Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thoughts on Tab, Puke, Movies and Pop Tarts (a post brought to you by Sam)

It is October.  It is the Baseball playoffs and using a baseball analogy, I have been called in to relieve Brodi.  You see, last night, Brodi didn't feel very well and only got a couple of hours of sleep.  She should be fine, but now she gets to rest.  

But, about 5am, I hear Kid B - who does not believe much in speaking - calling out to me, 'Daddy, its puke. I puke-y.'  You are right Kid B, you are puke-y all over your bed.  So, it has been a fun morning taking care of him.  He has handled this all without crying, though.  He just keeps telling me 'So-rry, So-rry.'  I inform him that 'Sorry' does not undo the puke-y on the floor...just kidding.  I just give him a hug and tell him that it is OK.  He is a tough kid.  If you have any suggestions on quick fixes to this, I am all ears (I would be all hands as well, but I am too busy cleaning things up).  He actually seems totally fine and hasn't puked since early this morning, so I think we are past the rough stage.

We saw 'Contagion' a couple of weeks ago.  Let me tell you - when you see that movie and then a week or two later, your boy is want to pick up the phone and call the President of the United States and yell 'My boy is sick, it is probably a deadly virus and we are all doomed.'  Good movie.  It was awesome in the theater as well.  There was a man that kept clearing his throat thru the whole movie.  Loudly and grossly.  He probably did it ever 3-4 minutes.  And every single time that he did it, all 100 movie watchers would audibly gasp.  Every single one of us thought this guy was killing us with every 'aaacccckkkkk' he let out.  If anything like this movie ever happens, we are locking ourselves in our basement with a HUGE supply of Pop Tarts, Diet Coke, Tab and Twizzlers.  We will wait it out.  On a sidenote - I think that Tab may actually turn out to be the cure all for all diseases and trouble.  Drink Tab and it will basically fix whatever is wrong with you. *This statement has not yet been proven accurate, nor has it been  approved by the FDA.

When I read things, I like the actual thing, not an EReader.  I get two newspapers delivered to our house, every day.  I still get magazines delivered to our house (Business Week, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly and Consumer Reports).  I still buy books.  With that said, I recently purchased a book on our Kindle.  And I liked it.  I like how it keeps its place as to where I am in reading...I like that it is small and easy to carry around...I like that I can use my phone's Kindle App to read the book as well and it takes me to the last page read, with whichever device I am using...I will still be a book buyer guy as well as a newspaper guy, but I can say that I like the e-reader much more than I thought I would.

Thanks for putting up with this post.  I gotta go check in on Kid B to make sure that the puke-y is really gone and that it aint coming back.


  1. ha ha sam--josh and i saw Contagion. that sunday in church, everytime i heard someone cough i had to urge to don a face mask and wash my hands.

    maybe you should try feeing kid B some tab for the puke. you never know... lol!

  2. Its like if you see anyone have a runny nose, you turn around and go the opposite direction.

    Good idea about Tab and Kid B. I will give that a try.

  3. 'Sorry' does not undo the puke-y on the floor...just kidding.

    haha! You are one funny man. I have just one correction for you. We would be taking Red Vines to our bunker, not Twizzlers. Important distinction.

  4. I'm a firm believer that Mountain Dew (of the White Out variety--no other kind exists for me) is the cure to all ills. Tab might be a good second choice, but White Out is better. Just so you know.

    Good luck with the puke-y!

  5. OMGosh, I totally want to see Contagion! I'm on the verge of becoming OCD about germs. I figure it will push me right over the edge.

    You know, Coke is used as an industrial cleaner for blood. I'm just sayin'. You might want some of that in your hideout in case of zombie apocalypse.

  6. It's post like these to make me happy I don't have kids. But, then, it's posts like these that make me sad I don't have kids. Thanks, Sam!

  7. Bro--Red Vines are solid, Twizzlers are divine.

    Jenilyn--I hate to tell you, but you are wrong. Tab is the answer. The only answer.

    SalGal--it sounds like Contagion is for you. Have a stretcher prepared because it will totally put you over the edge and make you comatose. Interesting about the Coke...though I will say that Tab is probably even more toxic.

    Jenni--days like this, be glad about not having kids.

  8. I'd like to AMEN the TAB comment. Everyone thinks I'm crazy to love that stuff but it doesn't cure all diseases then at the very least it is the nectar of the gods.

  9. Sam, it's tough being the well one, isn't it? Hope everyone feels better soon.

    I want to see Contagion this weekend. If hubby won't buy his goodies, maybe we can afford to.