Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Local Book Club recreates the EVERNEATH, and your chance to win a Park City High water bottle

Hey y'all!

I know, it's been a week. But right now, I'm doggie-paddling in a sea of tasks, just trying to keep my head above the paperwork. And I'll tell you, my lips are full of paper cuts.

Okay, maybe I'm mixing my metaphors.

On Friday night, I attended a book club to discuss Everneath, although 'discussing' the book wasn't really on the agenda, unless you count the Persephone MadLib. 

If you write a YA book, and attend only one book club this year, make it this book club.
Notice the "Curtains of the Tunnels" in the background
They recreated the soup kitchen:

They attempted screen printing:
Yes, that is Winnie the Pooh, on a double-headed t-shirt, and yes, we are screen printing with an actual screen from the house. Do not try this at home.
They even made Jack and Nikki's lockers:
When my mom saw these, she immediately shoved the smallest book club attendee into the one on the left. Yes, my mom was one of THOSE people in high school.
We played a MadLib game with the story of Persephone. Here is my favorite paragraph. For this scene, "Nancy" is lamenting the kidnapping of her daughter "Brodi", and appeals to the god of gods "Cole":

In the realm of the living, _Nancy_, searched _the Florida Keys_ and _Hungary_ for her daughter.  As a _million years_ passed, she began to lose hope of ever finding her fair _Brodi_.  Her depression led to the neglect of her Duties as _shrimp de-pooper_ of Grain and Growth.  _Spatulas_ withered and died. New ones refused to appear.  Without _plungers_, mankind was starving and their unceasing prayers and pleas were sent to the _mushy_ Father God, _Cole_. Finally _Cole_ relented and sent his messenger, _Dracula_, to the realm of the _Park City_ to retrieve his daughter.  

Yep, Nancy was an important Shrimp De-Pooper of Grain and Growth. I also like how it only took a million years for her to begin losing hope.  

If that wasn't enough to make you want to relive high school, check these out:
Everyone got Park City High water bottles.
Actual water bottles from Jack and Nikki's high school. Can you believe this book club?

So, I was thinking, I would like to share the joy. I want to give one of you a Park City High water bottle. Are you interested? Simply leave a comment! I'll pick a random winner on Friday. :)

If you want to do the Persephone MadLib at your own book club, here are the templates:


  1. Yay! You're back! I want a water bottle! And more exclamation points!

    How do you get that club to read your book? Amazing!

  2. You are a _____ (adjective) swimmer. You will come out smelling like ___ (noun). So _____ (Cliche about hanging in there)

  3. oooo how cool is that!!!! damn!!!


  4. I'm so glad you had fun! We had a great time too. :)

  5. How cool! Your mom really shoved someone in a locker?

  6. Thanks for the shout out, we loved celebrating you and your new book. I have a water bottle so don't enter me, just wanted to pop in and say hi!

    Robin, the real question is "how do we manage to get actual published authors to our book club?" ;) We love celebrating fantastic authors like Brodi. Write a book, we'll read it, and if we love it, we'll throw you a party too! That's what we do.

  7. So bummed I missed this awesomeness! Giving birth is probably a great excuse but if I could have snipped the umbilical cord & raced over I totally would have!

  8. What a cool book club! And screening t-shirts - awesome!

  9. That looks like so much fun, and I love the Mad Libs idea! How creative! The water bottles look cool, too. What a great gift!

  10. I've been looking forward to this day forever and I'm SO grateful you agreed to come hang out with us. Thanks a bunch!

  11. I read Everneath in about 8 hours today! I could not put it down- I loved it! Such a great story. I can not wait for the next book. BTW, I feel sorry for and like Cole- so what is wrong with me? Haha!

  12. Wish I could have been there, it sounded AWESOME! ;)

  13. I am totally going to take that mad lib and mad lib like crazy! It is going to be awesome!

  14. Um. Wow. Those are some SERIOUS fans!