Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Visit from the Snarky Question-Maker

Hey y'all. 

So, the Scavenger Hunt ended. The winners of all the mini-contests are posted here so you don't have to check every single contest you entered. 

Phew. I'm exhausted.

On to the post:

Ever since EVERNEATH came out in January, I've been getting a lot of the same questions. 

So, here I will attempt to answer them all by employing my good friend, the long lost Question-Maker. As usual, I sent a telegram addressed to that space between the rainbows and dreams, at the corner of mirage and hallucination, on the elevator level of dashed hopes, to summon the QM out of his deep sleep. 

QM (stretching and cricking his neck): Whaddup, yo?

me: QM, did you get all street in my absence?

QM: Oh. It's you. (rolls eyes) Okay, lemme have a looksy here... And voila! For the first, and most popular, question from your readers: The ending of EVERNEATH made me want to gouge my eyes out-

me (interrupting): They don't say that!

QM: Oh. Right. It says here, they were thinking it, though. Anywho, continuing on, since the ending was so...

me: (gives him the evil eye)

QM: ... um... intriguing, will there be a sequel?

me: Yes! For some reason, this information is not readily available to many readers, and I get a ton of emails asking if there will be another installment. So this is your official alert: There will be two more books in the series. The second one will be out January 2013, and the third January 2014. 

QM (with an eyebrow raised): So, you're going to subject your readers to more?

me: Well, I think subject isn't the right word. How about treat?

QM: How about inflict?

me: How about gift?

QM: How about you shove that thesaurus--

me: Stop! We're a family blog. Moving on...

QM: Okeydoke. Question number 2 on everyone's minds: How are the sales of book one going?

me: I really don't know. 

QM: Shut the front door.

me: I'm serious. I prefer it that way. My agent assured me that my publishers are happy with how the book is performing, and that's all I care about. Numbers don't really mean anything to me, because I don't have anything to compare them to. Besides, I'll go crazy if I look at numbers every day. 

QM: But don't you get paid based on those numbers?

me: No. At least, not really. Right now, I've already been paid with an advance from my publisher, and I won't be paid anything additionally unless I "earn out", which means I've sold enough copies to cover my advance. (Believe it or not, I get asked these questions A LOT). 

QM: yawn Sorry. Did you say something? 

me: How about another question.

QM: Okay. Do you have a title and cover for book 2?

me: I have a title and a first draft of a cover (It's gorgeous) but neither of these things has been released. The title will be announced soon, and the cover will probably be revealed sometime in June. 

QM: So, if the cover is beautiful, I'm assuming you had nothing to do with it.

me: Rude! True, but rude. I don't really have any influence over the cover. But I do get to see early versions and squeal because I love them. 

QM: Please warn me when you are about to squeal. Fingernails on chalkboards come to mind. 

me: Okay, that's about enough of the snarky QM. I hope this answered some of your questions. But if you have anymore, feel free to ask me in the comments! Ask me anything! Except how much my advance was... 


  1. I'm excited for the title and cover to be revealed! :)

  2. Since second books are notorious for cliff hangerly antics, are you going to do that to us with Everneath-ier?

    1. I would never! Of course, it depends on what you call a "Cliffhanger". The story arc from book 2 will be resolved by the end of book 2. :)

  3. I would just like to add my official feelings at the end of the book did not include any contemplation of eye gouging. *A certain character* says *something* about what they are going to do about the unfortunate events that transpired. It was like the last line in the book. It will work out...eventually.

    Although, now that I realize that I will have to wait until January to find out what happens, I DO think some good old fashioned eye gouging might be appropriate.

  4. Hey! January is only nine short months away! :)

    1. Nine short months? I could have a baby by then. Or rewrite a book.

      *sigh* It's okay. I've waited for years for some books to come out. I guess I'll just have to set a google alert for next January to remind me.

  5. Funny QM! I have not gotten to the end of Everneath, but I have been warned and I am completely ready for said cliffhanger!


  6. I have a question, but it's better asked in person. Actually, it's less of a question and more of a plan to wrestle you to the ground and steal your cell phone. Only for a few minutes, though. I have absolutely no intent to permanently deprive. Once I'm done squealing, you can totally have it back.

    Oh! I have a question. Completely off-topic: Any chance you're coming to LDStorymakers?

    1. No, I'm not going to Storymakers. :( I'll be signing in San Diego and Las Vegas that weekend. But mention to them that I'd love to teach next year!

  7. Hahahah your posts always make me giggle, no matter how bad a day I'm having. :)

    Can't wait for the title reveal of book two :D

  8. That's one snarky QM right there. I mean, dear me, just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy all over :-)

  9. You're a riot. And clever as all get out. Hope you're having a good spring break! Is the break making you want to gouge your eyes out? ;)

    1. Yes. Why oh why is it so long? Remember when we were little and we had at the most two days off? Ugh...

  10. Speaking of the cover/title reveal for Everneath 2, can I do it?