Friday, December 9, 2011

I Found a Treasure I'd Been Searching for for SIX YEARS.

Six years ago, while we were preparing to leave on a trip, my hubs hid the jewelry box containing my wedding ring. 

He was concerned that if someone broke into our house, my ring would be the first thing to go. 

Why wasn't I wearing it, you ask? That is a discussion for another time. But basically, it boils down to this: I never wear it, because I have a habit of taking it off and leaving it places like bathroom sinks and restaurants and bowling alleys.

You see, I would hate to lose it.

Anywho, we got back from our trip, and since I never wore my ring, there was no reason to get it out of its hiding place. 

Fast forward six years. We have since remodeled the kitchen, and a good portion of our house. We have since had another kid. And Sam totally forgot where he hid the ring. You'd think that at some point, during a spring cleaning session, or one of our kajillion garage sails, we would've come across the jewelry box. 

But it didn't happen. 

Finally, two days ago, Sam was rummaging through some sort of closet and found the jewelry box. Yay! 

I'm not sure what this says about us, on several levels. 

1. How much do my housecleaning skills suck if we never ran across it for six years? 

2. There is a cheerio in the corner of my kitchen floor that I've been able to keep track of for three years. Why couldn't I keep track of my wedding ring?

3. If someone did break into our house, I don't think his first thought would be, "I wonder where the wife keeps her wedding ring." It would more likely be, "Why does this family keep their flat screen under this big pile of Cap'n Crunch?" or "I'd steal the laptop, but my path is blocked by this pile of laundry... and wait... why have half of the keys on the keyboard been replaced with various incarnations of Spongebob Macaroni and Cheese noodles?"

4. Then we'd be featured on that new reality show "When Burglars Stage a Hoarders Intervention instead of actually Burgling the House."

5. I don't know why I'm suddenly numbering everything on this blog post.

6. But Six seems like a good round number to end on.

So... what's everyone up to this weekend? Sam and Kid C are taking ski lessons. Boy would I love to be a fly on that mountain.


  1. I get to study for my two finals on Monday. But, after that, I'm schoolless for three whole weeks! Yay!

    I'm glad you found your wedding ring, even if you don't wear it, lol. At least it says that you're married ... sort of. Not sort of married, but it telling people that you're married. ... I'm leaving now.

  2. Yesterday I left my ring on the bed while I put lotion on... and when hubby got up, it flipped under the bed. He spent an hour searching for it and threatened all sorts of things if I didn't keep track of it better.

    In the wee hours of this morning, hubby suddenly says "why aren't you wearing your ring?" and I remembered placing it on my pillow when I put lotion on before bed (dry winter skin--we hates it, precious!). He'd found it IN the bed.

    So maybe I should just put it in a jewelry box and leave it there. :)

  3. What I love most is you telling me how excited you were to find it, and then me wondering what this mysterious ring looked like, and then you explaining that you weren't wearing it. Because, you know, why wear it when you can tell people about finding it?

  4. I do that all the time! I hide things in the house for safe-keeping & then forget where I hid them & go crazy looking for it (I actually hide my engagement ring one time & was freaking out turning the house upside down looking for it & the Hubbi found it & I go "Oh yea, I remember putting it there now!", haha). I always end up finding things later on & go, "that's a pretty good hiding place bc I didn't even think to look there!". But it sucks when you think you've lost something, haha.

  5. I never wear my ring either and I have the exact same ring. Is that not kosher? Like when celebrities wear the same dress in public? It's like it's not special. But hey, maybe people would think it were more special if I wore it instead of keeping it in my jewelry box where it won't get lost.

  6. Jenni- good luck on your finals!

    Robin- Don't even get me started on dry winter skin. I wish we were like the snakes and could shed our skin.

    Emily- But wouldn't you rather get the story than just see a boring old ring on my finger?

    Vivian- I'm a little worried about the fact that I found it, because now I'll probably lose it for good.

    Emily- We have the exact same ring? It's like we're practically related!

  7. I love the numbered list at the end. I feel that way about my (dirty) house.

  8. I have got you beat when it comes to homes full of STUFF! Please don't try and catch up, it is soooo.... not worth it! Stuff everywhere around here. Why bother cleaning, then I would have to move stuff and find a different place to put it. We are helping my sister (with the 9 kids) move into our Bountiful home. Finally we can breath, out with dork face and in with someone to make $ off of.

  9. Yay for finding your ring. My husband lost his and had no idea where. A couple years later I found it deep in the dirt when I was digging up some grass to put in a strawberry garden. Go figure.

  10. Melissa- Glad I'm not alone. :)

    Anne- Is that a challenge? I will win the clutter war! :) Kidding.

    Donna- My husband lost his ring in the garden too! Unfortunately, we couldn't find it.

  11. I'm all for a simple band that is so darn cheap we can lose it as many times as we darn well please.

  12. Haha! I totally relate to the ring thing. I have lost mine a few times as well. Megan and I are taking skiing lessons too. I am a little nervous--judging by my general physical prowess, I'm sure it will be entertaining for somebody though.

  13. Shelly- That is a good idea!

    Keersten- I've been watching Sam. It is way way entertaining. Good luck on the mountain!

  14. Laughed so hard through this one. But wahoo! What a find! Can I hire Sam to come to our house? We have a few items that have disappeared into the fourth dimension. There is one, you know. I'm sure of it!

  15. I'm so glad you found it! I love it when you hide something so well you can't find it again, for a long time. You've made me happy knowing I'm not the only one who's done that.