Thursday, February 9, 2012

Housekeeping notes from the man

Brodi is at the LTUE conference today.  I believe that she will doing a post either later today or tomorrow, so please check back.

A couple of quick notes:
  • As mentioned, the LTUE conference is going on right now.  I believe that you can still sign up.  Its cheap and there are some fabulous authors going to be there.  So go there or be square (wait, that didn't rhyme).  Go to the conference, there is great ambiance (wait, still didn't rhyme...and thus my career as a poet was over before I realized it- yep, still can't rhyme).
  • If you are looking for great book deals.  If you want to buy another copy of Everneath to proudly display on the mantle of your fireplace, head on over to Kings English where they are having a 30% off hardcover books...and if you buy more than 3 books, you will get 40% off.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  You should buy 4 copies of Everneath and think of all of the money you will save!  Your husband or your wife or your boyfriend or your girlfriend or your friends, pets, neighbors and acquaintances will all be impressed by your thriftiness. 
  • If you live in Utah, but you live out South like in Sandy or Utah County...head on over to the Sandy Barnes and can get already autographed copies of Everneath.  Yay for you!

I wish I had interesting stories to tell you all today.  We do have a clog in our drain line at our house.  Thats pretty exciting.  I would take pictures, but I know that NOT one of you cares about that (due to popular demand, I am posting one picture of the drain cleanout...sorry, no gross out pictures)   I could talk about the Bachelor, but Brodi already covered it last week.  So, with that, I bid adieu...check back later today or tomorrow for Brodi's return.


  1. I really like drain line pictures Sam. Please share. Kyle

  2. I think you should totally expound on the clogged drain and post pictures. I'd be interested.

    Also, did Brodi share my Star Wars faux pas with you at the launch? Yeah, I totally sucked.

  3. Kyle - Ok, you asked for it, I have added the pics to it. This is going through out clean out in the basement and going to town. He got to the blockage out by the street and all is good. No root problem which is surprising considering the huge trees in our yard.

    Jenni - yes, she did. But I don't know enough about star wars to know much of what was going on. I will say that I was impressed by your star wars geekiness nonetheless.

  4. I like that you took over her blog while she's away. Sounds like something my hubby might do.

  5. Thanks for posting Brodi. Glad it wasn't roots they can be a pain. Plumbing is awesome. You should definitely give up writing and you and Sam start a drain cleaning business.