Friday, January 20, 2012

Kid B Packs his Essentials, and Your Chance to Win an EVERNEATH Prize Pack

Hey, yo.

Things are about to get EVER-FREAKY around here, mostly because my book comes out in 4 DAYS!! 

I am EVER-excited, and to prove this, I'm going to put "EVER" in front of every single adjective! 

Okay, just kidding. 

Sorry for the sporadic blog posting this week and last, but I've been on a cruise. Sam didn't want me to mention it until after we were back, because he was nervous that burglars religiously follow my blog, just waiting for the moment I mention that we're going out of town. 

So, for all of you religious burglars out there: BAZINGA! You've just been EVER-BAMBOOZLED. Ha HA!

When we told Kid B that he was going on a cruise, he promptly found a suitcase and packed everything his 6-year-old mind thought he would need. Here's what it looked like:

I case you can't tell from the picture, that there is a suitcase full of:

1 standard issue pencil box, filled with crayons

4 multi-colored Yoshi's

1 very angry bird (whose talents include destroying wood. Perfect for a cruise.)

1 paper punch in the shape of a tiger

1 industrial sized tape dispenser

1 roll of heavy duty packing tape (I assume for if the ship springs a leak)

The bottom is just made up of stacks of paper. Because that's the one thing you can't get everywhere. 

He zipped it all up and headed for the door. Sam had to break it to him that we weren't leaving for another 24 hours. The Yoshi's were not impressed. 

I'll tell you all about my trip later, but first I had to show you what was on my doorstep when we got home:

And I want to celebrate. Would you like to win a personalized copy, complete with autograph, from my own personal stash? Along with some EVERNEATH swag like temporary tattoos, a guitar pick necklace, and signed bookmarks?

That, my friends, is what the people-in-the-know call a PRIZE PACK!

Here's your chance to win it. All you have to do is pre-order my book, and you're entered to win! Now, I know some of you are thinking, "But if I pre-order her book, and then I win... won't the space-time continuum implode?"

Wait, that wasn't what you were thinking? Oh. Then maybe you were thinking you'd end up with two books. 

And I say... what's the problem? Double the fun! Do you have a friend who has a birthday ever? This would be perfect! How about a holiday that shows up once a year? Excellent. 

So, pre-order my book from places like Books A Million or Barnes and Noble or Indiebound or anywhere else, and then leave me a comment telling me you pre-ordered the book, and you're entered! Just make sure you include where you ordered it from, your confirmation number, your credit card number and your social security number, along with your mother's maiden name. 

Again, I jest. There's no real way for me to tell if you're lying. So, we are making a gentlemen's agreement. But just for fun's sake, tell me where you ordered it from. :) And if you already pre-ordered, EVER-thank you! And yes, that counts too. 

Okay! That's it! And again, don't forget that everyone's invited to the launch party at The King's English on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

*I should've mentioned that this contest will end on Tuesday, January 24th at midnight.*

**I also should've mentioned that it counts if you're going to buy your copy from King's English on the night of the launch. Plus, this option will also give you a warm fuzzy feeling because you supported your local indie bookstore. And we all know warm fuzzies attract a lot of luck in a random drawing. **


  1. My copy is pre-ordered! On Amazon! EVER-SWEET, yes??? I would TOTALLY LOVE a signed copy, or a bookplate for my not-signed Amazon copy if I don't win for some EVER-CRAZY reason.


    (And my mom's maiden name is Czar. That's all you're getting from me.) You forgot to mention you want everyone's first-born child. Or maybe you know better than to ask that since you have one of your own... ;)

  2. Jenna- Haha! I would rather have people offer to take my first born!

    1. Sorry, got one of those already! Don't need another (unlike I need another copy of your book!) ;)

  3. I preordered my copy from B&N! Sadly, it will not arrive until early Feb because stupid me decided to preorder a bunch a of books in bulk. But! I already read Everneath and will post up a review tomorrow (1/21). However, I cannot resist myself to enter your giveaway because 1) you can't ever have enough copies of one book and 2) because Everneath is so epic awesome I need copies for each meal in a day. LOL. Besides, I really really want a signed copy! Thanks so much :) <3


  4. Preordered - should be uploaded to my tablet in four days. I've already planned my life to not need sleep so I can just read your book.

    And I think the best part of the packing was the four yoshi's. Seriously, if the boat went down and the tape didn't fix it, he could fly-ish off and take three people he loved with him. Great thinking. :)

  5. I preordered my copy from Overstock, and it'll ship out on Tuesday. SO excited!!! Definitely wish I could make it to the launch party in Salt Lake. Alas, school.

    I so hope I win!


  6. My preordered copy is from Amazon. To be fair, I won a preorder of my choice in a giveaway and I chose EVERNEATH as my pick. So if I'm still qualified to enter, I'd share the swag with the lovely lady whose giveaway I won. :-)


  7. I preordered from Amazon as well--my sister (who read an ARC) tells me it is Amazing.


  8. Well I would preorder, but I can get it faster by looking it up on Barnes and Noble at 10 pm on Monday and getting it on my nook, instead of preordering of having to wait for b and n to decide when i can finally download. i am too excited to wait for the 2nd option.

  9. Brod - I wanted to buy my copy Tues night so you can sign it right there. Remember you're going to sign it "Michael Jackson?" I know that doesn't count for the prize pack. But wanted you to know we'll be there Tuesday night. And we're super excited!! We as in your original "six." ;) And fun to see Rosalyn comment here. She's on staff with us @ Segullah.

    1. Yes! Buying it from King's English on Tuesday night totally counts! I should've mentioned that.

  10. Swag is always good. Love what Kid B packed and can't wait to hear about the cruise . . . and your launch!

  11. I pre-ordered mine through BN- my manager is used to me pre-ordering a month at a time :D
    And there is nothing in the world that can go so wrong that four multi-colored Yoshis can't fix it.
    requiemofrain (at) hotmail (dot) com

  12. I pre-ordered mine on Amazon! So excited to read it!!

    redeemedbyhim (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. I pre-ordered mine from The King's English. Kind of. I'm going to buy it when I get there on Tuesday. Please tell me that counts!! I want to support my fav local book store.

    booksatruestory at gmail dot com

  14. Woohoo! I've had this book pre-ordered for I don't know how long! (from Amazon)
    Thanks for this fun celebratory giveaway!

  15. I ordered it from Amazon and even paid the extra for 2 day shipping so that it will arrive on the release date! :) Way to go,lady!

  16. I preordered it from Barnes and Noble, I'm pretty sure but I don't remember now that I say that. Maybe it was Amazon :) AND I will be there on Tuesday, to support you, the hero in my life who I admire from afar :)
    Love ya Brodi!!!!

  17. Preordered from B&N! This is one of my MOST anticipated reads of the season. I've heard nothing but GREAT things from those lucky enough to snag early copies. :)

    Hope you loved every second of the cruise! Congrats on your release!

  18. I preordered my copy from Amazon :)
    I would love to go to the launch party, but alas, I live on the East Coast :(

    I'm loving the guitar picks!


  19. I'm planning on making to the launch party & buying the book there. I will be up at the Sundance Film Festival until 6:00 & will zoom down the canyon! Plan B, I will buy it at Dolly's Bookstore in PC that day. I hope this qualifies because I have a waiting list for my copy of the book & the pressure is mounting. I'm already doing extra bicpes curls to prepare for all that page turning! The guitar picks are awesome too :)
    Btw, that's totally how my kids pack too. One of them slept over at Mom's the other night & she called to ask why he only brought underwear, toys & a magnifying glass?!

  20. I preordered from Barnes and Noble. And I am hoping that it will come on Tuesday or I will be most unhappy. But if I win a copy, then it won't matter. :)

    And I have a couple of kids who would totally dig on the guitar picks.

    jenny (at) subtlecoolness (dot) com

  21. Well, I was going to get someone to buy me a copy at your book launch, but I guess now you'll sell out your launch stash one person later than you would have. :)

    I just pre-ordered on Amazon. If I don't win, promise you'll sign that one at LTUE, K? :) Also, I'm going to need one of those guitar picks--what do I need to do for that?

  22. I love your son's priorities, especially the angry bird. lol My 2 year old is already obsessed with them.

    What a great giveaway! I pre-ordered Everneath on Amazon last week & I never pre-order! I can't wait to have it in my hands! :-)

  23. Well dang it! Now my plans to break into your house and steal your harddrive so I can read Everneath2: Everneathier have been foiled. Blast! Hiss!

    But on the bright side, I am going to buy a copy at TKE on tuesday and I'm super excited that it counts for the contest! If I win, I'm going to give my extra copy to my cousin who's cousin is at Huntsman's fighting cancer. (I told you about him a couple months ago.) He was in ICU a week ago on a ventilator and we weren't sure if he was going to make it, but I went and saw them yesterday, he was sitting up in a chair, no oxygen, talking and eating. Still SO very sick, but what a fighter. I figure my cousin could use the distraction of an amazing book like yours. If I don't win, I want to buy her a copy anyway... so um, when are you announcing the winner?

  24. Um my cousin who's *husband* not cousin. Wow, sleep deprived much? Yeah, I am.

  25. I pre ordered mine on (does it count if I live in canada??) aaaand I happen to live near the wear house that ships it sooo it came early!!!! I read it in less then 24 hours and it was AWESOME!!!! I'd love to have a signed copy since I live so far far away and can't go to any parties :( I love the guitar pick necklaces by the way they're GORGEOUS!! Whooo Dead Elvises!!

  26. I've had the book pre-ordered for like 3 weeks! I ordered it from barnes and noble. I'm soo excited to read it!!!

  27. I pre-ordered my book from amazon! I can't wait to see who wins!

  28. I actually pre-ordered mine from the book depository, but it won't get to me for at least 12-14 days. *INSERT EPIC SAD FACE HERE* I will legit be crossing off the days on my calendar daily and possibly counting down the days also on my fingers because... I'm just a nerd. Sigh.

    I can't wait to get my hands on the actual book after reading so many great reviews from those who had the ARC.

    And the swag is SO cool. I don't even need all of that, although everything is really nice, just a bookmark would do it.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Brodi!


  29. I actually already have my copy! And I just finished it today....... LOVED it! Can I still enter?


  30. I pre-ordered Everneath months ago from Amazon (even though I already have an ARC, I really want a finished pretty hardcover copy for my shelf!). Thank you for the giveaway--that swag looks so awesome!

    escapingthroughbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. I think that's the EXACT same suitcase full of things my kids packed when we went on our cruise last fall. ;)

    I'm so very excited for you Brodi! I also have to apologize because sadly I won't be able to be at launch night. My sister's having emergency surgery and I'll have her daughters. =[ But just know I'm there in spirit, love the heck out of Everneath, and am hoping you sell a billion copies!!!

  32. I'm totally buying a copy at the book launch tomorrow.

  33. hehe ok ok so i got an ARC from my local book store and before i have even finished that i bought another copy!!!!!!! i have just been killing monkeys to get my hands on this damn book!!!! im so in love!!!!!AHHHHHHH HEHE oh yea and i ordered it form Amazon!!! i think they are going to call my CC company soon because i just keep buying books! grr!! ok im done rambling now! by the way, I LOVE COLE!!! (well maybe i should say yes to him yet, i still need to finish reading it!)


  34. I hope I can still enter, because I just ordered it via bookdepo! Here I even have proof:!/picyadri/status/161746175786098688
    It will take at least 7 torturous days to arrive (to Hungary) but I am sure it will be worth it!
    Thank you for the chance to win, can't wait to read Everneath!