Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of Days... and the End of Everneath 2. What Would Your Last Line Look Like?

With the Rapture predicted to happen this Saturday, I decided I had to at least get to the end of my sequel to EVERNEATH... EVERNEATH 2: NEVERABOVE

So, I wrote The. Final. Line. 

At least if the Rapture does happen, and if I disappear sometime tomorrow, someone will be able to read The. Final. Line.

Now to write... The. Second. To. Last. Line. Without which, The. Final. Line. won't make any sense. 

Of course, after the Rapture, only evil people will be left. And they'll be dealing with Armageddon. Will they have time to read a YA Romance? I say... yes. Especially if the power's out, and their house is boarded up to protect from the Zombie Apocalypse (aim for the head), and they don't want to make any noise, what else is there to do but read a book?

But my book is on the computer... 

I can't share the last line, because it's way too spoilery, but I can say there are the words "trusted" and "eternity" in it.

I did show some of the discarded last lines on twitter, so I'll put them here too:

Discarded line #1: "I couldn't believe everyone was dead. I thought for sure someone would make it out of this book alive."

Discarded line #2: "I looked out into my backyard. It really was time to get out the old pooper scooper."

Discarded line #3: "Something itches."

So, what are some of your ideas for discarded last lines of your books? Or any books?

What are y'all doing this weekend? Planning for Rapture? Anyone else going to arrange some clothes on your front lawn to make it look like you... just... disappeared?


  1. Discarded last line. "Oh, snap." :P Have a wonderful Rapture filled day tomorrow! :D

  2. Chantele- Oh snap, that's good! Enjoy your rapture too.

  3. Should I push the button or should you?

    Maybe we shouldn't have opened that seal.

    Old clothes arranged to seem like we disappeared, hmmm...seems fun.

  4. Congrats on finishing Book 2! You are amazing! The last line of my book is "Macoy and Cameryn got it on. Like Donkey Kong." My other choices were "Macoy said, "Screw this, I'm out."" and "Drop your panties, Ladies. Macoy is back!" and "Wait, your a terrible kisser. I changed my mind."

  5. I'd say that this weekend I'm packing and flying out to NYC to BEA, but I expect that's not what you want to hear. So... I'm doing laundry, vacuuming, boring stuff like that.

  6. I want to finish the second edit of my WIP for Rapture day. Hopefully the rapture will wait long enough....

  7. "It itches" sounds like a perfect set up for a third book, IMO. And we all know how many evil people enjoy a good YA Romance, so I think you're right on the money with your plan.

    A month or so ago, my writer's group all read our last lines. It was so funny without the context of the rest of our stories. And spoilery. [Forget you, Blogger Spell Check. "Spoilery" is totally a word.]

    The last line of my book is: The End. I thought that would be obvious.

  8. Cam- That Macoy sounds like a winner. And just because I wrote the last line doesn't mean I'm finished. I have about a billion lines in the middle to get to! :) (Good to see you!)

    Emily- La la la la! I'm not listening! (Kidding. Have a great time. I'll be there in a week. I know, too little, too late.)

    Robin- The Rapture is a very patient event. I'm sure he'll wait for you to finish.

    Rachel- The End? That's awesome! And a great segue into book two, right? I have so many questions after reading those two little words... :)

  9. Last line: I walked away.

    I'm totally planning on being a part of the rapture. I'm just trying to figure out what time zone I should plan for. Or, do you think I should already know that since I'll be one of the disappearing people?

  10. Jenni- Is that a real last line? Very cool.

    I don't know if there is a way to prepare fully for the Rapture. I would suggest wearing clean underwear. :)

  11. At the moment, it's is a real last line. To what story, however, I know not. But, I think I'll write a story just so I can put good use to that last line. :)

  12. Wait, the rapture is tomorrow? I'm going to be on a plane all day. Is there a worse place to be during the rapture than on a plane? I think not.

  13. Jenni- Yes. The last line always comes first. Then the rest of the story. You go!

    Karin- What's worse than a plane on rapture day... Hmmm... A nudist colony?

    Where are you going on a plane to? Any place fun?

  14. I'm so glad I managed to see the new Pirates movie before the world ends, but I'll be bummed this will mean the Hunger Games movie will never be made.


  15. It's Saturday and I'm still waiting for all heck to break loose. You're burning things up with your writing Brod. I had planned to attend this afternoon (POMs in Park City) but Gordon and Ali fevered this morning, Doug ran the Ogden half, and I'm sitting here with color on my hair - probably a good thing I stayed home. But you'll have to tell me about it. Great women there. I love Saren and April. Have a great weekend!

  16. Donna- It's 9:55 here. We made it. On to the Hunger Games movie!

    Cath- I hope the kids are okay! And I hope Doug survived. Sounds like you guys had quite the weekend!

  17. The lawn ladies at Tanger seemed to be fully prepared for some serious rays... Were you waiting to be "beamed up"? I had to grab a watch across the way, in order to count down the minutes til the rapturous event of returning to my crew. Glad to have seen you today!

  18. Emi- Yes. We figured we'd never get beamed up if we were surrounded by the awesome ladies of POM! :) So good to have seen you. You were eloquent and inspiring, as always.