Friday, November 21, 2008

By the Power of Grayskull... Get your Geek on!

Book Status: spent yesterday cutting 5,000 words. Feel like Dr. Kevorkian, killing my darlings for the good of the book.

So every time someone asks me what my book is about, I say, "It's a Young Adult! Oh, and it has... some... little bits of light sci-fi." If I am forced to continue, it sounds something like, "It's about teenagers, and human interactions, and romance. So it's, like, hardly sci-fi. Except for the whole bit about aliens invading our planet..."

But after last weekend's conference, I'm beginning to think that %95.82 of writers are, to some extent, ahem, geeks. Or at least somewhere on the geek spectrum.

My critique group is made up entirely of geeks (don't try to deny it, Eden) to the point that we have to designate a "normal" person at each meeting, whose soul responsibility is to prevent us from breaking out the Vulcan Ears, or speaking in Jawa-ese.

But with the popularity of Chuck, and Comic Con, and Batman, and Avagadro's number, I say it's time to embrace our inner geeks! Wear our geek on the outside. After all, who hasn't imagined a light-saber duel with Vader, or worn their hair in Princess Leia buns, or wanted to name their first born child 'Mos Eisley'? Okay, maybe that last one was just me.

So now, if someone asks if my book is sci-fi, my answer will be: "Frak yes! It's totally geektacular."

If we are all a bunch of geeks, the John Williams is our geek composer. Who's John Williams, you ask? Well, take a listen to the video below, and it will all be made clear.

Looking to copy my 'do? Just ask your hairdresser for the "80's He-Man." Very chic geek.

Geeks are cool. Except for the ones who worship the Star Wars prequels. Those guys are just plain nerds.


  1. I will say that Brodi is a geek. She knows her geekiness and embraces her geekiness.

  2. I really wanted to, but couldn't bring myself to stop that frakin' video.

  3. Gosh, if you are a geek, than that must make me a super-geek!

  4. Alt-
    I know what you mean. It's like you want to stop it, you need to stop it, and then before you know it, the thing ends on its own. And you're singing it all night long...
    Paula: Didn't I mention we are trading the word "geek" for the word "cool"? that would make you "super-cool!"

  5. Okay, I need to redo my acronym:
    Brodi + Sherpa Ted + Singing Geek = pure unavoidable geek talent (pugt)

  6. Oh my gosh Brodi, that was so freaking funny!!!