Friday, June 17, 2011

What do a door in L.A.'s Griffith Observatory and the Publishing Industry have in common?

Just when you think you've found a way in... you get this:

This picture is not a picture.
It's okay, though. That door was subjective. We queried another entrance and it turned out to be an actual entrance.

On the other hand, once you're "in" the publishing industry, you might run into this:
The restroom of doom in Venice Beach
I got locked in here. And the rest of my party had already started down the boardwalk. And trust me when I say the last place you want to be randomly pounding on a door, screaming like a crackhead, from inside the toilet, is Venice Beach. 

In the end, a nice man, with dreadlocks coming out of his armpits and an odor that had me writing home to mom, helped me out of my predicament.

He then proceeded to try to sell me his CD of reggae music. Which I of course bought. After I explained to him that he was white. I will buy anything from a stranger who breaks me out of the john.

That's my mission statement.

I have one more day of the WIFYR conference. I plan to have a wrap-up of all the awesome nuggets of wisdom for next week. 

So, what's everyone up to? Anyone else get trapped in a bathroom in Venice Beach? Or worse, anyone else querying right now? 


  1. That first door is very contradictory. But, since I'm an optimist (not really), I'll go with the "Entrance" instead of "Not an Entrance" part of the door. Maybe, I'll get lucky. Is that how you're supposed to think as an aspiring author?

  2. It seems like you're always getting into hilarious situations...well actually they're kinda scary but at least you can laugh about them. ;) Hmmm, maybe the dreadlock guy uses the old lock-someone-in-the-bathroom-then-break-them-free-to-guilt-them-into-buying-something routine all the time. ;)

  3. I'm querying right now and some days I think I would rather be stuck in that bathroom! I'm sure glad you got out though, and no worse for the wear (except for having to buy that CD).

  4. Jenni- So, for you, the door is half full?

    Jenny- If so, I'm a total sucker! I've been had. I should've stayed in the restroom. :)

    Megan- Yes, a CD is a small price to pay for freedom. At least, that's how I'm trying to look at it. Good luck with the querying!

  5. What's this "is anyone ELSE querying right now?" :)

    I have at least one more edit before I'm ready to start, but I hope to be querying by the end of July.

  6. Being locked in the bathroom though gave you a bunch of quality alone time away from the kids.

  7. I realize my earlier comment could have been taken wrong. I was just teasing. Hope I didn't offend. :)

  8. Robin- Okay, technically I'm not querying. But I remember it very vividly. Good luck to you!

    Sam- That's why I stayed in there so long in the first place.

    Donna- Ditto my answer! :)

    Jenny- Dude, seriously nothing to worry about. I rarely get offended! Please, tease away.

  9. you were really trapped in there?? i'm hyperventilating just thinking about it now!

  10. Dorien- Um, yeah, I was totally hyperventilating. I wasn't kidding when I said I screamed like a crackhead.

  11. Wow, freaky. It made a nice metaphor, though. I'm glad you survived.

  12. Elena- I appreciate it when the random things that happen in my life become metaphors for the other random things that happen in my life. :)

  13. I'm trying to think that the door is half full. Although, my initial reaction is that it's half empty.