Monday, November 21, 2011

EVERNEATH Covers from Around the World

I thought it would be fun today to show a couple of the other covers of EVERNEATH from around the world. 

First up, we have the U.K. version. Close to the U.S. version, but different fonts and stuff. You can compare it with the U.S version on the sidebar. 

Then we have the German cover. Definitely staying true to the Persephone myth, with the pomegranate in view. Every time I see this one, I literally have a craving for pomegranates. Someone once mentioned that there's a device you can use to easily get the seeds out. Does anyone know what that device is?

Germany also did this thing where they sent out the book to bloggers with a dust jacket that had previous blogger comments on it:

I borrowed the images from german blogger Bella's Wonderworld.
I love that idea! I wish every book I ever wrote would be wrapped inside the good things people have to say about it. I'd love to be able to read the comments. Does anyone know a little German? 
No, not that kind. The other kind.

Speaking of, if you read and liked EVERNEATH, feel free to tweet me or email me! I love hearing from readers.

If you didn't like it, send an email to*

So, what do you think of these covers and stuff? Please only nice things, because my U.K. and German publishers read my blog too.

And if you have nothing to say on the covers... what are you doing for Thanksgiving? I am having one dinner on Wednesday night, and another dinner on Friday. I'm free on Thanksgiving. Not that you have to invite me to whatever you're doing. 

*Just kidding. I totally made up that email, so please don't send any emails for reals. 


  1. I like the German cover. It's a lot different, but still really pretty. The UK one is just as gorgeous as the US one, though I do like the US font better.

  2. Cover LOVE. I definitely appreciate the mythology based German cover, and how atmospheric the UK/US covers are. They're all gorgeous!

  3. I love all of them. But my favorite is the German cover.

  4. Amy- I do love how different the German one is!

    Elizabeth May- My publisher was at one time considering doing something with a pomegranate too. I wish I could've seen their designs!

    Allison- Thanks for the comment!

  5. I have tranlated those quotes that are easily visible on the German dust jacket.

    We have already read this for you. Now you can read it!" (Title)

    Who wants Edward? I want Jaaaaaaack!

    A story of a girl who has nothing to lose but her true love. Let the Everneath capture you, too.

    The love of these two is expressed so wonderfully that your heart is melting.

    Love and mythology blend into a fantastic and heartful story. A must for romance-fantasy fans.

    The most beautiful romance, the most mythical narration and the most exciting race against time since hell seeks mankind's life.

    I've read this in one sitting. The end was completely surprising - all in all a wonderful book that I'd recommend immediately.

    New, dramatic, romantic; Greek mythology has never been more passionate and heartbreaking.

    At the end I had to fight a lump in my throat.

    I was captivated right from the beginning. Despite the hopelessness of Nikki's situation, there was always a light of hope brought into the dark by her friend Jack.

    Jack or Cole? The nice boy next door or the dark rockstar? Half a year with your true love or forever in paradise? Fantastic!

    A great book with a tough heroine who manages to bring Greek mythology into the modern world. Definitely recommended!

    P.s.: Love the US cover a bit more actually, although I have to admit that I like the German one, too. Looking forward to read Everneath as well.

    Fictional Distraction

  6. Carina- You are so great! Thank you so much!!!

  7. OOO! I like the German one. I've seen those pomegranate thingies in the produce section. I don't know if they really work, though.

  8. Jenny- I hereby commission you to try the pomegranate de-seeder thingee, and report back. :)

  9. I love the German cover, it's sexy! And OMG, Jack... he had me at the eyebrow ring. Talk about sexy!

  10. I really like the German Cover.
    Can't wait until the holidays are over.
    Going to my parents for Thanksgiving, and we are in charge of pie! That will be the best part of the day. Bring on the Pecan pie! What is your favorite pie? Have a save and Happy Thanksgiving!
    P.S. Shoes Size? What is up with that?

  11. I love the covers, and the quotes that Carina translated are wonderful. What a great idea.

  12. Gina- I do have a thing for Jack and his eyebrow ring.

    Anon- I don't know! What is up with shoe sizes? :) By the way, my favorite pie is chocolate cream pie, banana cream pie, cheesecake cream pie (don't know if that exists, but if it did, it would be my favorite), peanut butter cream pie, oreo cream pie. Anything with "cream pie" on the end.

    Anne- I know, right?

    Sarah- Thanks so much! I do love the translations. I've been trying to figure out what they say for a while now.

  13. COVER LOVE! those are great but I still LOVE AND LOVE the US cover ~nods~

  14. "If you didn't like it, send an email to*"

    But you made me laugh out loud, Brodi. Good thing I didn't have anything in my mouth!

  15. I LOVE your covers. Floaty gown is my fav, but that German one is stunning. They are so good at design.

    And I need a report on the pomegranate seeder too. Pom seeds are yummy in salads (and good for you).

  16. Alba- Thanks!

    Donna- Thank you for noticing my email joke. :)

    Lissa- I want the lips of the girl on the German cover. And as soon as I get the report back on the Pom seeder, I will let you know!

  17. I really like the UK cover. The US is my favorite still, though, because I like the font the best. And, the German cover is really pretty too. How many languages is it being published it at first? Just English and German?

  18. Jenni- So far, English (U.K. and American), German, French, Portuguese, Greek and Russian.

  19. So fun to see the german cover. My Dad or sister could translate for you, if you're serious ;) But I have to say, the red gown has me won over for sure. So fun to see the original pic. No clue on the pomegranate seeds, but I think Kara knows. Great fun being with you Friday. I'm thirty pages in and totally engrossed. Am I giving it to Ree next or Kara? Let me figure that out. You amaze me Brod. xo

  20. ps - I'm thinking we ought to show up at your launch party with t-shirts that read, "The Original Six - We taught Brodi everything she knows!"

  21. My method of removing the seeds is to buy them in pre-removed packages.

    I love the covers! They're both so pretty!

  22. GORGEOUS! The pomegranate does look yummy.

  23. I love the US and UK covers, but that German cover is pretty, too! How come you get so many cool covers, huh?

    So excited for you! Don't forget us when you're an international bestseller!

  24. Cath- Those t-shirts would be so awesome! Then the original six and the writing six could go outside and have a good old-fashioned brawl.

    Jenilyn- I guess that would be the easier way to get the seeds!

    Fiona- I know. I'm still craving it.

    Robin- I'm very lucky on the cover front. :)

  25. I really like the German cover. Now I want one!

  26. Brodi, your US cover is one of the loveliest I've seen in a while. I can't wait to read this.

    Also, as a former Penn State alum, the address should end: (just in case you still want to try the address thing! :))

  27. Coleen- Thanks!

    Carrie- I really want a copy from each country. I hope they send me one!

    Rosalyn- Ooooh, thanks for the actual email address. I will keep it in my pocket for when I really want to send him something mean. :)

  28. i just sent a fake email to sandusky. it made me feel better!
    great covers...i still love the original!!!

  29. US vs. UK cover: I like the UK version but the fonts of the US cover make it more appealing to me.
    German cover: I actually like this cover a lot. The mist, the pomegranate and her face make a really pleasant and enthralling view. Maybe, since I live in Switzerland (German side) I can buy the US and German version of the book to practice German :)

    Lovely covers, I'm sure you love them all :D

  30. I think they did a really good job on the German cover. It is more like other German Young Adult covers, they all look very different as the US and UK versions, for example

    So maybe I like the German cover best because I am from Germany?!

  31. Well, I really like US and UK version of the cover. I like the dress, writing and just how it looks like. I know a lot english cover with a girl in a dress on it, but no one looks same.
    I got a package from "Oetinger" with a personal reading copy for my own. (I found 2 mistakes in the translation and informed the publishing house ;)Beside the book with dust jacket were also a bracelet, this package comes right one month ago at nikolaus day.
    I like the german cover also, but it is just like most of the german youth adult books, so for that this is sad. Most youth adult books have a face or an eye on the cover...

    So I know everyword which stands on the dust jacket..
    I translate you the other comments, you can't read on the pictures.
    on the spine-
    I was captivated from beginnig till the end, from this legendary beautiful story about deep feelings, eternal love and the search for the right way. (Lisa)

    It is something different! First I thought, Nikki could be saved, but towards the end comes more and more doubts. (Sophie)

    I like how the author gives the characters a personality and how she makes the Everneath appear to be real. I am curious how it goes on.

    back flap-
    I liked much that Nikki devalued Coles attempts to save her completely, to spend more time with Jack. Despite her death sentence. (Hanan)

    Gripping novel between two worlds. Nikki enter into a trade with Cole, how is not from this world, and fight with the judgement between the life in the Everneath and tunnels, a sort of limbo. (Gesche)