Monday, February 13, 2012

My Weekend at LTUE, and My Shot at True Love

Hey y'all. 

So, last weekend I spoke on my first ever panel at the LTUE conference. The thing I said that got the best reaction was when I told the story about happening across a tweet that said, "And then there's EVERNEATH. It's like they're not even trying anymore."

What can I say? People like to revel in my pain. :)

I did meet these three boys, who just happened to be born with birthmarks on their cheeks that just happened to be in the image of my book cover. 

Jared, Jackson and Matt
Just kidding. Those are the temporary tattoos of my Everneath cover! Aren't those boys awesome? 

And since it was the LTUE conference - which is heavy on the sci-fi and high fantasy - these boys were still the most normal looking people there. Even with the tattoos on their cheeks. 

I had to stay overnight one night, but I knew my kids were in good hands at home with the hubby because he texted me this series of photos:
Kid B, wondering why he can't see better with his homemade glasses
Yep, those are donuts. And he's pulling a Princess Leia. 
All ready for school! And the possibility of a flash flood.
By the way, Malaysian Cupid says they can find me my perfect match by Valentine's Day. That means they have 24 hours.

I know they are legit, because here is their very professional email:

"Dear, Mr. Ashton, Here are the latest cupids to respond to your plea for love. Their names are Farah and Mira."

I responded to their obviously personalized email by saying "I'm all in. I have complete faith in your ability to match me. You have 24 hours to find me true love. But first, just for fun, let's aim for men."

They responded by saying, "Okay, Mr. Ashton. Whatever floats your boat."

I'm very excited about my prospects. 


  1. You know you've hit the big time when you're a misunderstood writer. So congrats on that Mr. Ashton.

  2. I loved those guys with the EVERNEATH tats. So glad you got a picture.

    And you're a natural on panels. So funny!

    So good to see you!

  3. This is hilarious!!! Please keep us posted on your matches ;)

  4. You know, Farah and Mira could be men's names in another language. So, they may have already catered to Mr. Ashton. And, anyway, if Farah and Mira aren't men, who's to say that email wasn't for Sam. He is Mr. Ashton, is he not? ;)

  5. Wish I could have witnessed the panel. I'm sure it was awesome.

  6. I laughed out loud twice reading this! :) Keep blogging for those of us that need you in our lives, will you please? -Mel

  7. Those guys just rocked, sporting the awesome tattoo of Everneath on their faces. And Fara and Mira sound like very respectable names, Mr. Ashton. Just make sure the REAL Mr. Ashton knows nothing about it. :-)

  8. Hmm, I like us with the tattoos on, it looks nice. . . . =D You're awesome, Brodi! And, yes, your panels did rock.

  9. I had a blast at LTUE and how did I not end up at your panel? I love the comment about the "normal" looking people. We had fun with that one too, though I'm not so sure someone wasn't making fun of MY appearance! :)

  10. Haha! Thanks. LTUE was a blast. I'm a little more than halfway through with The Savage Grace, and once I'm finished I'm gonna read Everneath!

    And those pictures are heart-warming and hilarious! :)


  11. It was fun to meet you at LTUE. You were super sweet even though I cornered you in the bookstore and made you sign my Everneath book. :) Those tattoo boys are adorable.

  12. So I have laryngitis, read your post, and I'm pretty sure I made some sort of old lady coughing noise.

    ...quite... attractive.... ahem.
    (oh, speaking of attractive, that Jackson is pretty cut-nooooo my sickness has greatly impaired my ability to shut my mouth.)

    ANYWAY. FANTASTIC post. Wish I was at LTUE. :) And that's some serious gender secrets exposed there, Brodi. (Kid B and his princessness and, ya know.)

  13. I have a Everneath tattoo--except it's real.

    Kidding. I want one of those temps though. (but bigger, for my back)