Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bono and Me: It's Like We Share one Brain Between us... We could talk, or not talk, all day.

Howdy Y'all.

First off, want a free book? My agent sister Bree is eight months away from her debut book's publication. (The Dark Divine. Awesome YA read.) To celebrate, she is giving away a bunch of books every month until her debut book hits stands. So check out her blog for details. Tell her I sent you, and you'll receive five dollars off. (Just kidding. Her blog is free.)

It feels like it's been forever and I have to admit I missed blogging on Monday.

Missed it so much that I sat at my computer on Tuesday and wrote about 83 blogs, but I couldn't post them because it wasn't Wednesday, and I blog on Wednesdays. Darn those "Governing Laws of the Blogosphere".

Instead, I had to print them out and burn them in my fireplace, all the while singing Amazing Grace. (In accordance with bylaw 10.2. I'm not actually sure where I got these rules in the first place. But who am I to argue?)

How was your holiday?
I spent my weekend doing two very important thingies.

Thingie 1. Catching up on my trashy mags. And that means, it's Trashy Mag time!

I started with Us Weekly, and made some monumental discoveries. For instance, did you know Bono and I are exactly the same? Exactly the same.

US has this "hard news" section called: Stars- They're Just Like US!
It turns out, after several weeks of investigative journalism, Us Weekly uncovered the truth about Bono: He towels off his children. WTH? He is just like me! Why are Bono and I not BFF's already? He really is the rock star next door.

Shortly after the article hit stands, Bono discovered that I, too, towel off my children. His people contacted my people to set a lunch date, because people with such rare similarities simply must become lifelong friends.

Next, I turned to OK! magazine; also known as that mag across the pond. The cover had a giant picture of Edward, flanked by two extras, a couple of other nobodies, and a bunch of random words, none of which made sense.
Despite the promises, the article on Edward revealed no love, lust or lies. Disappointing. Plus, they kept calling him "Rob".

Also, Neighbor "K" brought me over a couple of magazines featuring Rafael Nadal. I have no idea why he thought I would find them interesting, except maybe he read between the lines of this post, this post, this post and this post. Wow. That is just plain sad. So let's add to the list of Rafa posts until it shifts from sad to pathetic. (Don't you dare say "too late".)
2. The second thing I did all weekend, I hesitate to share with y'all. Now, you probably have noticed I don't mind looking like a total dork on my blog. In fact, it's sort of my raison d'etre. (Reason for blogging.) But this particular weekend project highlights two of my lamer qualities:

a. The ability to waste astronomical time doing something totally useless.
b. The ability to find something extraordinarily funny, yet at the same time knowing no one else will.

The mission? Create a trailer for my book Echo... using cartoon Lego characters... with robotic voices.

I got the idea from agent Kristin Nelson's blog, but I can't provide the link because there is a questionable word in it, and I cater to the younger crowd as well as the older crowd.

So, here is the rotten fruit of my colossal waste of labor.. Just so you know, my main character is a 17-year old girl named Lane, who suffers from paranoid delusions. (I mean, of course she does. She's in my book, so she'd have to be somewhat messed up in the head.)

That's not to say she chose to be in my book. She is fictional. Oh crap. It's past midnight. I'm not making sense anymore, am I? I can't believe I felt the need to clarify that the main character of my novel is fictional.

And now, our Feature Presentation...


  1. Ha, ha, ha! Loving the animation. Also, loving the magazine cover.....


    what was I saying?

    Oh, never mind.

  2. Cam- Which magazine cover? Edward or Rafa? Oh wait. Nevermind. I think I know.

  3. Look out Twilight! It appears you have some competition from Lego Lane and Lego Maxim. Highly productive weekend!

    I've always noticed how much we "low lifes" have in common with the rich and famous! Everytime I'm in St. Barts, I always try to towel off my own kid and give the butlers, maids, and personal chefs a little break! Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. Erin- Holy Cow! You towel off your kids too??!! Madness.

    Btw, who's Lego Maxim? :) Lego Malcolm is very offended right now..

  5. Whew! I really didn't like the name Maxim anyway. I've always been a Malcolm girl. So watch out comes Lego Malcolm!

  6. Lego Malcolm is quick to forgive you, after such sweet words.

  7. hee, hee. I love your trailer. I especially like Malcolm's British accent. It made him very Giles-like.

  8. Loved the trailer. I am still peeved that they kept calling Edward "Rob" in the article. These are professional journalists, they should know better. Goodness, what is the world coming to?

  9. Bree- I had to do something to make him sound more dignified. Voila, british accent. (Long live Giles!)

    Una- I know. Maybe we should send some vicious hate mail to the magazine.

  10. That trailer was hilarious. I spit out my diet coke when she started dry heaving. Too funny.

    (Did you name the road Tennis Elbow Bend? Dont tell me that was just a great coincidence.)

  11. Debbie- It was a great coincidence. I'm not joking.

    Oh, and could you please leave any references to Diet Coke out of your comments? I just ran to my fridge to lick up the remnants of any old diet cokes we used to have there...

  12. Ack, Brodi, you quit caffeine again!?!?

  13. I'm sorry what I meant to put was cranberry juice. How dare I saw such tender words at this time. :)

  14. love the video. It was sassy. You are very talented.

    Nadal has some competition for the French. I would probably still bet on him, but not much with Federer coming on strong.

  15. Debbie- Mmmm... Cranberry Juice.

    Sam- Wouldn't it be funny since Nadal took Wimbledon last year, if Federer took Paris this year?

    Well, funny probably just to us.