Monday, May 14, 2012

Three things on my mind... Including zombie flies and dead fish

Three things on my mind:

1. Every day I kill one single fruit fly in my bathroom. It's usually in the sink, so I run the water and wash it down. 

Every day, another one appears. Only one. 

My question: Is it the same fruit fly, and it somehow doesn't drown? Is it a zombie fruit fly? Is it a glitch in the matrix? Or are the fruit flies invading my house using the worst possible strategy of sending in one soldier at a time.

2. While discussing the phenomenon of _________ Shades of ________ (I don't really want to add to the hype by using the entire title) we discovered that there are two levels of porn. 

Level #1: Porn

Level #2: Porny-porn. 

I don't yet know the implications of this discovery, but I hope it leads to a cure for cancer. 

3. My fish died today. For those of you new to the blog, you might not know we are known for killing Beta fish in our house, due to the fact that I like to tap on the glass of the tank and make them do tricks. 

But with Shadow, I left him alone. And he survived for a year and a half (which is a year and five months longer than any other fish have survived). 

I cried. I usually don't cry over fish, but I'm oversensitive right now. Looks like I picked the wrong month to quit smoking. 

So, yon bloggerville, what's on your mind? 


  1. 1. It is a glitch in the Matrix. Don't trust Agent Smith or the other Agent Smiths that show up.

    2. Why? Just...Why???

    3. It lasted a while. You have a pretty gosh darn good reason for being a bit sensitive since discovering 2 levels of porn has happened before the discovery of the cure to cancer.

    And you didn't have a #4 but here is me:
    writer>blogger>having fun and enjoying stopping by the #1 crazy on a regular basis>A to Z blogger>NEVERLOVE one day to answer the question: What happened to Father Quanon?

    1. So happy you enjoy stopping by! I enjoy having you. :)

  2. I wonder what would happen if up stopped the drain after killing the fruit fly? Maybe they will mutate?

    Sorry about the fish. And the two levels of porn.

    1. I'm just as sorry as you are about the two levels of porn. :)

  3. LOL Fruit flies have a 24 life span and they generally live just to lay eggs on new ones... not unless you have fruits or fruit peels on your bathroom sink then that might be their breeding ground?

    Talk Supe

    1. So, maybe each fruit fly just lays the one egg, and by now I've gone through generations of single-spawning fruit flies. Me likes this theory.

  4. I didn't think there was pornier porn that porn itself. I guess that shows you what I don't know.

    And, I think all fruit flies are zombies! When they finally become more zombieish, meaning carnivorous, they're going to spread the disease to humans and start the zombie apocalypse.

  5. Yay! You posted on my birthday! I was too busy being pampered (well, once I left work) to notice yesterday, but now I'm super-happy.

    In an appropriately solemn way, of course. Poor Shadow.

    And I'd be happy to have fruit flies in my bathroom. Instead, I usually have beetles and spiders. Who don't conveniently sit on the sink near the drain. *shudder*

    1. Happy Birthday! Wishing all of your hopes and dreams find their way to you. :)

  6. You're the second person that's mentioned that book. I had to look it up. Creepy stuff there.

    Sorry about your fish.