Friday, September 11, 2009

Free Book Friday: and Inside the Mind of a Hypochondriac


We had a great turnout for last Friday’s contest, and three people won autographed books. Thanks!

This week, there are two ways to enter:
1. Link to this post on your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and talk about the contest. Then provide the link in the comments section. I promise to check out your blogs.

2. Answer the following questions:

a. Who would play the role of you in the movie about your life?
b. What does “a day in the life of you” look like?
c. Have you read any good books lately? If so, which ones?
d. Thing that must stay:

If you do both, you are entered twice. Twice!

I will answer them too.
a. Kathy Griffin
b. Type, eat, blog, tennis, eat, veg, drive, eat, type, eat, sleep.
c. Catching Fire
d. Good ‘n Plenty, Chocolate, and the sun.

Good luck.

Thing 1:

Rafa’s match was rain delayed last night, so tune in today to ESPN 2 to see him play Gonzalez.

Need another reason to love Rafa? (I know I do). A few nights ago, a fan charged onto the court and kissed Rafa on the cheek. A major security problem.

But check out how Rafa just laughs it off in the interview after. Seriously, why didn’t I try this when I saw him in Palm Springs? Something to remember next time.

Thing 2:
The other day I was leaving a message for my Friend “D”, and about halfway through, I totally belched. On her answering machine. Then I couldn’t stop laughing, and through the hysterics, I further explained – on the machine – that I had just burped.

Then I started discussing whether this was a necessary observation, or maybe they wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t mentioned it, etc.

It’s okay, though, because Friend D left me a message and told me she snorted loudly all through my message as she listened. It made me feel a little better.

Thing 3:
If you read through the comments section from Wednesday, you might’ve noticed Friend A (Elle Macpherson to my Tubbs) referenced a conversation we had in the car on the way to the gym. Keep in mind, we are both extreme hypochondriacs. So, I thought it would be fun for all of you non-hypochondriacs to get this little glimpse in the life of the clinically insane.

BRODI AND FRIEND A: Actual Conversation in Car on the way to the Gym

A: “I’ve had this metallic taste in my mouth all morning. I’m afraid it might be a stroke.”

Me: “Have you tried chewing gum? Brushing your teeth?”

A: “Yes. It’s still there. So I’m just telling you, in case I black out while we’re working out. You can tell the doctors about the metallic taste.”

Me: (Looking for any excuse to ditch the working out): “It probably is a stroke. I can drive you to the hospital if you want.”

A: “No, I think I’m fine. But if I pass out, tell ‘em it was a stroke.”

Me: “Maybe you should get a CT Scan.”

A: “I’ve had them. For my sinuses.”

Me (because this is seriously the conversation we have every day): “So, if you got one of those full body CT scans, do you think they’d find anything? If so, where?”

A: (She answered yes, but I won’t tell you where because I think it breaks patient/friend privilege.)

Me: “For me, I think they’d find them in my brain.”

A: “Cuz of the migraines?”

Me: “Well, that and I’ve been getting scabs inside my nose.”

A: “We all get scabs in our nose. It’s the dry air.”

Me: “Yeah, but it’s also a sign of a brain tumor.”

A: (Freaking out, because she has noses scabs too): “What are you talking about? Please tell me you’re kidding!!”

Me: “I’m not. I saw it on an episode of House once.”

A: silent as this piece of information sinks in.

Me: “Don’t worry. Your stroke will get you first.”

A: “Okay. Let’s go lift weights in Courage Corner. Also, my leg hurts. So tell ‘em it could be a blood clot too.”

Me: “Will do.”

I had to cancel on the gym this morning cuz I messed up my leg/ankle yesterday during tennis. When I told Friend A about my injury, she told me it was probably “Shin Cancer” that has now exploded.

Have a great weekend. Anyone doing anything fun?


  1. I am so entering this contest...

    a. Who would play the role of you in the movie about your life?
    Hmm. That is a strange thing to think about. How about Kathy Bates.

    b. What does “a day in the life of you” look like?

    drag my butt out of bed and drive kids to school in my pajamas. Come home and drag other kids butts out of bed. eat cereal and read the newspaper. Nag kids until they are ready for school. Drive them to school. Check email and read blogs. Realize it is noon and I am still in my pajamas and I really should get something done. Shower and get dressed. Clean the kitchen. Pick up other peoples stuff from all over the house. Do some laundry. Practice piano. Pick up kids from school. Take them to various places. make dinner. clean up dinner. go to bed.

    c. Have you read any good books lately? If so, which ones?
    The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

    d. Thing that must stay:
    grilled cheese and tuna sandwiches. texting. crossing things off of my to do lists.

  2. Jenny- except for "make dinner", b. sounds exactly like my life.

    And as for a, Kathy Bates in "Fried Green Tomatoes", or Kathy Bates in "Misery". Same actress. Very different meaning.

  3. actually I was thinking Kathy Bates in "Annie". lol


    I linked to you on Facebook...but I'm not really sure if I gave you the right link (I'm fairly technologically challenged).

    As for the questions...

    a. Debra Messing. Awkward in many social situations, a little neurotic, cute, and lamely funny a la "The Wedding Date" but minus the hiring of a male escort.

    b. Wake up at 5:15 am; shower, dress, etc.; get to work by 7 am; pretend to look busy for hours while checking Facebook, my e-mail, and blogs every 30 minutes; Curse my way through rush hour traffic at 4 pm; cook dinner, do dishes, clean kitchen; get my 2-year-old ready for bed; unwind with a movie, a book, or the Wii; go to bed way later than I should (since I get up so early).

    c. Inkheart. I'm also halfway through Inkspell right now.

    d. Belly laughs from my 2-year-old, new makeup, "everything" bagels and Pumpkin Spice (coffee-free) frappucinos from Starbucks, feeling like I made someone else's day better.

    "Shin Cancer" LOL! I love it.

  5. LOL.

    A. Um... I really don't know. How about Kate Beckinsale? Just 'cause that's the first actress to come to mind.

    B. Um... feed kids, waste time online, feed kids again... think about getting dressed and/or dressing kids... read a book or two...
    Wow. I need to get a life.

    C. Dead Run by PJ Tracy was good.

    D. Chocolate for sure. And fresh local sweet Utah corn.... YUUUUUMMMMMM

  6. I love the conversation. Probably because I'm a tad hypochondriatic myself.

    Answer the following questions:
    a. I don't know many actresses, but I'd have to say someone very average (is that possible?) or very unknown. Who can play a very shy person.

    b. eat, work, work, work, eat, work, work, eat, read, garden, work, read, sleep

    c. I enjoyed The Maze Runner and The Penderwicks - totally unrelated, but both good!

    d. I agree with chocolate. and peaches.

  7. Don't have much of an answer for all your questions--but I would say that either Brad Pitt or Rafa Nadal would have to play me in a movie. If they are not available, then probably Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean, could fill in.

    That shin cancer will hopefully go away soon...though it was fun to basically carry you out of SportsMall.

  8. i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO laughing at this post brodi...

    in fact, i may have just snorted!

    a) Julia Roberts, hey i may as well go for the big guns right?
    (for my personality-it would prob. be Rosanne Barr!)

    b) wake up, wake kids up, make school lunches, drive carpools, run ebay business, bargain/coupon grocery shop, facebook, ebay, blogs, make dinner, read, read, read, wish i could learn how to take a nap, go to bed!

    c) WAY too many to name--loved MOST of them (thanks to you and Sam for keeping me in books)

    d) things that must stay?
    good friends, anything chocolate, autumn leaves!

  9. this post is linked on both of my blogs, in the sidebar. Therefore the link is viewable from any page on either blog! Does that count for extra? ;) They are and

    a. Hmm. I've been told I look like Anne Hathaway. Or maybe Liv Tyler --we have similar chins.
    b. Wake up, wake up, wake up, get up, feed breakfast to baby, kiss hubby, do pilates video, dork around, shower, dork around, dress, eat lunch, check mail and run other errands, make dinner, tidy up, dork around, read, pick zits, write in journal, sleep!
    c. Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. Also I'm in the middle of Persepolis and really intrigued by it.
    d. Thing that must stay: This lovely weather, my clean clothes, money in the bank!

  10. Jessica- b. I have that same job: sit at my computer. Pretend to be "writing a book".

    Britt- Kate Beckinsale. I always tell my hubby that if I could be someone else, it'd be her. I'd also date her if I rolled that way.

    Sam- Rafa could play the part of you, and then the part of me would be played by myself. Sounds good.

    Dorien- Julia Roberts. I love it!

    Alysa- favorite part of your day: "Dork around" and "pick zits". :) We have the same day planner.

  11. Oooo... I forgot to enter last time so I'm SO doing it this time.

    A: Gosh, if I were picking them then I'd probably pick someone tall, skinny, & blonde and be like... "Yeah, this is TOTALLY what Liv looks like". A couple people have said I looks like LeeLee Sobeski or Maggie Gylanhal (sp?) though I don't really see it.

    B: Wake up, gym, park/some other outdoor activity, home for naps/rest time while I do computer stuff, reading/play time, make dinner, hang out with hubby, bed

    C: CATCHING FIRE too (so good) & I've just started but so far like SHIVER.

    D: good music, lap tops, & caffeine

  12. a. No clue. For no reason other than I like her I'll say Kate Hudson.
    b. Get up, get kids ready/get ready, send kid off to school, finish getting ready, volunteer at school, run errands, lunch, appointments, play time, dinner, family play time, baths, bed
    c. The Actor and The Housewife, Catching Fire
    d. cool mornings, evening movies while surfing the internet, being greeted in the morning when my kids wake up, "MOMMmmmmmy!!!!!!!" and a giant hug.

  13. Here's my answers:

    a. Who would play the role of you in the movie about your life?
    Hmmmmm. I'm thinking that someone like Anna Popplewell from in The Chronicles of Narnia. But without the english accent.

    b. What does “a day in the life of you” look like?

    Wake up at 5 and set my alarm for 5:30 and go back to bed. Get up at 5:30 and get ready for school. School. Come home from school. Homework or reading. Sit on my butt and do nothing. Eat dinner. Sit on my butt again. Sit on my bed and read for an hour or so. Go to bed.

    c. Have you read any good books lately? If so, which ones?

    So B. It by Sarah Weeks

    d. Thing that must stay:

    Chocolate, Books, Friends, Nutella

  14. 1. I added a link to your blog on my facebook status. There is probably another way to add a link to your blog, but I’m not sure how you would do that. I’ll have to talk to my children to find out. However, they don’t think parents should be on facebook, so they might not help me.

    2a Twenty five years ago someone told me I looked like Kathleen Turner. So, if I could have the Kathleen Turner from “Romancing the Stone” I’d chose her. However, if you’ve seen her lately, she has turned into a man. (Very scary} I hope I have aged better than that. If someone told me today I looked like her I’d be mortified.

    2b Unfortunately, a day in my life is very boring. Wake up around 3:45 a.m. depending on how many times I have hit the snooze button. Get to work by 5:00 a.m., which almost never happens. Yes, I have a punctuality problem. Work till 3:30 p.m. and than play taxi driver to my daughters. Come up with an idea for dinner and hit the grocery store because I have not planned out a menu in advance. Hopefully get dinner on before 8:00 p.m. (One of my daughters told me she thinks it’s great that we eat dinner so late. I don’t think the committee for “Mother of the Year” would agree.) Clean up dinner, throw in a load of wash, do homework with children, update my iPod, and get to bed way too late.

    2c I’m currently reading “P.S. I Love You”. This book was on a list of books my sixteen year old daughter could read for her health class. I thought I better read it first to see if it was appropriate. Any thoughts?

    2d Cinnamon bears, Coke Zero with vanilla, a good laugh, and weekends.

  15. Olivia- Maggie Gyllenhal is one of my favorite actresses. And a day in your life sounds totally too productive.

    Debbie- How do you train your kids to be so cute in the mornings?

    Hannah- b. I miss the life of a student.

    Francis- 2. a. very funny. She is totally a man!
    b. you wake up at 3:45? Holy cow. c. I haven't read P.S. I love you. I'll have to check it out. Good for you to read what your kid has to read!

  16. I posted a link on my Facebook (

    a. Who would play the role of you in the movie about your life? Drew Barrymore or Kate Winslet (per my hubby's recommendations)
    b. What does “a day in the life of you” look like? Eat, work, play on facebook, work, check Brodi's blog, work, spend more time goofing on internet, work, eat, work, check Brodi's blog for witty retorts/comments, work, check facebook, work, go home or go to second job or meeting, make dinner, eat, read while feet are on hubby, sleep (does it show that the economy really slowed down our work load!?!?)
    c. Have you read any good books lately? If so, which ones? Just finished Blood Promise by Richelle Mead...very good!
    d. Thing that must stay: pets, loving hubbies, cute babies, rainy days filled with a walk and/or cup of tea in front of a roaring fire while reading, the simple joy of lunch with a good friend.

    Brodi, I don't think that was a guy...that was you in drag wasn't it? They have computers in jail?!?

    I love your banter with your friend A, hilarious! Reminds me a close friend of mine who is always worried she has cancer! Please tell me you guys avoid the webmd site!

  17. Una- I only wish that was me in drag. I could die a happy woman/man.

    Funny you mention WebMD. Friend A and I were on that site just last night, looking for a medical reason for my cankles.

    Everyone- Let's step it up. Una's expecting witty banter in the comments section every day!

  18. Who would play the role of you in the movie about your life?
    Maggie Gyllenhaal because she could play my "weird" the right way.

    What does “a day in the life of you” look like?
    Hate the clock. Eat breakfast. Drive to work 40 minutes before I need to be there - for a 10 minute drive. Listen to books in car. Eat second breakfast. Answer questions for 4 hours. Eat lunch and nap. Answer more questions. Go home. [Option 1: Realize how many miles I'm suppose to run today and kick myself. Run.] [Option 2: Snack. Read websites, books, and twitter. Snack again.] Eat dinner. Bake something. Shower. Sleep.

    Have you read any good books lately? If so, which ones?
    I just read Ellen Hopkins' Impulse and am starting her Identical. Also about to start Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak.

    Thing that must stay:
    Books. Audiobooks. Internet. Extra meals. Sugar.

    Thanks! :)
    neohippy10 hotmail

  19. The last time I had a metallic taste in my mouth I was pregnant.

  20. Hey Brodi, I wanted to let you know that I still have one more ticket in the Debbie's groups row if you are interested. It is horrifically late at night, but going to be fun. I get giggly anytime after 12 am. People swear that my brain produces liquor or something. I turn into a drunk person. Just let me know!

  21. Cari- b. I always go with option two. Is that bad?

    I heard Ellen Hopkins speak in L.A. at the SCBWI conference. She was fabulous. She said getting published is a combination of luck+perseverance+talent. I really liked it!

    Anon- Don't even joke about stuff like that! :)

    Olivia- Okay, I'll take you up on that. But I might have to get a hotel room for the night, because even if I can stay awake for the movie, there's no way I'd be able to drive home! Do I just send the check to you? Email me.

  22. a. Who would play the role of you in the movie about your life?
    Ellen Page

    b. What does “a day in the life of you” look like?
    Sleep, eat, computer stuff, taking care of the animals, watch tv, play video games, reading.

    c. Have you read any good books lately? If so, which ones?
    I just finished The Forest of Hands and was awesome

    d. Thing that must stay:
    The smell of Fall, chocolate, and good books

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  23. Raelena- I second your pick of Ellen Page. I always imagined her starring in my actual book too.

    I really liked FHT too. I can't wait for the sequel "Dead Tossed Waves" to come out. March 2010, right?

  24. Anonymous, I feel for you. I had that problem when eating read meat during my first trimester. I chalked it up to part of the morning sickness. So glad THAT'S over!

    Brodi - could it be true? My heart's desire; witty banter EVERYDAY!?!?!?! Woo Hoo!!

  25. Una- If by "witty banter every day", you mean in the comments sections, then yes, I will dedicate my small wit to the task.

  26. What happened to RAFA Rastafari? What was it you were saying to Sam? Sucks to be you?

    Ha, ha, ha!

    (Ben put me up to rubbing it in :))

  27. Cam- Your words of condolence are greatly appreciated.