Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exciting News, Having to do with the EVERBOUND Trailer, and a Certain Magazine

I have some very exciting news! 

No, I haven't learned to cook. 

Yes, I had a great time in Vegas, but that's not the news. 

I'll give you one more guess...


Did you guess that the book trailer for EVERBOUND would be revealed by Entertainment Weekly (EW.com) on Thursday??????

Wait... you did? 

Okay, well I guess that sort of lets the air out of my balloon, and by "let the air out of my balloon" I mean "sucks", but it's okay. You are good at guessing. 

So here's the official announcement. 

EW.com will reveal the book trailer for EVERBOUND this Thursday

I'm really thrilled about this news. Why am I still in red? There we go. Anyway, I'm really excited about this, because I have been a fan of Entertainment Weekly for a long time. In fact, I'm pretty sure we were one of the first households to subscribe to the magazine.*

*Claim not verified by... anyone.

To celebrate the news, I'm sure I will hold a contest for an EVERBOUND ARC, so check back here for details on Thursday. The contest will involve watching the trailer, so make sure you have 90 seconds set aside for that. 

In other news:

Remember that time I came home from New York City to find a beta fish on my bookcase? Well this time I came home from Vegas to find a parrot in my living room. She was so colorful, I had to look around me to make sure I'd really left Las Vegas. 

And actually, she's pretty adorable. I named her Pigeon. 

Sam's all, "Why did you name her Pigeon?"

I'm all, "I don't know. She just looks like a Pigeon."

He's all, "That's like naming an award-winning poodle 'Mutt'."

Then I was all, "We should name her Mutt Romney!" Then I laughed, but I laughed alone because it's not a very funny joke.

We settled on "Pigeon Scout". The "Scout" part comes from our favorite girl name, but we didn't have any girls. I finally have another girl in the house. 

*Fist bumps Pigeon* 

*Pigeon gets knocked to the floor because she has no fists*

So, what do you think of Pigeon Scout? And what do you think of my exciting news? 

And how long did you say parrots live? 


  1. Congrats on the book trailer debut and the bird! ;)

  2. SO Cool about EW!! I'm with Sam about just naming her Pigeon. LOL. But I like Pigeon Scout. I would flip if I came home from a trip to a new pet but you seem pretty happy about it. :) Hope you enjoy Pigeon Scout.

  3. It was either a puma, panda or bird. I decided to get the bird. We scored! Though a panda hanging out in a tree in the front yard would have been pretty awesome!

    Yay for Entertainment Weekly.

  4. I'm am excited but completely unsurprised. I believe I TOLD you you'd be big. Oh, yeah. That was me and my awesome prophetic powers.

    I love PS! Especially since her initials will cause no end of confusion. Are you trying to get someone's attention to tell them a secret? Add something after the signature? No one knows! :)

    Most importantly, though--does she talk? You really need to teach her to say "I love Jack."

  5. You always crack me up, Brodi. Congratulations on your book trailer AND Pigeon, or Mutt Romney, or whatever you end up calling your poor, post-fist-bump, on-the-floor parrot. (Who, by the way, is ALSO red. Coincidence?)

  6. That's awesome! I can't wait to see it :)

  7. That's awesome about EW!! And he seriously bought a PARROT while you were gone? You had to have known he was going to... Didn't you? Those things are generational pets, aren't they? Don't they live for like 80 years? Or is that just Grey Parrots? Anyway, she's beautiful, I love the name Scout, and congrats! :)

  8. congratualtions that is sooooooo awesome You deserve it Way to go Brodi!

  9. Pigeon is gorgeous! I can't believe he got one while you were gone. That's so funny. And, parrots can live for like 80 years.

  10. I wrote in ur facebook status the other day that i think u are hilarious and u make me smile! This blog is no different! Thanks :)

  11. I wrote in ur facebook status the other day that i think u are hilarious and u make me smile! This blog is no different! Thanks :)