Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm blogging and camping! Sorry for the late blog. I'm in the mountains, in my car(because I didn't go camping to be outside) and I'm blogging from my phone, while other people watch me, with expressions that say, "poor girl's addicted to technology" to which I reply, "don't you dare judge me!"

wish me luck! I'll give a full report later!


  1. I'm sure you misread their expressions--they were really thinking, "She has reception here? Wow!" or "With the games that Sam has planned, I don't blame her for staying in the car." Ok, totally kidding Sam, your games are great!

    Have fun, wish we could be there.

  2. "Brodi" and "camping" in the same breath...I thought it would never happen. I hope you have pictures to prove it. Good luck and watch out for the bugs!

  3. Camping is the best! Where did you go?