Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The EVERNEATH Good Guy and Bad Boy Quiz... and What Kid B did with my Sequel

Status: Watching "Through the Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman. My mind is blown. But I have to watch it because I believe the EVERNEATH is accessible through a wormhole. It's research. 

Hey y'all. Sorry for the blog silence on Monday, but every time I tried to blog I came across this:

Yep. That there is a looming deadline, and on Monday it was looming large. My first revision on the EVERNEATH sequel was due Monday. 

I celebrated turning in my revision by sleeping all day yesterday. And having a cold. Partay! I am upright today, though, so here I am. On the blog. 

A couple of things to share with you:

Thing #1: Have you ever wondered if you go for the Good Guy or the Bad Boy? Well, I have the solution for you. Take the EVERNEATH Good Guy or Bad Boy Quiz and your question will be answered. 

For your information, I got the "Good Guy". 

Sam got the "Bad Boy". 

I don't know what this means. But take the quiz, and then come on back here and tell me what you got. And for those of you who have read the book already, you may recognize some of the choices. But you can still make up your mind which thing you'd rather do. And as we all know, The EVERNEATH is all about choices... dun Dun DUN! 

Thing #2: Like any other parent, I've been hanging Kid B's artwork up on the fridge:

Well, the other day I printed out a hard copy of EVERNEATH the sequel, and left it in my kitchen. When I came back, I found various pages hanging up all around the kitchen, like this one on the fridge:

*I had to remove this first picture. Apparently hubby says you can read it, and it contains spoilers. Sorry!*

and these two on the cupboards:

Apparently Kid B is just as proud of my artwork as I am of his. 

So, how was everyone's Thanksgiving? I went to my family's ranch. I'll share pictures next blog. 


  1. Love it! How sweet of him. And I have to admit I totally tried to enlarge the picture to see if I could read the pages! (didn't work)

  2. Sara- Haha! I totally forgot to check on the whole enlarging thing! Too funny. :)

  3. I got the good guy. Which is entirely predictable because if you look up good guy in the dictionary, you see Matt Jeffrey Isaacson as the definition.
    Um...I still need to read your book.

  4. I got the good guy, although with a few questions I would have picked both answers if I could. That is SOO cute that kid B put your MS on around the kitchen.

  5. Heather- Matt is totally a good guy! And yes, you need to read my book. :) Less than two months until it comes out!

    Jenny- I felt the same way with some of the answers!

  6. I am glad the you are upright today! I hope you keep getting better. I miss your blog yesterday, so I am glad that you are back today! Highlight of my day (MWF). I ate myself silly and enjoyed every bite. I now have to pay the price. Hubby's pies were so awesome this year, I ate a whole pecan and pumpkin by myself. WOW! Your the BEST! Get Better Soon!

  7. Brodi, I love stalking your blog, you are TOO funny! And even though all of my past relationships would say otherwise, I got the good guy in the end!

  8. josh always tries to make me and grace watch "wormhole" with him...i think we are too dumb to understand it.

    i married a good guy--although was always drawn to the bad boys in h.s.

    why is that? they're just so....bad. right?

  9. Love the artwork on the cabinet doors.

    I got the good guy, and I'm not surprised as I married one.

  10. That is so cute! I would love my nieces and nephews to do things like that. (Since I have no kids, that's the closest I get - for now.
    I got the bad guy, although my answers were quite varied. Can't wait for Everneath.

  11. Love that he's taping up your "art!" And hallelujah! You survived the deadline. Congrats. Just go ahead and sleep off that cold.

    I gave your book a big plug on my blog today. I'm almost finished. Wow. Ya done good kid. xo

  12. I feel sort of boring. I've always gone for the good guys. :) Fortunatly, my hubby has enough of the bad boy in him to keep things interesting. :)

    And tell Kid B that if he runs out of room in your kitchen, he can hang your pages at my house!

  13. That's so cute that Kid B did that for you! So sweet!

    I got the good guy. Although, I think he only one by one point. :)

  14. Kid B is too cute! Yay I'm glad you survived your deadline!

  15. Good guy, which was not a surprise. Though I have to say neither of those would be my favorite date. Right now my favorite date might be chocolate and sleep. I keep telling the hubs we can get a babysitter and go sleep in the car somewhere. He thinks that's odd. I think it's brilliant.

  16. Bad boy, bad boy, watcha gonna do? What can I do? They're my type, it seems. XD

  17. Looks like I'm 100% Good Guy in real life :-)
    And that is so sweet about finding your manuscript stuck up in the kitchen!

  18. I would say it's GOOD GUYS for the win! Thanks for playing everyone.

    Anne- Where's MY pie?

    Cath- thanks for the plug.

    S.P.- Chocolate and sleep. Now I know what I'm going to ask Santa for. :)

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