Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Follower status: 28. Wow. The pressure. I feel a little like I'm tap dancing, in a room with no music, singing a really bad version of "Let Me Entertain You" a capella.

Welcome to all of you Newbies. I've already received several book requests (a lot of Sarah Dessen... interesting).

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Purpose of the Blog: I write Young Adult fiction, and I'm in the process of trying to get my first book published. You can vote on the best title here. But the blog has sort of devolved into an amalgam of ramblings from my mutant mush brain.

On your right is the schedule of when you can expect a blog. Toward the back, on either side, are the emergency exits, in case my blog begins a sudden descent into the pits of virtual doom.

Ummmm..... How about a tour of the main players on the blog?

1. Rafael Nadal/Rafa/Mocha-honey: Tennis player. (#1 in the world). My virtual main squeeze. You can read about him here.

2. Ted/Sherpa Ted/Sensei Ted: My agent in New York. He's like the Yin and the Yang; he brings the joy (Yay! He's my agent! He loves my book!) and he brings the pain (Ah crap. Another revision letter). Find out how he got the name "Sherpa"

3. Sam: The third man in my life. (Number one in Utah, babe). AKA- the man who puts up with me. (Even though he eats my cake. You can read about it

4. Little Red: my Mac Book. Wanna know how a PC dies a slow, painful, bloody death? You can read about it
here. Yes, I named my laptop. I'm a dork, striving for full geek status.

5. Milky Way Cake.

Now, onto the main festivities!


Many of you may know, Sam lost a bet to me and therefore was forced to see Twilight with me. (The bet involved his incredulity regarding the existence of the phrase "Hang on Spider Monkey" in the movie).

You can read his own version on his
blog. He took the whole experience better than I would have thought possible. And in some places, better than me.

For instance, in the meadow/sparkly skin scene. I have a really hard time with the lovey-dovey, and so I was just cringing. But Sam kept his cool.

me: "Each time they talk, don't you just die a little death, inside?"

Sam: "No. I could live without the porn glitter on the vamp, but when is the 'So the lion fell in love with the lamb' line?" (Because I've been complaining about that line a lot. Some lines are better read, not spoken).

me (Yelling at the screen): "It's right now! Please don't say it! Please let this time (my 16th time seeing it) be the time you don't say it!"
But, of course, they said it.

Sam: "It wasn't that bad."

me: "Are you kidding? It shaved another year off my life!"

Sam (visibly exasperated): "What would you have written?"

me: "I desperately wanted Bella to answer that line with 'Okay, so which one of us is the lion, in your scenario'."

Sam: "And that's why you can't write romance. But I have to admit, the 'personal brand of heroin' line made me taste my own bile. A little."

I feel sort of like a 10 year old boy when I watch romantic scenes. Like, I'm thinking to myself, "Ewwwwww, he just kissed her. Yuck." Seriously, I need to grow up.

So, Sam survived. And I think he liked it more than he cares to admit. In fact, I know he liked it, because yesterday he says to me, out of the blue, "You know who would play a great Lane?" (Lane is the main character in my book. We like to pretend it's going to be a movie someday. Right after Rafa asks me out.)

"That girl who played Alice Cullen. She's quirky, and spunky. I could totally see her playing Lane."

As he's speaking, he's staring off into the distance. So I check out his blog, and he's got a picture of her on his blog.
Oh well. I can't blame him. I haven't really stopped talking about Jasper. Then there's the whole Rafa thing. So Sam's free to like Alice Cullen. Technically, I'm his number three woman, behind Alice Cullen and Rebecca De Mornay.


  1. I have a new goal this summer while I'm in Utah. To some how beat Milky Way Cake with my dessert.

  2. Shell, I think that's the most brilliant idea ever! It can be like a contest- who can beat the Milky Way cake? Bring your entries to my house...

    When are you coming to Utah? We must see each other!

  3. so i am thinking the new whole wheat choc. chip cookies i made yesterday don't have a chance in hell, right? they were pretty darn good though...for wheat and cookie combo!

  4. Dorien-
    The best way to find out is to try, try try. I have nothing against whole wheat, but I will say the contest is about taste, not health. Just to keep in mind. (Your jar brownies might be competitive though...)

  5. Still laughing!!! You and I are so alike it is spooky - I had the same thoughts during the movie (despite how many times I've seen it) and I loved Jasper too.

  6. Good news for me! I have moved up to #3 on your list. And just think, just a couple of years ago, I was not even in your top 5. I am moving up!

    Alice is a babe and the girl that plays her would be a great choice for Lane. If she plays her cards rights over the next 20 years, she could become the next Rebecca DeMornay.

  7. Rebecca De Morney??!! Sam, come on! I can see Alice Cullen, but isn't Rebecca a little old for you. Wasn't she the hand that rocked the cradle? Maybe it was your cradle...did you ever think about that? Gosh I hope I'm thinking of the right movie star...if not, send me a picture of the right one. Otherwise, she's way too old for you.