Friday, September 28, 2012

If Utah were a Cake, it would look like This:

Okay, so blog posts are going to be sporadic. I have reasons. Tons of reasons. Reasons pouring out of my eyeballs like the tears of a Packers fan at the Seattle game. And reasons do not slide out of the tear ducts like actual tears do. They are prickly and they scratch as they go.

Do you like that piece of stellar writing above? Good, because one of the reasons for the sporadic blogging is the fact that my deadline for Everneath Book 3: The Everneath-iest is October 15th, and that third book is filled with useless metaphors and nonsensical analogies like the above.

And when I'm not writing, I'm trying to keep up with this guy:

Kid B loves Skylanders, and he loves McDonald's, so he made a Skylanders/McDonalds store. You can order fries, or Skylanders, or fries and Skylanders. The possibilities are endless.

Have I ever told you that Kid B also loves babies? My phone is filled with pictures of random babies and familiar babies, like this one:

Not sure if he just feels like babies speak his language or what. One of his favorite babies is our neighbor, Baby Rex.

Kid B holding Baby Rex's hand.
The other day, Kid B and I went to pick tomatoes at Baby Rex's house. Baby Rex was stuck inside with a stomach bug. The two little friends were separated by a single pane of glass. Kid B held his hand up to the glass, like he was visiting a loved one in prison. Baby Rex did the same. It was the saddest thing I'd ever seen. Here's the picture he took:
It's only a pane of glass, but it might as well be an ocean. 
Then there's Kid C. For his Utah Geography test, he had to bake a cake in the shape of Utah and then decorate the different regions. I don't think his teachers took into account that fact that some parents don't know how to cook.

I was all, "How are we possibly going to bake a cake in the shape of Utah?" Because believe it or not, they don't sell utah-shaped cake pans. I feel sorry for the kids who live in West Virginia.

It only took me a few days to figure out that the way to do it was to bake a regular rectangle, and then cut out the top right hand corner.

Be quiet! I don't care how fast you figured that out! Okay? Okay.

Here's Kid C putting the ingredients together. (And by 'putting the ingredients together', I mean 'opening the cake mix')

And here's the final product:

I have to say, Utah tastes delicious. Especially the mountainous regions.

Utah is also very fattening. 

So, what's everyone up to this weekend? Anything fun? 


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  2. Poor kid who gets Hawaii or Maine.. those coast lines are terrible! I wish I'd gotten such tasty projects as a kid. My project on Wyoming was just on good ole fashioned posterboard.

  3. Baby Rex looks so sad. And Utah does look delicious. I'm rearranging my house this weekend so I can have a writing/music studio. YAY!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am SO glad you are back to blogging. You never cease to make me giggle & for that I am grateful & I will just suppose that my invite to eat Utah cake got lost in the mail because, as you know, Utah is my favorite flavor of cake!

  5. Cute, cute kiddlets! I totally understand writing for a deadline. Just sent my novel off the end of August. I'm still trying to catch up with things I had to put off. Much luck!

  6. That is soooo adorable!!

    As for my weekend...well, I got lots of studying to do for nursing school, but I really really want to read something besides a text book! LOL

  7. Why don't teachers get demoted for giving parents homework?

  8. This was the best thing ever to read on a Saturday morning. And Utah does look delicious. I'll take your blog posts whenever I can get them.

  9. Good luck with Everneath-iest! Hope it's going well so far.

    Also, your Utah cake story cracked me up. Maybe you should move to Wyoming or Colorado? That would be even easier than Utah.

  10. Can you show us the cover of your novella?

  11. This last weekend I took bunches of pictures of my 5 lb, 11 oz, week-old nephew. Which totally deserve to be online, only my brother has prohibited online publication of his child's image. He's a total grinch.

    Thanks for sharing!