Monday, January 16, 2012

German book trailer for EVERNEATH (Fixed)

I'll tell you right now, blogging will be a little sporadic this week. I'm a bit in recovery mode after my revisions and resting up for the big book release, which is in nine days, which is so crazy!

But while I'm here, I thought I'd share the German book trailer for EVERNEATH. I think it has a very romantic and cool feel to it. Let me know what you think! And again, I wish I spoke German.

Okay, Okay. I get it. There's no link! Here's a link. Or better yet, here's the video. I think.


  1. Well, the best book trailer in german I've ever seen ! :)

  2. Um, I don't see the review. Am I blind? Also, yay for 9 days!

  3. Where's the trailer? I can't see anything!!!

  4. The countdown widget says 7 days (and currently 9 hours, 45 minutes). Which is it? 9? 7? Either way, crazy close. I'm so excited for you!

    And I want that trailer. Gimme German trailer!

  5. Yes, I can't see a link either. Poor Brodi's really busy. Or maybe the link just fell off the post.

    Hey, it could happen. Attachments fall off my emails all the time.

  6. I think I saw the trailer on Youtube. It looks awesome!

  7. I like the trailer! Too bad I don't speak German, but I imagine it's saying some very awesome German-y things. ;) I really like the German cover too.

    Take it easy and relax! You deserve it.

  8. The cover looks just as beautiful! So excited for this read :)

  9. I think my love for this goes beyond words. Seriously.

  10. Well, here's the translation (i'm only a student, my englisch isn't that good XDD)

    Love... is eternal.
    ... is mighty.
    Love survives everything.
    Really everything?
    100 years Seperation.
    100 years pain.
    Find it Out!

  11. I like the video as well as the cover of the book. But honestly, I prefer the English Cover and the "Dead-Elvis-Buttons", because it fits to the content of the Novel. And the English Cover has a touch of ... emmm... like adult. In German it tries to look very romantic and childish somehow.
    Well, but what do YOU think of the German-Trailer ?? ;-)