Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Perfect Valentine's Present, and I head to the Lone Star State

Happy Day After Valentine's Day!

So, Valentine's Day morning, I walked into the shower and saw a contraption hanging from the shower head. It was a waterproof radio. 

And It. Was. Beautiful. 

I can turn it on and off without fear of being electrocuted. I can listen to my favorite morning show without blasting the radio for the neighbors to hear. I can shower for two hours without fear of wasting our earth's natural resources by using the power cord for the traditional radio.

For me, it was the most romantic gift ever. 

And when Sam came home from work, and I was still in the shower, he knew he had done well. 

Now if they'd only invent a waterproof computer so I could blog in the shower. 

By the time I was done, my skin was hanging off of me in wrinkled splendor, so I knew I'd probably lost a lot of weight too. It's the gift that keeps on giving! 

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for the Dark Days Tour to Texas. 

Here's the schedule:

Thursday, Feb. 16th      Dallas       Southlake Barnes and Noble at 5pm
Friday, Feb. 17th          Austin       Barnes and Noble (on Research Blvd.) 7pm
Saturday, Feb. 18th      Houston    Blue Willow Bookshop (on Memorial Drive) 4pm

There's a driver coming to pick me up at my house to take me to the airport. This is an entirely unfamiliar concept for my family. 

My mom: "How are you getting to the airport?"

me: "A driver."

mom: "You mean Sam?"

me: "No, a driver. Like a driver for hire."

mom: "You mean you're paying Sam?"

me: "No, mom, I mean they're sending a car for me."

mom: "I do not compute. Do you need me to take you?"

me: "No, it's too early in the morning. I'll stick with the driver."

mom: "But where did they find this... driver? Does he have credentials?"

me: "His parol officer vouched for him completely."

mom: "That's not funny."

me: "There's nothing funny about the after-prison reform program. Especially for habitual offenders. But I want to support them."


Sometimes, I love messing with my mom. 

So, is anyone going to be in the Texas area? Will I meet any of you there?


  1. I wish I could magick myself to Texas just for a couple of days!

  2. Ha ha ha! That conversation with you Mom sounds like my mother and I! And I'll see you tomorrow at B&N Southlake! Can't wait!


  3. Mmmm.... now that's a man who knows his woman! Have a great time in Texas. Wow. A Driver. Parol or not, you're hooked up girl! And a side note, glad the conference was successful. I saw Sam walking along our street with B on his shoulders one early evening. Very sweet. Can you stop and sign my book one day - when you're not galavanting across the country?? xoxo

  4. I've wanted a radio shower forever! I'm SUPER dooper jealous. Have fun in TX. Say hello to my friend and SLTA member Kayla! :)

  5. I've been thinking about a shower radio... but I don't think I stay in there long enough to make it worth it. If I could bring my playlist however... lol

    And I love the comeback to your mom's response lol!

  6. LOL! I know you get sick of hearing this but, you crack me up! How fancy to have a driver to the airport. Will one be picking you up with one of those little signs? That would be cool too! Are you taking your Valentines gift with you to Texas?

  7. ROFL That would be strange for my family, too. How awesome for you.

    Have you listened to the audiobook yet of Everneath (or a part of it)? Nice!

  8. So wish I could be there! My SIL lives in Southlake. In fact, I've been to that B&N many times in the past few years. Have fun! And watch out for the longhorns. (You'll understand when you get to Southlake.) They're everywhere.

  9. Oh baby! The lone star state is gearin' up to see you! I'll be the one that's blonde... and holding your book... and smiling a ridiculous smile... and I'll probably have a less than enthusiastic husband in tow...
    See you tomorrow!

  10. Ha ha! I loved your conversation with your mom. I even read it to my hubby and he laughed. If he laughs, you've got a winner. He's one tough cookie!

    Have fun in Texas! I wish I could go with you. I could see Kayla, my sister, my niece, all of my dad's family ... yeah, Texas is big in my house.

  11. I am in the Houston area and will be the at blue willow bookshop can't wait to see you there (: ! Ps. I will be the first one there I'm geting ther 2 and a half hours rely good thing its a book store cuz I am going to near a lot to read ~! Pps. Thank you in advance for sighing the new book . I love your book you and your blog

  12. I wish I was headed to texas. The weather has been pretty nice here for the last few weeks, but I always like it warmer if I can get it. Oh, and by the way we met at LTUE> I'm Sarah and Stacy's friend!

  13. Still LOLing behind that conversation with you and your mom. I'm a Texas gal but won't be able to make it to your stops. I do hope you have a good time here. Remember, one of the many mottos is that "everything is bigger in Texas." Not sure how true that is though lol!

  14. You crack me up! I love the convo with your mom:)

  15. What-up to my Utah girl! So funny. I just read that this is going to be a trilogy. I am so upset because I had to convince myself that I needed sleep after staying up till 3am reading this. Now, at the end I have to wait, and bite my nails, till the next one comes out? Brodi, you are my new idol. I just finished writing my own trilogy last month, the third book is to be released soon. I so look up to your writing! It is amazing. Awesome post. Thinking about driving to Texas :/.

    1. Oh BTW. I am posting a review of Everneath on Thursday on my blog if you want to come check it out :)