three of us with with the ugly coastline and mediocre deep blue sea in the background. Gross. 
Then we had lunch at a place in Malibu by the ocean...
How come everything in California is by the ocean? Don't they care that they're making the rest of us insanely jealous? I hate every person in this picture.

By which point, hubs accused me of playing and not working. So, just to appease him, I got to work. 
I always carry my purse while jackhammering...

That pothole on Generic Street in Manhattan is now fixed. 

You're welcome, New York. 

By the way, I'll be appearing at the Barnes and Noble in Westlake tomorrow night at 7pm with Cynthia Hand and Jodi Meadows.

And then on Saturday, we will be at Books Inc. in Mountain View California at 5:00 pm. 

Anyone in the L.A. or San Fran areas? Come out and say hi. 

So... what are y'all up to? Anyone jackhammer a pothole lately? 


  1. Haha that looks like a lot of fun! And who doesn't carry their purse while jackhammering away? I do! ;)

  2. Omg Brodi, i seriously love love love u and ur blogs. so funny. keep me checking every day, even though i could subscribe by email, i enjoy just coming on everyday and checking lol. this is another hilarious one. i hope u had a great time. i havent read the unearthly series, but jodi meadows' incarnate series is amazeballs. and once again, those cheeks are not big! Xo

  3. Oooh, we were planning on going to San Jose on Friday or Saturday. Saturday it is! Now I just have to hope I can get through the throngs of your worshipers...

  4. I think the jackhammer pic is my favorite. You can do it all. Acting, writing, hanging with 'celebs' like Scooby Doo as well as being able to do some hard manual labor.

  5. Can someone please make that fifth picture into a running meme, with Brodi superimposed over a variety of ethnically diverse siblings "blending in"? Hah!

  6. Brodi, My sister gave me your books two days ago and I have already finished them. I could NOT put them down. I read A LOT of YA books and your series was one of the best. I can't wait until the next book comes out. You left me hanging! Please hurry and write!

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  9. New follower of your blog...Fun pictures, Brodi! We met at your book talk in Mountain View's Books Inc. earlier this month. I was the attendee who asked to get a picture with you. At the moment, I'm enjoying your book while munching on a piece of tres leches cake....okay, back to my book!