Sunday, September 16, 2012

How a Blind Dog and a Good Samaritan Made me Think Anything is Possible

So, I was turning left on one of the busier streets in the neighborhood, when I saw a dog wandering back and forth across the median.

I thought, he probably knows where he's going. Then I got a better look at his eyes.

Can you see them? They are completely milky white, and they were watering profusely. I pulled my car over, just as another man did in front of me. We got out of our cars and helped the dog to the side, and checked him for any tags or any type of identification.

There were none.

The man who stopped with me was named John, and judging by his accent he was from somewhere in Great Britain. And all I have to say is, this dog is so lucky he wandered into the same street down which John was driving.

For those of you wondering - at this point in the story - what I named the dog, I'll tell you... I named him "Blindy." I did this for two reasons:

1. I'm incredibly uncreative.
2. I wanted to give him the opportunity to "own" his disadvantage. Turn it into an advantage. This way, when someone asks him his name, he can announce proudly, "Blindy. I was named after Edward Blindy the III, who conquered ancient Rome." And then the person who asked his name can look all uncomfortable, all the while, Blindy knows the person is really thinking, "Um, I would've thought the name came from his milky white eyes." And then Blindy can feel happy that he's messing with someone.
3.  Do you think I over thought it a bit? 

John decided to take Blindy to the nearest animal shelter, but neither of us was convinced that someone would actually come to claim him. An old, beaten-down, blind dog? I tried not to admit to myself that most likely he was abandoned. 

I gave John my number and asked him to keep me posted. He called about an hour later, and said, "The shelter says there's no electronic identification, and because he's blind and old, they will probably put him down soon."

Inside, my heart cracked a little. I asked John, "So... where is Blindy now?"

There was a pause on the other end of the line. "Um... he's in the back seat of my car again. I couldn't leave him there. I'm taking him to my vet to make sure he has no diseases he could possibly give my other dog, and then I'll take him home."

Another pause, because I have tears in my eyes. 

Then John continued. "He's old. He can't have that much life left. I can take care of him until then."

Can you guys believe John? He lives in an apartment. He can't have that much extra space. And yet the second Blindy wandered into John's pathway, he had a home. 

The vet pronounced Blindy disease-free, and so John took him home. A few hours later, I got a text from John saying he'd given Blindy a bath, and now he wasn't as scruffy. 

John asked me to post ads about Blindy. Even though I worried that there might be those with nefarious purposes who troll the lost and found boards, looking for animals for all the wrong reasons I put an ad up on KSL's lost and found with Blindy's picture. I still had hope that someone out there loved this dog, and was looking for him. 

So I told John that if anyone does answer the ad, put them through a rigorous background check. Make them prove that they know and love Blindy. 

But really neither of us thought that would be necessary. 

The next morning, I got another text from John. Blindy's owners had contacted him. They brought pictures to prove their paternity. They loved and missed him, and were so relieved to see our ad on KSL. 

I left for my conference in Cedar City that day thinking anything was possible. Doesn't that make you think anything is possible? And don't you want a friend like John in your life? I do. 


  1. Yeah, John's a keeper and an inspiration. As are you. How many people saw Blindy and drove by and how many more never noticed him?

  2. What a sweet story. I actually got tears in my eyes reading it. There is so much love in the world.

  3. Brits are cool. :) I love that this story ended so happily, with Blindy back home with his owners.

  4. What a great post! So glad to hear that Blindy is okay!

  5. Such a great story. I'm so happy he had such caring people stop and find him. I was thrilled to hear that his owners were looking for him and were reunited with him. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

  6. This made me cry! In July we lost our dog Bo the Wonder Dog. We adopted Bo when he was 4, he had been rendered blind through abuse. He was hands-down the most wonderful dog that ever lived. I have a soft spot in my heart for blind dogs. I'm so glad Blindy's owner found him! If Bo had wandered away it would have broken my heart for sure.

  7. Totally made me cry! Anything is possible and I'm so glad there are humane people still in the world!

  8. Made me cry too. It's reassuring to know that there are still people like you guys in the world :)

  9. Tender story. Someone was watching out for Blindy. He put just the right girl and guy in his path. ;) Happy Birthday this week Brod!

  10. I think that both you and Blindy were amazingly blessed to have John wander down your street. He is the type of person everyone needs for a friend. Thanks for sharing this great story, and what an ending.

  11. Such a heart-warming story. I'm so glad there was a happy ending for Blindy. And, I'm so glad you and John wandered along his path. I love animals and it just makes me tear up any time I hear something bad happening to them. I'm so glad his owners love him and missed him. :)

  12. Wow, this post made me cry. Not only was Blindy extraordinarily lucky that you and John found him but that John was willing and able to care for him and, through your posting, his owners did come and find him!

    Yay for a happy ending. Which still made me cry.

  13. Aw. My lousy day needed that story. Thanks for sharing it.

  14. Dear John,
    You are amazing. God bless you for your kindness and gentle heart. You rock.

    Dear Brodi,

    I love your freaking guts. You're funny and nice and full of heart. Just saying.


  15. That is such an amazing thing that BOTH you and John did for that dog. I'm glad he had a loving home and wasn't abandoned. Thank you for posting this experience (:

  16. Made me cry, too! You both are awesome for helping one of God's creatures who was in need. Bless you!

  17. OK bawling my own eyes out now.