Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kid C learns the proper course of action when someone calls you a "Big Jerk"

The other day, Kid C was playing in a pick-up soccer game, when suddenly he walked away from the field, his shoulders sagging in a dejected way. 

Sam (concerned): "Kid C, what happened?"

Kid C: "They called me a 'big jerk'. Our team was winning a lot, and they started to call me names, like big jerk."

Sam (frowning empathetically): "It's probably because they were getting frustrated at losing."

Kid C (eyes brimming): "But I'm not a jerk."

Sam: "I know. Of course you aren't. You can't control what they call you. You can only control how you react. So, how did you react?"

Kid C (wiping away a tear): "I kicked him in the weenie."

Sam: "What?!"

Kid C: "I kicked them all in the weenie."

Sam (wincing): "Unfortunately, that's exactly the kind of thing a big jerk would do."

We looked back to the field, and made sure no one was doubled over or anything. I'm pretty sure Kid C was only saying that because we've always taught him to stand up for himself and others, and when we asked for his reaction, he blurted out the first thing that came to his head, and he didn't want to look like a wimp.

But I hope you all have learned your lesson. Do not call Kid C a Big Jerk.


  1. Hahaha. I'm laughing even though I know I shouldn't. Poor kid.

  2. ROFL! Priceless! Seriously!

  3. Hahaha! Poor Kid C. And, I'll think twice before I decide to call him a Big Jerk.

  4. Those are some serious ninja skills, there. Kicked them ALL? Go Kid C!

  5. This is one of those moments when you can't get caught laughing :-)

  6. Haha! So... uh, what happens if it's not a boy calling him a big jerk?!?!