Monday, August 9, 2010

The Most Awesome Exercise Book from 1980

Happy Monday y'all. 

So, my father-in-law is an avid reader, with thousands of books lining the walls of his house. The other day, he was getting rid of a few, and invited us over to take our pick. 

I couldn't help choosing this one- an exercise book from 1980:

(Appropriate title, don't you think?)

Here's the back:

So many questions come to mind. For instance:

Were white shorts on a white background the best choice?

And what's so revolutionary about the top-row moves on the back? 

Don't have any extra money for weights? Don't worry! They've thought of everything. Find two books lying around! Hopefully they weigh ten pounds each.

On page 1, they demonstrate how you have to be in a really bad mood to start. As if they're saying, "Brace yourselves. This is gonna suck."

It's okay if you're the woman, though, because you're obviously not strong enough to carry weights or anything.

Next comes a move they've been working on for years, the patent-protected, government-tested "lean":

Are you with us so far? Can you guess which move comes next?
Discuss amongst yourselves.

I'm planning on learning the moves, and then holding classes in my basement. Care to join?


  1. hey, as long as sam is there wearing an identical copy of those white short-shorts, i am SOOO in!

  2. I think I should give up my boot camp classes and join your class instead. Let me know when you start them. ;)

  3. Dorien- I'm sewing a pair of them for Sam even as we speak.

    Jenni- I will let you know! With my classes, you are guaranteed to lose your pride as well as the pounds.

  4. I have already lost 4 pounds in a week just by following the book and twisting my hips. Its awesome.

    And yes, I will be shaking my money maker in those shorts soon. The neighborhood will love it!

  5. That is an interesting title for sure. Do you ever wonder if anybody edits these things? You'd think that somebody would catch that!

  6. Sam- I can't wait to see it! For the few minutes before the police arrive, it will be quite the spectacle!

    Lulabell- reminds me of the one time the local news was covering a canine parade, and the caption under the video read, "Doggie-Style". Somebody, please catch these things!

  7. Wow...that is really cutting edge stuff. Were we just more naive then that only now a title like that will make us snicker?

    Ah, my word verfication is well suited to today's topic: wismatic. I need a wise-matic...just think what we could do...remember the sledge-o-matic??

  8. Una- I would pay money for a wise-o-matic right now!

    Everyone- I know some of you are having a hard time leaving a comment. I don't know why this is! Sorry!

  9. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HEEE, HEE, HEEE, HO, HO, HO!!!

  10. I love it when I run into something that makes me laugh so hard my husband can hear me in the living room at the other end of the house. Ms. Brodie, you are a kick!

    From a acquaintance/friend of Emily's.

  11. Renae- I'm glad you visited! Come back again.

  12. Did anyone else see this on the "awful library books" blog like... last week sometime? lol
    So disturbing.

  13. Britt- no way! That is too weird I had the book for two weeks before I blogged about it! Maybe I can sell it now that it's famous.