Friday, May 22, 2009

Thing About Me #15: Let me know if we're in a fight...

The other day, my brother-in-law picked me up a Star Trek glass from Burger King. I don't really think he considered the ramifications of such an action.

At Sunday dinner, sis-in-law E started shouting the names of the Star Trek shows, and all their incarnations, to prove she deserved the glass.

Other sis-in-law E started planning trips to Burger Kings across the valley, saying I didn't deserve the glass, and to accept such a gift would be admitting I was a Trekkie.

I finally concluded we were all losers.


Wait, are we on 13 or 14?

Okay, thing about me number 15, continuing the longest 25 thingies about me tag.

15. I don't know if there's a word for it. What do you call someone who sees a toddler in the middle of the street, no adult around, and thinks everything's probably fine with that picture. Because if there was a problem, someone somewhere would surely grab the toddler out of harm's way. I'm hungry. What's for lunch? Why does my ear itch?

That's the affliction I have.

So the other day I was helping my sister move. Just me and her. We were in the middle of packing the moving truck when she had to leave suddenly to go to her new house and pay the blind guy. (Guy who installs blinds. Not sight-challenged guy.)

My sister leaves, and I'm in the front yard alone.

Her next door neighbor comes over, says hi to me, how's it goin', that sort of stuff.

Then she goes inside the house to find my sister.

And I just watch her go inside. She's calling to my sister. Wandering about, looking for her.

And I go back to packing.

After a while, the neighbor comes out. She says, "Do you know where Erin is?"

me: "Um, yeah. She's not here. She left a little while ago."

She looks at me for a moment. It finally hits me.

me: "Which, I guess I should have mentioned before you went wandering through the house, calling for her."

I have a friend -- Friend A , a.k.a. Aunt S -- who laughs about this sort of attribute of mine. She discovered it when she said to me one day, "I'm so glad we were able to get over that whole Eden fiasco."

me: "Um, what Eden fiasco?"

A: "You know, when we had that disastrous weekend with our two families in Eden, and you left in a huff because you were all mad about something?"

me: "I remember the weekend, but I had fun."

A: "No, you didn't. I only saw the exhaust pipe as you and Sam peeled out of the parking lot."

me: "That's not how I remember it..."

A: "Then how do you account for the fact that we didn't speak to each other for over four months?"

me (shocked): "We didn't speak for four months?"

A: "Even my husband [who is arguably the nicest man on the face of the planet] said you must have hated me."

me: "Wow. I'm sorry."

A: "Why are you sorry? You didn't even know we were in a fight."

me: "Um, so are we done fighting now?"

A: "Yes."

me: "Good. I'm glad we resolved the issue."

I wish this was just an isolated incident, but it's not. Friend R says I'm like a man in this respect. I didn't really take it as a compliment.

So, what is the word for it? Inattentive? Clueless? Male?

Please, if any of you reading this are in a fight with me, leave a comment. Let me know the situation, and if I need to apologize.

And if we are not on speaking terms, then the comments section is the perfect place to start the healing process. But first, let me know we are not speaking.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Are you going anywhere? I'm helping my sister lay sod and then I may see this cool new movie. See y'all Wednesday.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'


  1. Brodi - your blog has become an addiction for me. I look forward to Wed, Fridays and even Mondays so I can have a laugh.

    We are not in a fight, so no worries here! Goodness, we only talk via this blog - if we weren't speaking we'd have to what? Get rid of our keyboards, tape our fingers together?!?!

    I can completely relate to the temporary disconnect that you talk about. Happens to me - I think all creative people suffer from it. It also causes you to loose time - no it's not alien abduction, it's called creative rapture. It's perfectly normal and just requires understanding people (or those that will just laugh at you and love you anyway).

    Sorry this is long, but: I'm participating in my parent's huge block sale and their golf tournament - it's an annual tradition and fun. It's the only yard sale I do a year. Go see Star Trek - it rocked! Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!

  2. Ah, Una- Thank you for becoming addicted, and I'm so relieved we are not in a fight.

    A block sale/golf tournament sounds like a lot more fun than laying sod. Wanna switch lives for a couple days?

    BTW- you are obviously a fellow creative/crazy mind... what do you create? Do you write? Paint? World-build?

  3. Hey Bro, don't you remember Mom's "LOUD" silent treatment? That's how we always know she is mad at us. It's complete torture!!

    And I'm the one who usually has the kid in the street waiting for someone to get them out. At least you know there is a kid in the street but don't really care :)

    And muchos gracias for helping me move and lay sod! You rock, you closet trekkie!

  4. Love the video. I don't know what the word is for the condition you does remind me of the story of my brother (who shall be nameless on this blog) who, years ago, saw his niece starting to eat bird poop, but instead of stopping the niece, he walked inside and told his sister and bro-in-law that their kid was eating bird poop. I guess that is a bit more proactive than you though...

  5. Erin- Yes, the LOUD silent treatment. Mom perfected that move.

    Sam- Classic bird poop story. Silly Josh. Whoops, I mean, bro-in-law J.

  6. I'm not sure you want to switch, usually we are unable to move on Monday. Wait a much sod are you laying!?!?

    I guess, I'll take world-build for 200. (ha) I'm an architect... so I am REALLY good at losing time, just ask my hubby (I'm lucky he is very patient, at least with me). I believe in squeezing every ity-bity millisecond from every minute of everyday. Sometimes I think I can make time bend to my will, unconsciously of course.

  7. Brodi!

    I have to admit I was a little taken aback that our brother-in-law would give you a Star Trek glass--it seemed soooo, what should I say--WRONG!

    So at lunch the next day I went to Burger King (Which I really do hate) and bought food to get my glasses, but they were SOLD OUT. I guess down town people love Star Trek.

    Dan went to his local Sandy Burger King and got two sets--Imagine the joy when he came home! Now I can look all those beautiful people in the eye every morning and tell them to "live long and prosper."

    PS I have never felt the need to give you the silent treatment. Except maybe over the Star Trek glasses.

  8. Una- making time bend; sounds like a good premise for a book. Cool that you're an architect. Very creative.

    Eden- Thank you for not giving me the silent treatment.

    And as a side note, I don't think there's anything wrong or weird with you referring to Star Trek glasses as "people", let alone you talking to them every morning.

    Now do I get the silent treatment? :)

  9. well i think i have the same affliction (i call mine memory loss, for lack of better words)--so if we were in a fight, i probably would not know it either.

    are we?

    in a fight? lets hope not!

    have a great mem. day weekend~ :O)

  10. No, Dorien. I can officially report, we are not in a fight.

    (Or if we are, neither of us remembered.)

  11. Star Trek? tsk, tsk.

    I suppose I should say that NOW we are in an argument and I expect a full apology...well, not exactly an apology but a coming to your senses as it were.

    But, what do I know from arguments and disagreements...obviously based on my last post everyone's pissed with me too :)

    Yes, I think it is a manly trait...perhaps that's why both of us get along with Ben so well since he fills in the estrogen in the relationships?

  12. Cam- lol! Are we in a fight over Star Trek? I thought we were already in a fight over Ender's Game. Looks like I'll have to update my fight log.

  13. Oh yes, how could I forget? Add Ender's game to the list too, little spider monkey!

  14. Okay, the fight log has been updated. Commence silent treatment in 3... 2... 1...

    btw- my silent treatments only last a weekend. We'll be back on speaking terms by Monday, at which time we'll have forgotten all about our fight over the worth of sci-fi.

  15. I do the whole 'turn the other way' thing sometimes too. I blame it on missing neurons in my brain. Either that or maybe sometimes I just dont want to get involved. Then you have to explain what you saw and yadda yadda.

    We're not in a fight yet but we might be come Monday and I dont get to laugh at your blog and I have to wait a friggin two more days. (Plus I just said friggin, does that make you wanna squem?)

  16. Debbie- the fight log will reflect our upcoming scuffle on Monday. (Unless of course I can come up with a funny blog for your enjoyment.)

  17. Debbie - what could help us get to Wed, is a great comment that spurs Brodi's creativity in a good snarky response that'll keep us laughing and responding through today.

    Sadly, I'm not creative enough to come up with anything, how about you?

    Brodi - how'd the sod go?

    And what could be wrong with talking to your Star Trek glasses? They have faces? It's not like chatting with a plant, right?

  18. Una- the sod was great. How's that for snarky?

    And you're right. Who am I to poke fun at someone for talking to Star Trek glasses? In the past I have fully admitted to talking both to walls, and shampoo bottles.

  19. Shampoo bottles? That's a new one, course I have had numerous "conversations" with my computer and cell phone or shall we say urgent and angered words about their functioning - there is nothing wrong with that, is there?