Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oregon, I'm headed your way.

I'm leaving for Portland today, and then for The Dalles tomorrow for the amazing GOT BOOKS? event at Klindt's Bookstore.

Check out the books whose authors will be there:

Doesn't it look like fun? It's an all day event, with live music and free bbq. So, if you're in Oregon, or the panhandle of Idaho, or Washington, or Montana, or Northern California, hop on a bus and join me! 

More info on the event here.

And, as usual, if you get a copy of EVERNEATH signed there, you get a guitar pick necklace, and a chance to meet my mom! 

Hope to see any of you there. Hope even more to see ALL of you there. 


  1. *jealous*

    A guitar pick necklace?

  2. Do you think you could postpone the event in The Dalles for a few weeks? I'll be up there then to visit my parents. You can totally arrange that, right? I wish! Anyway, have a great time and give my regards to the Gorge, the most beautiful place in the world :)

  3. Ahhh! I'm so excited for the event. We're giving my best friend a ride to the event (we live two hours away) for a birthday present. So pumped!