Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Break it to Kid C that he isn't really Left-Handed

I've officially given away all of my guitar pick necklaces after this week's trivia blast on the EVERNEATH Facebook Page.

I will have to make more. The necklaces are very small and intricate, so I've employed a bunch of hamsters to do the hand-painting on the guitar picks.

Their union is currently on strike, with a SHAME ON BRODI ASHTON sign in my front yard. But I am heading to the negotiating table soon, so we should be back on track in the near future.

I will announce the winner of BACK WHEN YOU WERE EASIER TO LOVE on Monday.

Meanwhile, Kid C got his cast off.

Look how brave he's being. And that is a saw going in the background. And that saw is loud. The first thing he said after the cast came off was, "So this is what I look like in the future."

He got it off on Tuesday, and ever since he's been keeping his right arm bent at a 90 degree angle, and his fingers stiff and together. So basically, the right half of his body is like a robot.

Each time we try to get him to straighten his arm, he screams, "You're breaking my arm!!" In public.

Also, he still does his homework with his left hand. He claims that he is permanently left-handed now. 

Somebody help me. 


  1. I'm laughing. I'm sorry. I'm laughing.

    Good luck.

  2. Jodi- That doesn't help! But I'm laughing too. Mostly.

  3. Bwahahahahaaaa! That is too funny. Except when it's happening to you, then it gets old. Sorry Brodi.

  4. Cast his left arm. ;) (No need to break it first.)

    Also, whip the squirrels. I need a pick!

  5. Paula- Sadly, his handwriting is slightly better with his left hand. Maybe I shouldn't try to fix it. :)

    Robin- Great suggestion about the cast! but it will have to be paper mache.

  6. ROFL - Aren't children delightful? Of course, he says it in public. It's just like they've played fine by themselves completely ignoring you until the phone rings and then they have to have your attention now or they'll start WWIII.

    I wonder how long the left-handed thing will last. Probably until he does something without thinking about it.

  7. Ha ha! Kid C is so funny. I think I'd feel like him too. But, wow that time went fast. Didn't he break his arm like three weeks ago? Is he like Wolverine and heals faster than normal, but not quite as fast as Wolverine?

  8. Seriously, that pic of him looking up is awesome. I loved how he kept saying, 'Hey, that tickles...that feels funny.' I have always wanted a lefty son that plays sports.

  9. I love the brave expression on his face!

    My friend in hs broke her arm as a child and had to use her non-dominant arm while it healed. She referred to herself as ambidextrous. So tell him that's what he is and encourage him to use both.

  10. i love kid C...and i'm laughing! i REALLY needed a laugh today!

    did i mention i love kid C?

  11. Poor kid. Poor mom. But I'm grinning just a little. :)

  12. I really need one of those guitar picks to add to my case for playing! Playing guitar with literature...I like it. :-)

  13. I am...not going to be good with children, I can already tell. I can't even. But it's hilarious that your child has a robot arm now. ffff.

  14. LOL Aww! That is cute and hilarious. :)

    And those hamsters are so talented. XD

  15. I just laughed out loud :D

    I too was a kid that had to be left handed for awhile, not because I broke my arm but because one of my favorite people was left handed :D

    This too shall pass