Monday, December 12, 2011

A Very Yoshi Christmas

So, Kid B was in charge of decorating the Christmas tree this year. When he was finished, I walked into the living room to see this:

Yep, that there is Giant Green Yoshi, with Small Red Yoshi. And apparently, they've been catapulted onto the tree, and impaled in its branches.
Doesn't he look so comfortable? 

Kid B is available as a Decorator-for-Hire. He can Yosherize any tree. Anywhere. Anytime.

And the ornament isn't without its symbolic meaning. Don't you remember when the sheep, and the oxen, and the winged baby dragons bowed their head before the manger? If not, that makes me wonder which version of the bible you are reading.
We, of course, read King Koopa's Bible. I don't want to give any spoilers for those of you who haven't read it. 

But the butler did it. 

How are your holidays coming along? We are steamrolling ahead toward Christmas, flattening any and all elves who get in our way.


  1. Hahaha, your boys are just too funny! Our tree is done, but maybe we can hire them to decorate the outside of our apartment. We're lacking in Nintendo paraphernalia, but we have plenty of Legos!

  2. I love Yoshi so much I named my first car Yoshi - and he used to mock other cars at stoplights (Your momma was a beer can). I love this picture. Long live the Yoshi tree!

  3. Done and done! I love Yoshi! Kid B can come decorate my tree anytime! Do I have to provide the Yoshi's? ;)

  4. that's AWESOME!! does he have an extra for MY tree?

  5. Sara- Legs work just as well! Although they are harder to impale. :)

    Em- Kid B would die for a car named "Yoshi".

    Jenny- Yes, you have to provide the Yoshi's, and you may end up with fewer than you began with.

    Dorien- No, but he can catapult himself, in his Yoshi costume, onto your tree. But you'd have to keep him until after the New Year.

  6. Sara- Yeah, that was supposed to be "legos" not "legs"

  7. Haha. That cracks me up. Have you been swept up in the Elf on the Shelf fun? I just picked mine up last week. My favorite hiding place so far was swinging from the chandelier in the dining room. I think tomorrow he'll have a cankering for milk.

  8. Haha! Our kids are still at the pull ornaments off the tree stage. Lots of fun. Only two broken so far this year.

  9. Vivian- He is very popular around here. :)

    Emily- What's Elf on the Shelf? I'll have to google it.

    S.P.- That's why we don't ever put any ornaments on the tree. That, and we're sort of lazy.

  10. I think Yoshi makes a very appropriate Christmas decoration. How cute would a yoshi tree be with all of the different colored eggs? My hubby would be wild about that!

  11. Yes, google it. It's an elf (he's a little freaky-50-cartoonish) that reports to Santa every night and comes back to hide in a new spot in your house. He can be mischievous, getting in your food or unrolling the toilet paper, and it's fun for your kids to go searching for it every morning and tell it what they want for Christmas. I'm sure you'd come up with fun adventures for your family elf.

  12. I bet Yoshi feels very special. He's been made a part of a wonderful tradition.

    Go Kid B. Yosherize with glee :-)

    In our household, we went with a live tree... for the first time ever. It's up and sorta, kinda straight, mostly. Still some gifts to get but feeling the joy of Christmas spirit.

    No to Bah Humbug!

  13. Ha ha ha! That's awesome! I so want Kid B to come decorate my tree. I'd love it if I had two giant Yoshis and I'm not kidding either! I think when Corey and I finally start decorating for Christmas, I'm going to insist on Mario decorations. That would be so cool! Give Kid B a hug for suggesting it.

  14. Yoshi tree! I see a trend in it's future . . .

  15. Gotta love Yoshi. I'd almost forgotten about him. Bad on me.