Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Revealing my Obsessions for New Followers... and I'm going to New York

Okay, I admit it. I forgot today was Wednesday. 

Here's the thing: I went to breakfast with some friends this morning, and I never go to breakfast on Wednesdays. It totally threw me off. 

I feel like that one lady in Emma- Miss Bates - when she gets a letter from Jane Fairfax on a Thursday, and she can't stop talking about it because Jane usually writes on a Tuesday, and today is Thursday, but yet she got a letter, even though it's Tuesday, and can you believe it?

I guess I'm a creature of habit. So, here are two things I'm working on:

1. Anyone in the Big Apple?

I'm leaving for New York City on Saturday, and I have nothing to wear. Not in the way that normal people have "nothing to wear", where they're skimming through clothes in their closet and thinking how old everything is.

I literally have nothing to wear. I went pantsless today, and it's wasn't pretty. And I'd hate to go naked in New York. I've heard the city is very progressive, but that might be pushing the envelope a little too far. 

Emily Wing Smith is giving a reading of her book, with a bunch of other authors on June 1st, somewhere in NYC, so if you're in the area and you want to meet up, you can come! I have no details yet, but I do know it's June 1st. I'll have deets on Friday.

2. Ohmyheck, I already forgot what number 2 was. 

Seriously! I remembered at the top of the post, but now, nothing. What is my problem? Answer me!!!

Let's see...
I went to breakfast. Did I mention how that threw my day off? 


I don't know. So, I'll go to my go-to subject when I'm at a loss. My undercover lover. And by "undercover" I mean "In my dreams" and by "lover" I mean I watch him on the telly a lot.

Yes, Rafa Nadal is number one, and he's playing in the French Open for the next couple of weeks. On ESPN 2 if you're interested. I have a lot of new followers lately, and now might be the time to warn you all that a third of my posts usually have something to do with Rafa.

Or his arms. 

Or his left ab, second from the top.
... and the hip dents.

But I only talk about him during the ATP tennis tour, which is only 11.5 months out of the year. 

Another third of my posts are about how much I love my agent, Michael Bourret. 
The final third is about my love of Diet Coke. Why does anyone read this blog? I suck.

Where was I? Oh great. Now I'm totally lost. Did I talk about my breakfast this morning?

Maybe I should trash this post and start fresh on Friday. 

Trash or Publish, Publish or Trash, Trash or-


  1. I have several undercover lovers. I can see why this guy is your chosen one. :) He's hot. I wish I were going to NY on the 1st, but I won't be there until the 14th. I will miss you by two weeks. Boo. :)

  2. Kasie- Sorry we'll just miss each other! What are you going for? Fun, or business?

  3. Just for fun. (Actually, my husband is going for business and I decided to tag along for fun) What about you?

  4. lol Now you begin to feel my (memory) pain.

    Have fun in New York! I was there (twice!) in April and had to spend all my time at the stupid airport. Yuck.

  5. Kasie- I'm going to hear Emily! And Bree's coming too. And I'm having lunch with my editor. But really, it's all just for fun.

    Donna- Oh double yuck. Why just the airport?

  6. Have fun in New York pantless or not. I personally prefer the top right ab. ;) I hate hip indents so I won't say anything about them.

  7. Jenny- Isn't it a little unAmerican to hate hip dents? :)

  8. Yes, you mentioned his hip dents! And, my, oh my, aren't they nice? :)

  9. Katie Wood RuffinMay 25, 2011 at 8:41 PM

    'Scuse me B but the correct term is "hip-dent thingies" and his are yummy. This boy is hawt! Have a blast in New York :)

  10. Jenni- I've mentioned his hip dents before? That doesn't sound like me. (Kidding.)

    Katie- Thank you for the correction. Of course I meant to say: "Hip-Dent Thingies"

  11. Brodi--you forgot to include a pic of Rafa picking his wedgie! You really are out of it.

    Take me with you!

    Donna is probably referring to some layover in NY on her way to IRELAND! The poor baby.

  12. Robin- Well, I have new followers. I thought I would gently ease them into the Rafa obsession before I highlighted the wedgie pick!

    Yeah, I totally don't feel bad for Donna. I want to go to Ireland.

  13. I guess I can see your point. Not everyone can handle a wedgie pick without swooning.

  14. Hip dents. Is that what you call those? And how awesome that you are 1 - going to NY (more meetings I'm guessing?) and 2 - luring in more followers. 3 - you drink diet coke. Did you see that necklace on Shawni's blog?

    I want to buy you one. You are awesome Brod.

  15. Cath- I want that necklace! Seriously!

  16. This is what I registered: breakfast and hip dents -- my two favorite things (besides all of my other favorite things.) Best post evah!

    Safe travels -- pants are overrated.