Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wanna See what 2.3 Miles Above Sea Level Looks Like? And Twilight Cliff's Notes

Hello, y'all.

Happy hump day.

I meant to show this video on Monday but, well, the air up here in Colorado has completely lobotomized my brain. Sam's taking me to the glue factory tomorrow, so this is my last chance to show it.

My friend Tarl (whose wife
Debbie is a FOB - friend of the blog) is a talented animator/illustrator, and he's working on this Twilight Cliff's Notes thingee. Here's the preview. I think it's so cute, I wanted to share it with everyone, since we're a YA blog.

Cool, huh? For more doodles, check out his
site. I can't wait for the finished product. So, ahem, Tarl, when will the dang thing be finished? (Hey everyone, let's pester him in the comments section. Peer pressure rocks.)

Remember when I was complaining about being up at 8,500 feet? Well, that's nothing. Yesterday we hit the Rocky Mountain National Park, and after a short hike, here's the result:
Did you read the sign? 12,005 feet. 2.3 miles above sea level. The line through the picture was actually the sound barrier, it was that high up. Where were the freakin' sherpas with oxygen?

I was so confused at this point, I was holding someone else's child. Seriously, who is that kid in the red sweatshirt? I only recognize like half the people.

The altitude has been messing with my mind. I thought I had written 5,000 words on my current WIP (Work In Progress), but upon re-reading it, I discovered the sentence, "All work and no play makes Brodi a dull girl" typed over and over. On a typewriter, no less. Very spooky. Especially since I don't
own a typewriter.

Further evidence of Mountain Sickness appeared in a conversation I had with Sam after a trip to Starbucks. Repeat: after a trip to

me (sipping on my Strawberry Frapuccino): "I've been getting these Strawberry frapuccino's a lot lately. It seems like I have at least two a week. But I can't remember where the Starbucks was located or who I was with..."

Sam: "Well, it hasn't been with me."

me: "I know. It's bugging me, because I can picture getting them a lot."

After a few minutes of thinking really hard about it, it hits me.

me: "Oh yeah. I've been getting them at Starbucks."

*Now, what you have to know at this point is that when I said "Starbucks", I really meant "Barnes and Noble" where I do my writing.*

Sam (giving me a weird look): "Really. Your Starbucks was located at Starbucks? Wow. What an epiphany. I could have told you that."

me: "Why the sarcasm? I didn't realize the Starbucks [actual] was at Starbucks [Barnes and Noble]. I could only picture me, surrounded by books, sipping the drink."

Sam: "Starbucks sells books now?"

me (shaking my head in exasperation): "What else would they sell? This conversation is making me very tired."

Now that I've made it back down to 8,500 feet, I realize how stupid the conversation was. But at the time, Sam received a nasty silent treatment from me for just basically being really really annoying.

And finally this morning, wanna see what Kid C does when I tell him to smile?

(Kid C and his Cousin N)

We can't even blame it on the Mountain Sickness. He makes this face in every single picture.

How's everyone else's week going? School starts for us on Monday. I'm too excited to sleep.


  1. Wow, your conversation with Sam reminds me of some conversations with my hubby. You know, in the marriage agreement, it states that the male is supposed to be able to read the females mind and know when they are misspeaking.

    When you got to the top of the mountain...did your lungs feel like a million pounds?

  2. Brodi, I think it's time you left the high altitude. I think you need to go somewhere like Hawaii to get all your brain cells back and, of course, lots and lots of oxygen.

    Also, I love Tarl's Twilight cliff notes. I've always loved them. He's so good at what he does! I wish he'd finish this soon! I've been waiting for over a year! Drawing and animating doesn't take that long, right? ;)

  3. School starts Monday for us too, yeah! Are both of yours in school now or just one?

    Enjoy your trip, say hi to your parents from the Ballou's!

  4. i am ready to bind my children in duct tape and send them to you in colorado....you can leave them at 12,005 feet and see what happens to them!

    kid C is still cute, "fake" smile and all!

  5. I forgot to say that I LOVE Tarl's Twilight Cliff Notes and I can't wait to see when it is completed! He is really talented!

    Also, I agree, I think kid C is still cute, strange smile and all!

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  7. At first I thought you were going to post a movie trailer of The Shining...

    I know I know... everyone has seen it a million times, but it's still original...

  8. Sorry- y'all. Internet connection here is rather shaky.

    Una- Yes, my lungs felt like someone had shoved a bathtowel down my esophagus.

    Jenni- Hawaii is a great idea. You buying?

    Cam- Both of mine will be in school. I'm so excited, I don't know what to do with myself.

    Dorien- that sounds like a great experiment.

    Kent- Thanks for the link. I totally should've included it.

  9. I've only seen the original Shinning. Does the remake have any redeeming qualities?

  10. Kent- Okay, that trailer is hilarious.

    Una- The only one I know about is the one with Jack. Was there another one?

  11. Yes they did a remake of it in 1997.

    Here is the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT_-ngZJLFo

    And because we are talking The Shining, I couldn't resist posting this link I found:

  12. I remember that made for TV remake of the Shining. If I remember correctly I hated it- but I'm an original/old school kind of gal.

    I, also have had that sort of conversation with my husband. Why do brains do that? I don't even have altitude sickness to blame.

  13. Una- I never knew the remake existed.

    Olivia- thanks for the warning. I often wonder why movie people think it's a good idea to remake the classics. Like the shining, and psycho. Why? WHY?

  14. Hi, Brodi! Just found a link on Bree's blog so I sneaked over for a peek at yours. I knew we had connection--I just blogged about my high-altitude experience, too, only mine was in Utah up a mountain. Yeah, being really, really high...up, it does weird things to you. I had altitude-induced tooth problems. It was so fun to meet you at SCBWI. I'm only sorry it took so long to find you. I love your blog!

  15. Yay, Elena! Happy to see you here. It was great to hang at the conference, even though you were invisible the first two days.

    Can't wait to check out your blog! (You have one, right?)

  16. How stinking awesome are you? Thanks for spraeding the love.

    So I'm curious. Why are you guys in CO? Just for a big family vacay or does someone live there?

  17. You were with me when you had one of the frappachinos! At the Starbucks at Starbucks (B&N location).

    Do you hate your ears or something? You seems to take trips solely to hurt them! Don't you remember last week, with the whole altitude thing?

  18. Debbie- Although I'm sure someone lives in Colorado, we are actually here on a family vacay. My fam, my sister's fam, and my parents. We do one big all-together trip per year.

    Emily- Yes I hate my ears. I mean, they look great, but they are not worth the hassle. Thankfully, they like the air in Colorado more than the air in L.A.