Friday, February 11, 2011

Thing #1 and Thing #1: The Battle is Afoot, and How Kid C really views his Grandpa

It's time for... 

Thing #1 and Thing #1!

Thing #1

My dad started his chemo yesterday. 
My dad, my mom, and my sister. And Jerry Sloan retiring on the television.
And Mr. McDrippy Drip in my Dad's arm. 
Unfortunately, I had popped out for a diet coke when the juice actually started flowing. I was so bummed I didn't get to bellow: "Unleash Hell!"

My dad reassured me that he gave the battle cry, but I'm not sure I believe him. Nobody else in the infusion room was giving us strange looks, and strange looks are a sure sign of spontaneous battle cries.

Oh well. There's always next week. 

Did I mention that one of his chemo drugs is named "5 F-U"? Awesome. 

As a side note, we've been trying to limit our f-bomb usage. We figured people who are asking for miracles shouldn't be spouting the f-bomb right and left. But our replacement name for the tumor- the "Mother Yucker"- lacks a certain panache.    

Thing #1

We were driving in the car the other day, when Kid C says, "Hey! It's Grandpa! Is that Grandpa's store?"

We craned our necks to see what he was referring to. It was this:

I asked Kid C why he thought Colonel Sanders was Grandpa. His response: "He's got white hair... he's got glasses... he has a beard."

I guess I can see it.

So, what are y'all doing this weekend? I turned my latest revisions in yesterday, and pretty soon the book is going to copyedits. We're one step closer! In the hundred step process to getting a book published.

I'm also thinking of going to the Breathless Reads book tour at the SLC Library tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.  Five awesome YA authors in one place? Sign me up! Anyone else going?


  1. I love reading the blog to find out what you are doing over the weekend (going to an author event) and what I am doing over the weekend (not going to an author event). Oh well, sounds fun. For you.

  2. Corey (my husband) said that all you need to do is name the cancer "5" and then the chemo drug would be perfect for his cancer! (That was too over explained, wasn't it?)

    I'm going to the signing tomorrow. I hope I get to see you!

  3. Sam-didn't I mention that? I swear I did.

  4. So, since you're not revising at present, is it safe to assume you're starting on Everneath 2?

    This is sort of like when you're dating and everyone asks when you're going to get engaged. Now that you're married, with an editor and everything, I want the next baby. :)

    Your dad looks great. Much better-looking than the Colonel.

  5. Jenni- That was an excellent explanation. Thank you. Hope to see you tomorrow too!

    Robin- Yes, it is safe to assume I'm working on Everneath 2! And... we're working on another baby too.

    Just kidding.

  6. We have some dirty names for those chemo drugs too. My moms been there many a time. :)

    I'll be at the signing tomorrow! Lets find each other so we can high five or something else cool that those young kids are doing these days.

  7. Debbie- I know you know all the good names for the drugs. I'll look for you at the signing!

  8. I love how kids see things that we just don't and then when you look you're like "WOW! Kids see everything!"

    I'll be there tomorrow! Promise to not be shy & say hi!

  9. Wow, your dad is Colonel Sanders? I never knew! Do you think he would care to impart his secret recipe? I SWEAR I won't tell a soul!

  10. I'll be there tomorrow! Looks like the rest of Salt Lake and Utah Valley will be as well.

  11. Lulabell- I think he could be bribed...

    Emily- see you there!

  12. I love that you shout "Unleash Hell!" Next time, for sure, Brodi. War-cry it out because seriously, everyone there needs a little battle yell, huh?

    How cute is kid c?

  13. L.T. - Thanks! I think Kid C is cute too. Do you want him? Just for a couple of weeks?

  14. Your dad has been my three boy's DR for 8 years (since my oldest was born). He is AMAZING! I am so sad to see him leave his practice(a few...ok... more than a few tears were shed). He is the most kind hearted and caring doctor I have ever seen. My kids adore him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. He helped us through some scary times with our son Cole's asthma and I wish we could help him. I am glad I had the eight years I did have with him and I hope you all have many more! Take care.
    Emily LaTour

  15. Thank you, Emily! I will make sure to read this to him.

  16. This was hilarious. I love reading this blog. You crack me up.

  17. Chauntika- thanks for reading and commenting!