Sunday, April 14, 2013

What I've Been Doing... NOT Licking Thor, that's for sure.

Okay, so I've had a few not-so-subtle nudges from blog readers, friends and family members (I'm totally looking at you, Jacksons) about putting up a new blog post. 

Here's what happened: I turned in the last round of edits on EVERTRUE (I still call it Everneath 3: It's Everneathiest) and then did you know there's an off switch in your brain? A literal off switch? That's the only explanation for what I've been doing during the last couple of weeks. Somebody flipped the off switch. 

I mean, I've done some of the usual stuff... 

Like now you see it...
because what's a barber shop without a pool table and a lei?

Now you don't.
... that's a handsom face in the mirror... wait, is that moi?

Now you see it...
Isn't she cute?

Now you don't. 
It's a boy! 

I kicked some balls...
...and pulled a hamstring. (This was also the "before the concussion" pic)
I consulted with my godfather...
... he told me to go to the mattresses. So I went to just the one mattress. And fell asleep.

I danced with Fred Astaire. But I have to admit, I felt like a third wheel...
... Um, Fred? Fred? I'm over here, Fred.
Okay, Fred, this is getting ridiculous. It's like you don't think we're dancing together. 

I used my feminine wiles... all two of them...
... That's right, Ben. I totally pulled my hammy right here...
And you see this leg? I've got another one just like it. And it goes all the way up... to my hip.

And finally, I let Thor know that I really lick him.. I mean like him...

Because if you were this close to Thor, you'd lick him too. Admit it. 

So yeah, I've been totally busy. 

What have all y'all been up to? 


  1. What have I been up to? Uh, well, I have totally been NOT licking Thor! We need to talk.

  2. I would totally lick him. And also Wolverine back there behind you.

  3. Nuts! I was hoping your two feminine wiles would make you put money in the boob jar.

  4. I wasa not-so-subtle person about the blogging :S sorry! Well, not sorry since u actually wrote one! im glad u are able to noe distinguish ur son from some random little girl, mustve been a hard job prior to the haircut. lol, have a good one!

  5. Licking Thor is a-okay in my book. Maybe the real one would taste better than the wax one (I assume that's what the one above is??) :)

  6. I think that licking Thor is always appropriate. In other news, I wanted to tell you that we are knee-deep in the Battle of the Books at the middle school where I teach and... Everneath has made it to the Final Four! The kids love it and are excited to read Everbound soon.

  7. Honestly, if I were that close to Thor, I would totally lick him ... maybe nibble just a little. (And I'm old, but not too old to appreciate something that fine.) He's just ... wow. I might give Fred a hug, too, if I could only get him away from Ginger.
    Great pics!