Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Diagnosis: A Case of the Blah Dee Blah's

I'm taking a sick day today. 

I have a scratch in my throat and I'm tired. More tired than I've ever been before. I've been revising my novel, and I get to reading one sentence, and I immediately fall asleep.

There's only one conclusion: I think I have Mono. Either that or my book is really really boring. Out of the two, I like to think I have Mono.

Other Symptoms (for those of you out there who are armchair diagnosticians):

1. I get annoyed easily. Sam's been tucking his pant legs into his socks before our bike rides. It makes me want to scratch his eyes out.

2. Everything seems loud. I gave Kid B two DS's and a computer to play with while I revised. He had all three going at once. I had to put ear plugs in.

3. Chocolate and Caffeine aren't doing their job. Yesterday, I ate an entire bag of Ghiradelli chocolate squares and 5 bottles of Diet Coke, and I still wanted to take a nap.

4. I have an upset stomach. Chocolate and Diet Coke did nothing to cure this either. Seriously, why do I even buy the stuff?

5. I first spelled stomach as "stomache". Like, I'm French, so I have a sto-mahsh. Like panache. 

Those are my symptoms. I'm tired, annoyed, and slightly French. Feel free to diagnose. And sorry I'm taking a sick day today. I'll be back for Free Book Friday.

p.s. Sam just looked over my shoulder and said, "That's your way of taking a sick day?"


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. You forgot to blame the weather as well, which is enough to make anyone miserable. Can we just make it a sick day for the entire state?

  2. Yes! I hereby declare today to be a statewide sick day! All in favor?

  3. Pegging your pants was very stylish a few years ago...I am starting a new trend of pants into the socks. The chicks dig it and it keeps me safe on bike rides.

    I hope you didn't fall asleep while reading this comment. Get some rest. 15 hours of sleep in a day is never enough!

  4. Thanks Sam. That comment put me out like a light. See ya next year!

  5. I think this is a good way to spend your sick day, seek support and comfort from your blog followers!

    Sorry you aren't feeling well, hopefully this is only a 24 hour illness. In fact, it sounds like 24-hour might need a few days to recover. Better seek additional help around the house, you need someone to wait on you hand and foot while someone else gets everything done around the house. Oh and brings you Diet Coke and chocolate regularly.

    Unless, did someone poison the pages of your book causing you to be ill? Maybe your ending is fighting back...

  6. Una- You're right! Where's my man-servant? Someone get me a man-servant!

  7. We need to include Idaho in the sick day. I'm actually going home early today... hopefully before I start vomiting.

    I do have the perfect solution to your problem with falling asleep when you read your book: have me read it instead! I always read while I'm sick, so this will be win-win. :)

  8. I'm all for the statewide sickday!!

    Think the baby would give me the day off?

    Yeah.... I don't think so either...

    (Word verification thingie-- "uppers"... the computer's on to us...)

  9. Uhm, I think I am your man servant. But quite a metrosexy man servant am I.

  10. I have no time for illness. None at all. No time, no tolerance, and I have a ginormous sinus cold thingy that I hate, hate, hate and almost made me miss Glee!


  11. Some of those symptoms sound a lot like hypothyroidism...O.O

    (Of course, it runs in my family, so I think *everyone* has it.)

  12. Robin- I would hate to put you to sleep too, and spread my illness. Sick day is officially expanding to include Idaho!

    Britt- Are you sure it wasn't a link for Uppers? Because I would so click on that at this moment!

    Sam- You're right. Bring me my slippers, man-servant!

    Sal- Good thing you didn't actually miss it. I heart Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris.

  13. Heather- Bree Despain thinks the same thing. But I had my thyroid checked a couple weeks ago. They have pills for that, don't they? Because that's what I want. An easy fix.

  14. Sorry that you're not feeling very well. I understand how you feel. I've been very tired lately too and it's not for lack of trying to sleep. The sleep I get just doesn't do anything.

    I hope you feel better soon and definitely get rid of the Frenchness you have going on there.

    Remember that it could be worse. You could be asked by a teacher you don't have for another four weeks to read The Hobbit and LotR in four weeks to get ready for the class, still have to do that homework in the class you're currently in, get ready for girls' camp in three weeks, and work a full-time job. That's such a totally fantastical idea that it could never come true. ;)

    Just saying....

  15. I just saw you guys on your bikes. And I missed the pegged pants!!? I don't know Brod. Sounds hormonal to me... Those darn hormon-ees. Are you having night sweats too?

  16. Heather- Do you want to tell Sam, or should I?

    Jenni- I've had 34 years to read LoTR, and it's still not happening.

    Cath- How did you miss the pegged pants? Maybe it was Sam's flowing hair in the wind that caught your eye instead.

    I've been having night sweats for about a year now. Is it too early for menopause?

  17. I'm surprised you didn't put in anything about playing solitaire all day. I swear that is what I do when I'm sick and tired of kids...or I mean just sick and tired. Hope you get feeling better. I've been a little under the weather too...coughing, head congestion. Diet dr. pepper always makes me happy just might not cure me of all my ailments. Good luck!

  18. Erin- actually, I'm closing in on 1,000 Solitaire wins. (I'm at 992). When I hit 1,000, I'm going to hire a marching band and a parade of elephants.

    Get feeling better. :)

  19. I've been having a funky off week 1/2 too. My friend blames it on the moon cycles- which my laugh really hard.

    But as long as I don't have to blame myself/ my laziness than I'm cool with the moon theory.