Monday, January 9, 2012

15 More Days... Launch Parties, Revision Woes, and the need for Burned Flesh Factoids

So, I have a revision deadline for the latest version of EVERNEATH 2: It's Everneath-ier on Wednesday. 

This means I'm going through the draft right now, and coming across highlighted words. Stuff I didn't want to figure out right then, but needed to come back to later.

Sometimes I'd be in the middle of a really tense scene, or even worse, a romantic scene, and I'd turn the page only to find this:

blah blah blah... leading up to big kiss *smooch* 

Here are examples of my favorite highlighted reminders:

Blah blah blah... add description (Yeah, this one comes up about once a page)

------- word for hand thingee? -------(I don't know, could it be a glove?)

------ word for leather thing that can old a knife? ------ (Okay, obviously the word "sheath" wasn't coming to me)

------ do "concentric" circles go outward or inward?---------

what else can he do with his hand, besides run through hair?  (I ask myself this question every day. *she said as she ran her fingers through her hair)

-----need transition here: Aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd... scene!-------------

--- note: what does burned hair smell like?-----

--- note: if you tear off sleeve, will burned flesh come with it? -------

And my personal favorite:

--- say it again, but better---

EVERNEATH comes out in 15 days. The launch party will be at The King's English bookshop in the 15th and 15th area of Salt Lake City. 

When: Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
Where: King's English 
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Treats?: Of course

Everyone is invited, so mark it down on your calendars so I don't look like an idiot up there at the microphone, speaking to an audience of Sam and my mom. 

I practiced my speech on Sam the other night. He had one thing to say:

"I'm not sure it's appropriate to talk about your hatred for faulty epidurals in your book launch speech. In fact, we could probably leave Kid C's birth story out."

Looks like it's back to the drawing board.

So, who's coming to the launch party? And who can answer the question about the burned skin? 


  1. I'll be there, and I'd love to hear all about Kid C's birth story! ;) Can't wait!!!

  2. I'm hoping the only way I find out about the burned skin is in your book! I'll be there I already got it off work! I wrote off with about 30 *'s after it on the schedule my boss may think im nuts but he didn't schedule me:) as for the faulty epidural I'm with Sam.. Those stories scare me.. All stuff I'll find out on my own in june although I hope it's not faulty!

  3. I'm coming to the launch party! Wouldn't miss it for the world, even if you'll be talking about Kid C's birth story. :)

  4. I have those kind of notes to myself all the time, and yes I've had a "rewrite this but make it good" too. I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one.

  5. I think it depends on how bad the burn is. In WE WERE SOLDIERS, all the flesh on his leg came off.... Did whoever it was get burned by napalm?

    I soooo wish I could come to your launch! PLEASE have someone videotape your speech. PLEEEEASE?

  6. No insight into burnt skin, but I will be at the launch! Can not WAIT!

  7. LOL If I was writing a book it would totally look like that. You make me laugh! And I am so coming to your party! Can't wait!

    Jessica @Books: A true story

  8. Sara- One vote for the birth story! Check! Can't wait to see you. :)

    Andrea- Don't be scared. All epidurals work. None are faulty. (wink, wink).

    Jenni- You better not miss it!

    S.P.- That's the good thing about writing. You know you're never alone in the crazy. :)

    Robin- Looks lie I'll have to check that movie out. And I'm sure someone somewhere will be taping the hot mess that is my launch party. :)

    Olivia- Yay!

    Jessica- Me Neither!

  9. me, check. grace, check. not sure how many of her friends i will be bringing alone. all checks!
    yay! so excited, can't wait! :) :) :)

  10. Your notes look EXACTLY like mine! Even forgetting the most obvious of words. (Insert word for small furry pet here.)

    I'm gonna say yes to the burned skin thing. But don't even get me started on epidurals.

    I would love to do the launch. I'll see if I can round up some of my reading buddies for a girl's night out!

    Congrats and best of luck!

  11. I just put it on my calendar! I hope I can make it (Tuesdays are iffy for me). But hopefully!!

  12. I am very excited and my daughters and I will be there too=)

  13. Dorien- Yay! Can't wait! I can always count on you to bring a crowd. :)

    Suze- "small furry pet" hahaha!

    Elana- I hope you can make it too!

    Ansindt- Woo Hoo! See you there!

  14. I was hoping I could come but I never made the connection that it's on a Tuesday--and I have to work that night. Ugh.

    Everneath book launch
    city council meeting

    Hmmm . . .

    Dang real life!

  15. If I lived near Salt Lake City, I would so be there! Any chance you'll be touring near the bay area?

  16. Really excited for this release. It was my WoW this week!

  17. Question: "what else can he do with his hand, besides run through hair? (I ask myself this question every day. *she said as she ran her fingers through her hair)"

    Answer: pick wedgie, pick nose, pick at his fingernails, inspect his fingernails, jazz hands, push his hands into his pockets, gesture wildly like an old Italian mama, nervously rub the back of his neck, give the one-fingered wave, rub hands together like Mr. Burns, or for the easy of writing, I suggest amputation! Good luck! :)

  18. For burned skin, I would think that if the skin melted to the sleeve, then yes, it would come off with the sleeve. If not, then it wouldn't. I'm not medical person though. This is just what I think it would be. I think it sounds grosser to have the skin peel off, so you may want to include it, haha. :)

    Good luck! Love EVERNEATH! Looking forward to book 2!

  19. I have a crazy busy week next week. But I'm going to check with Tammy to see if she can go. If we don't make it, know that I really, really wanted to. Good luck!! I'm so excited for you!

  20. I was there and you were hilarious. HIL-A-RIOUS. "He just asked if I'm naturally edgy. See the peep in my toe there? EDGY." I died laughing the whole time you spoke. Which is why I am now stalking your blog. :)