Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Revision status: Keepin' on keepin' on.

Follower Status: Wooo Hoo! We now have 20 followers! So, all of you newbies, please email your book of choice pronto. (You can find my email address here )

And just because my heart has grown three sizes since yesterday, I'll also give three more books to the next three followers! (I prefer Young Adult book choices, but I am willing to negotiate). Sam will be so thrilled when he reads this!

Milky Way Cake Status (a.k.a.: how my husband will spend the next week suffering my wrath in the pits of my despair!): So, last night some awesome neighbors invited us over for dessert. Actually, dessert doesn't do it justice. They need a new word for the cake my friend made- something that encapsulates Heaven, gooey-goodness, bucket of butter and Yummmm.

She called this mound of paradise "Milky Way Cake."

Here are the ingredients in a nutshell:
100 milky way candy bars
100 pounds of Butter
pinch of flour
truckload of sugar

How can you go wrong?

So, she sent us each home with a giant chunk of the delectable goo. I couldn't eat any more last night, so this morning I was anticipating the yumm.

But when I woke up, the cake was nowhere to be found. Anywhere. Not a crumb. And I licked every crumb around just to see if it was the crumb I was looking for.

There could only be one culprit to this debauchery. So I took a deep, calming breath, and dialed Sam.

Upon answering, he could tell I was about to transform into a fire-breathing Medusa (he knows me so well), so he thought it would soften the blow somewhat if he told me this little gem:
"Well, yeah, I had a couple of bites, and then I... um... threw the rest away."

I don't know why he thought I would be less mad knowing it was in the trash. The pathetic part is, I actually hoped he was telling the truth. That the cake was in the trash, and somehow salvageable.

But it was a lie. The booger ate the cake.

Yeah, my heart shrank back down to its regular size.


I have got to say, it's a good time to be a geek. This week was totally tubular for geeks around the world.

Day seven of the crappiest days of Jack's life focuses on a missing "C-I-P device" that, apparently, can bring about a buttload of destruction by... um... well, I'm not really clear on how it happens.

Anyone else think the writers randomly picked three letters out of the alphabet, added the word "device" and threw it into the plot? Just once, I would like one of the characters to suddenly say, "CIP device? What the heck is a CIP device? It doesn't make any sense. Nothing like that exists."

The island is still on the time skip, and at one point, Sawyer got to see Kate again. And I nearly cried, the scene was so sweet. There's something about seeing a big, strong, manly man going all softy over the "memory" of a girl.


I have saved the best for last. BEST EPISODE EVER! The conclusion to the coup attempt by Gaeta had me on the edge, yelling at the television screen.

I made two main discoveries about myself (one of which is quite disturbing):

1. I never want to be on the receiving end when President Laura Roslin yells, "We're taking every gun and every bomb and we're coming for YOU!"

2. When Gaeta and Zerick were sitting in front of the firing squad, about to be cast out the airlock, I found myself chanting, "shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, open the airlock, open the airlock, open the airlock."

It made me wonder if I would have been one of those bloodthirsty observers at the Guillotine, eating popcorn and shouting things like, "Drop the blade, kill ze rich! Down with the monarchy!"

Did I mention Sam ate my cake? I bet he's excited to come home tonight... Mwah ha ha.


  1. who do i need to call for that recipe?? sounds DIVINE! in my house, i have learned to HIDE the really good stuff...or kyle, or josh, or grace, or lizzie...well you get the picture....all those "OR's" eat it first!
    and BSG--it ROCKED!!!!

  2. I seriously want to punch Sam in the neck for you. That is just unexcusable.

    oh and I totally loved that you licked every crumb to see if it was a cake crumb. what are some of the different things you tasted?

  3. Valynne- Congrats! 23 is my lucky number! (Pick your book choice...)

    Dorien- Melissa Jensen is the maker of the gooey deliciousness. Although I'm pretty sure the recipe I gave was fairly accurate.

    Shell- Thanks for the empathy.

  4. So sorry about the cake :O.

    Wasn't that scene with Sawyer the best? Except, I wanted to yell at him "Screw her, she is a fickle bitch....you could do so much better with someone like me..yeah, me. I'm the one you should be looking at with those puppy eyes." Then Ben walked in and my fantasy evaporated...

  5. Cam- I totally know what you mean regarding the fickleness of Kate. She doesn't deserve Sawyer. I deserve Sawyer.