Friday, November 18, 2011

Confessions about EVERNEATH

Hello yon Bloggerville. 

I have a confession. 

I have heard it said that my blog can be "funny". I would never presume to say this. But my friends say it all the time. They also say I'm an excellent cook. My friends can be stupid.

But here's a confession. My book, EVERNEATH?: not funny. Not hardy har har funny. Sometimes it can be funny in a "Can you believe there's So. Much. Death?" kind of way. Other times it's funny in a "OMG she is so screwed! lol" kind of way. 

There's a reason for this. And it's a pretty simple one. The reason is this: Nikki's story isn't funny. It's the one that was speaking to me, but it isn't funny. 

There are funny characters. Cole's probably the funniest, in a "I love to inflict P.A.I.N.!" kind of way.   

Jack can be funny too, in a "Why does Nikki make my heart bleed?" kind of way. 

It would've been so much easier if I could've stepped up to the computer and written a prolonged, book-length blog post. Sometimes I totally dream about doing this. Maybe for the next book after the Everneath trilogy? 

It's not a problem for those people who discover the book first, and the blog second. 
Maybe this confession is for those of you who haven't read the book. I want to prepare you. Especially to anyone who's ever said, "I can't wait to read Everneath and LMAO!"

So, writers out there, have any of you ever tried to write something that's in a totally opposite voice to your own?

Have you ever had a story call to you that scares you because you don't think you can write it? I say... write it! I did.

So far, it's worked out okay.


  1. My friends who know me as pretty sarcastic in real life were surprised to find out how romantic LEVEL 2 is. So I can relate!

  2. When I read the ARC for Everneath it did surprise me that it was very different from your blog. But the book totally captivated me in a different kind of way and made me cry. So, well done on both!

  3. Lenore- So glad it's not just me! Can't wait for Level 2, by the way. So excited!

    Donna- I'm happy to make people laugh and then make them cry. :)

  4. I have one calling my name right now that scares the h-e-double hockey sticks out of me because I don't think I can write it. But knowing you faced the same problem and forged ahead to victory gives me hope, so thanks for this post!

  5. I totally loved Everneath, which you already know, even though it wasn't funny. It thought it was honest and thought provoking, which I think you are as well. So, in that way, you did remain true to your voice. You just did it in a different way. :)

  6. I have to admit, the contrast between the tone of the book and your blog surprised me, BUT I loved it either way. And I love your blog, and I hope someday you do write a humorous book :) But Everneath DESTROYED ME so clearly the darker tone works for you too LOL

  7. Lori- I never thought I'd say this, but I'm happy to have written a book that destroyed someone. :)

  8. I would say my story is very much the same but with less blood. I'm a silly boisterous character in real life by my heroine's are kind of everywomen. They are shy and quiet and frustrated. I've thought about why this is and I think it's because it's a part of me I like to explore. The loud normal me is always there and you never have to wonder what she's thinking ;) but the quiet part is intriguing to me.

    Just some thoughts...

  9. The high school drama program got to know me when I did a humorous interp peice for a competition. My senior year, I was cast as Abigail Williams in The Crucible, and several people were concerned by the choice. I was confused by their confern. Though I like funny, I also like drama, and actually felt more connected to that part of me.

    So, no, I wasn't shocked that EVERNEATH was serious. I think the best humor comes from deep dark places... and sometimes those places manifest as themselves.

  10. Now that you mention it, I did expect the book to have some of your quirky humor, but while I was reading it the thought never crossed my mind. I was mostly surprised by how deep the book was. But it really shouldn't have surprised me since I too try to hide my true depth of emotions through surface humor. I don't think you have to worry Bodi. Everneath is just a another layer of what's inside of you and I think most people will understand that.

  11. Shelly- Excellent point! Writing outside of ourselves is an adventure.

    Robin- I think the "funniest" people can often have the darkest imaginations.

    Mary- My entire life is about hiding behind humor. :) I'm so glad you thought Everneath was deep.

  12. I'm looking forward to Echo being published someday too. That book had some great laugh out loud moments!

  13. I am the SAME way. I tend to be a pretty funny person in real life, but ACROSS THE UNIVERSE has very few glimmers of that. Ironically, I'm friends with someone who writes VERY funny stuff, but her sense of humor in real life is so off!

  14. Heids- I love that little book. I hope someday it sees the light of day.

    Beth- And your book did amazing. See? that gives me hope!