Monday, May 17, 2010

Winner of Beautiful Creatures... and Men's Tennis (i.e. Beautiful Creatures) *sigh*

And the winner (according to of the signed copy of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is... comment #8. 

Sara B. Larson

Sara- Email me your address at brosam (at) gmail (dot) com.

We had a great discussion about endings on Friday. I have to admit I learned a lot, and I'm gonna steal all of your ideas for my book. I think y'all could teach a class on the art of the ending. (You probably wouldn't resort to a bra analogy like some people...)

With your ideas in mind, I've been taking my new ending for a test drive, and so far there has been no chafing or irritation. Hopefully I've found one that will last.

I have to give a shout out to my tennis playing boyfriend for winning the Madrid Open. 

And by "boy" I mean Rafa Nadal, and by "friend" I mean lover.

He recently trademarked his sneer, so don't try to copy it.

Rafa beat his main rival, Roger Federer, who's also a tall drink of water. But Rafa rocks the clay court, and when his knees aren't on the fritz, he's unstoppable.  He puts so much junk on his forehand, it's the dirtiest spin in tennis. (No, these are not euphemisms.)

To all of you new blog followers: Yes, I feel it is my duty to educate about the hotness that is Men's tennis right now.

I keep having this dream that Rafa and I are best friends. Like no one in the world gets us better than the other. Every time I wake up, I'm like, "I can't believe we're not best friends!" 

Tell me the truth, is that above paragraph rule #1 on the checklist to becoming a full-fledged stalker?

Okay, I'm off to revise. Now that I have an ending, I guess I need a middle, and then word on the street is that I'll need a beginning too. 
Wish me luck. What are y'all up to this week?


  1. It sounds like you and Rafa will be very happy together.

    Do you happen to have Ana Ivanovic's phone number by chance?

  2. Sam- Ana Ivanovic? I do not recall anyone by that name in Men's Tennis.

  3. Drat! Foiled again! I never win nothing!


  4. Argh, I missed the contest... Congrats Sara!

    I must say, your rule #1 on why creating endings is like bra shopping reminds me of the story of Goldilocks. Hmmm, that story has two endings, maybe you can have a pick your own ending in your book?!?! One where our hero dies getting eaten by the enemy/victim and one where he learns the error of their ways and lives happily ever after.

    I'm at work today, watching the rain and trying to be motivated to do paper work.

    Hope you all have a GREAT day!

  5. Robin- Don't worry. It just so happens I have these contests like every Friday. There are chances galore!

    Una- I do love the choose your own ending idea. The one where everyone lives, and the gut-wrenching one. Then, when you read the gut-wrenching one (because that's the one I'd choose), you can be content knowing that the other ending exists somewhere.

    Somewhere in the universe, there's a happy ending.

  6. Congrats to Sara on winning the book!

    Loved the endings/bra comparison. You're chock full of relatable writing advise. =]

  7. It does sound sort of like you're becoming a stalker, but we were told to do that. However, I thought we were supposed to stalk agents, editors, and authors. That being said, Rafa is more beautiful than they are---he's learned that it's never too soon to go to the gym.

    Good luck with the revisions.

  8. L.T.- I wrote my whole first book using underwear analogies.

  9. Jeni- Rafa also knows the number one rule to success:

    Be more beautiful than the next guy. See? It works for him!

  10. Yay!! I'm so excited that I won!! I just got to ca (looong drive) so I will email you in the am. Thanks again! :-)

  11. Maybe that is Rafa's secret weapon, his good looks makes the competition feel inadequate, thus ensuring Rafa's victory!

  12. Congrats Sara!

    Una- Yeah, the opponents get on the court, and then they're all, "You know what, Rafa? I would never dream of hitting a ball toward such a pretty face. I default!"

    And then Rafa's all, "Is there no one left in this world who will play a beautiful man?"