Monday, July 12, 2010

When Revisions get you Down, Here's something to Entertain...

Howdy y'all. So, revisions are due this week. Okay, they're due today. Since I'm unable to string two words together at this point, enjoy one of my all-time favorite video breakdowns ever.

Are you familiar with the guy who said he could chop 100 coconuts in under a minute?

Now check out the breakdown. I could watch this video over and over. And over. Instead of revising.

Weirdly, my revised manuscript now has a scene where a Danish guy tries to chop coconuts with his feet. The scene really comes out of nowhere, and doesn't fit in a book about a girl who's spent a hundred years in Hell, but oh well. Michael's gonna love it.

Now, can someone please tell me how to embed a video in my book? Is that technology possible?


  1. '...make it a hundred.' That video rocks and how can you not love Tosh?

  2. That was awesome! Thanks Brodi and good luck with the revisions!

  3. Um, sorry to revel in your pain, but have I mentioned how excited I get at any sign that your book is moving toward publication?

    You will let me know if you need a fresh set of eyes on the project, yes? :) I read fast....

    Why wouldn't coconuts fit into a book about post-hell life? I'll bet they don't have coconuts in hell. Probably busy chopping nuts of a different kind.

  4. Bro, where do you find this stuff?! Good thing I'd already finished my Coke, otherwise... I might have a dirty monitor from it snorting out my nose. ;^D

  5. Excellent video. Congrats, and whatever else is appropriate for a revision due date. I can't wait to read it!!! (Yes, I felt that many exclamation points were justified.)

  6. Entertainment. To be sure. And I loved the commentary. Michael's gonna love the Danish guy going wilda on the coconuts. It will be a great diversion.

    Revisions gotta be tough. Hang in there. Being at the revision stage is an accomplishment in itself!