Sunday, May 12, 2013

How I look to my Kid on this Mother's Day...

My Mother's Day Portrait, by Kid C. 

Before you judge, just know that I've always needed bigger arms to counteract my abnormally tiny legs...

Other than that, it's spot on. Long hair, constant smile, and no nose. That happens to be the look I strive for when I'm getting ready in the morning. 

Kid B made me a potted planter, full of pipe cleaners in the shape of flowers. 

When I picked the pot up, he changed his mind and decided it was for him. After accusing me of stealing it, he grabbed it out of my hands, emptied it of pipe cleaners and straightened each one of them out. Once there was no trace of the flower shapes, he took the fake grass and sprinkled it on the living room floor. 

Seeing my forlorn expression, he handed me a wadded up candy wrapper and said, "Happy Mother's Day." 

me (looking at the decimated carnage that was once a mother's day pot, and then at the garbage in my hand): "Um... thank you?"

him (beaming): "You're welcome!"

Happy Mother's Day to all of you women out there, kids or no kids, flowers or just pipe cleaners. And to those fathers pulling double duty. What did all y'all do today?


  1. I had kind of a similar situation, sans picture. My kid refused to sing for the mother's day program, scribbled out the "I love my mom because..." paper, and ate my candy. And strangely, I'm neither insulted or upset. Not really. Okay, it wasn't cool that he ate the candy. And shared it with his dad.

  2. I got strawberry pie and a trip to the ER for a shot! (I woke up with a migraine. Party on Wayne!)

  3. Im broke so i did a card and a phone call to my mom, motherinlaw and exstepmother...but they all seemed happy lol