Friday, September 18, 2009

Free Book Friday, and What You Can Give me for My Birthday

I haven't done an update in a while, so here goes.

What I'm Reading:

Catching Fire.

Re-reading is more like it, because it's so stinkin' good. It's the sequel to The Hunger Games, and if you haven't read these books, I heartily recommend them.
For anyone who has read them, I'm totally TEAM GALE.

The down side to reading such a good book is knowing I will never, ever, be able to write something as good.

Anywho, back from my little pity party...

What I'm Writing:

32,000 words into my WIP.

It's not looking good for my heroine, I'll tell you what.

Free Book Friday:

As always, there are two ways to enter:

1. I warned you lurkers out there to beware. Today is my Birthday, and for my birthday present, I want you lurkers to de-lurk. All 2 million of you.

I'm prepared for the excuses...
Just stopping by today? It's your first time? Tell me about it.

Don't think you have anything useful to add? Read Cam's comments.

Don't speak English? Sprechen sie deutsch? Guten tag, peeps!

Not reading my blog because it's a Friday, and no one reads it on a Friday? Then, how did you just read that sentence? Gotcha!

Don't wanna comment cuz you're my mom's neighbor? Hi Margaret!

So, for my Birthday, and the sweet-sixteen I never had, my Prom Date that went home with another girl, the mud pies my sister made me eat, the time I peed my pants during my tennis lesson... wow. I'm pathetic. Anyway, for my Birthday, I want a "hi" from at least one measly little lurker.

If all 2 million of you want to de-lurk, even better.

2. For non-de-lurkers, write down your favorite overused cliche and we will have a funeral of sorts for it. Bonus points if you twist something in it to make it funny.

ex: "Like shootin' fish in a barrel."

bonus ex: "If a tree falls in a forest, it's still a tree, isn't it?" (From the season finale of a vamp show...)

And that's how you play the game.

Actual Blog Post:

1. My bro-in-law Mark says I'm predictable because I picked eating at the DoDo for my birthday, and apparently I always eat at the Dodo.

We were having dinner at a restaurant when he said it, so I instantly got up and started tap dancing in front of everyone, all the while saying (in between panting), "Am I still predictable? Who's predictable now, suckah? How's that for spontaneity? Zing!"

Finally I stop tap-dancing, and I ask him, "Did you predict that?"

He deadpans: "Yes."

I realized the missing key to my strategy: next time get him to predict my behavior BEFORE I actually do it, not after.

2. Yesterday, I wanted to get a massage. On my way to the spa, I called hubby to tell him where I was going. He's like, "Just wait. Maybe you'll get one for your birthday."

Me: "But I really want one today."

Him: "You haven't wanted a massage for months, and suddenly the day before your birthday, you want a massage? Please wait."

Me: "Fine."

So, I hung up the phone and drove to the spa anyway. What hubby doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

As I'm undressing in the room, my phone rings. It's Hubby. I answer.

"You're there, aren't you?" he accuses.

"No," I say, a little muffled because I'm pulling my shirt off. "Paranoid much?"

Sam: "I'm on the phone with the front desk at the spa right now. They called to let me know you'd come in one day early, and did I want to just switch your birthday massage to today."

me: "Oh."

Sam: "So, happy freakin' birthday."

me: "What a great surprise. Thank you."
(This is totally what I look like when I get a massage. Brunette.)

3. During the massage, I fell asleep while I was on my stomach. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're wasting a good massage by sleeping.

Then I had one of those dreams where I'm falling off a cliff, and suddenly I jerked awake.

Masseuse: "Uh, are you okay?"

Me (not wanting to admit I fell asleep): "I'm fine. It's just that my nose is running... and ... dripping onto the floor."

Yeah, because that's so much less embarrassing than falling asleep.

So, any fun plans for this weekend? I think my Hubby is going to surprise me with a dinner at Melting Pot tomorrow night. I might go by myself tonight, one night early, just to mess with him.


  1. Hi Brodi! Happy birthday and Team Gale FTW!

  2. Thanks, Angie. Gale rocks. Even in book one.

  3. happy birthday dear Brody.... and thanks for making me smile! xox

  4. Happy Birthday, Toodles!
    I do not why, when I was the one who went through nine months of pregnancy and hours of agonizing labor to give you the gift of life, you get all the presents.

    That said, you are as cute as the day you were born...only then you were naked and had no hair. I am an official de-lurker! Margaret, I'm waiting!

    Love, Mom

  5. Dorien- Thanks babe.

    Christie- It's not hard to make you smile!

    Mom- Um... thanks for de-lurking. I think. Hey, you actually do read my blog!

  6. You are soooo not predictable Brodi! I think we are on 8 years straight of birthday spa treatment and dinner at the Melting pot. The reason that you are not predictable is I am always wondering if we are not going to do those things on your birthday. You are totally keeping me on my toes.

    And in regards to the phone call you received from the spa. Not too strange...I get about 4 phone calls daily from different people all over the city that call me to report where you are--'Hi Sam, Brodi just walked into Barnes and Noble." Sam--"Thanks B&N salesperson, keep an eye on her and report"

    You are a rockin', hott!, cankle-less, smart, witty, fabulous writer, great mother, hott! woman...the next 50 years together will be awesome. Unless you leave me sooner than that from exploding shin cancer. Have a great birthday...

  7. Sam- I'm still planning on both of us leaving this world at the exact same time, driving off a cliff in a convertible, Thelma and Louise style.

    You pick the birthday (85th? 90th?) and I'll be there!

  8. WooHoo Happy Birthday Brodi! I hope it's a great one and that you have many more to come. :D My mom's is tomorrow.

    ~Briana aka delurker

  9. I'm not a de-lurker so I can't give you that birthday joy, but Happy Birthday to you!

    And here's a little birthday cliche for you:
    Happy birthday Brodi, today is "a red letter day". It will be "here today & gone tomorrow" so enjoy it, but remember "it's all fun & games until someone looses an eye."

  10. I'd like air quotes to be laid to rest. :)

    Happy Birthday, Brodi!
    neohippy10 hotmail

  11. Briana- thank you for the thoughtful de-lurking gift. Hope your mom has a fab day too!

    Olivia- thanks for "raining on my parade"! :)

    Cari- "ditto" on the "air quotes". The only problem is, once I start thinking about them, I can't speak without using them!

  12. Happy Birthday Brodi! I'm not considering myself a luker since I'm blood related. =)

  13. Marianne- Blood relations count too! Happy de-lurk day to you. Thank you.

  14. Happy birthday Brodi!

    As for the cliche, for some reason I hate it when people are describing something and they use the phrase "Whatnot". What does that even mean anyways?

  15. Lula- Good point. It makes absolutely no sense. Sorta like the phrase "make no bones about it."

    how the heck do you make BONES about something? I've never understood it.

  16. why is it that I can never think of an annoying cliche when I need one? Happy Birthday Brodi!

  17. Jenny- Don't worry. One in the bushel is worth twelve in the basket, so hide your candle.

    Sorry, I think that's like three cliches mashed up into one.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  18. Happy Birthday! And I want to know WHY you are Team Gale... just because it's an unusual team to be on these days.

    Oh, and I can tell from your blog writing that you really could write a book every bit as good as Suzanne Collins.

    If I'm in the non-lurker category...I sure can't think of a funny twist to a cliche right now. I'll come back if one pops into my head.

    Have a great day!

  19. Suey- It's not that I don't love Peeta. But my love for Gale started way back in book one, page 23, when Katniss has volunteered to take Prim's place, and Prim is clinging to Kat.

    Kat narrates:
    "I can feel someone pulling her from my back. I turn and see Gale has lifted Prim off the ground and she's thrashing in his arms. 'Up you go, Catnip,' he says, in a voice he's fighting to keep steady, and then he carries Prim off toward my mother."

    I think it's my favorite scene ever in a book, and therefore it will be hard for anyone to replace Gale in my mind, no matter what happens in books two or three.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, and feel free to tell me why you love Peeta! (If you are, indeed, team Peeta). Peeta does rock.

  20. Happy Birthday Brodi!!!

    You do realize that naming a restaurant DoDo has some connotations if you read the name wrong that just aren't appetizing...

    I haven't read Catching Fire yet (but my friend just loaned it to me, I have to read Shiver first - since it's a library book and all).

    Why is it when you try to think of cliche you hate, it alludes you, like a thief in the night.

  21. Matt- Thank you. In honor of your comment, I shall dance for you. Check it out.

    *Snoopy dance*

    Una- very clever trick with the cliche.

    And to clarify to everyone "DoDo" as in extinct bird. Not to be confused with "DooDoo".

    Although technically a restaurant named after a daft bird could be just as gross. Just sayin'.

  22. Hi, Brodi, happy birthday to you!

    My grandma was the queen of cliche, so I had a hard time choosing, but I think this wins (at least she said it most): "no brains, no headaches."

    And I think your husband may have borrowed my spy from SCBWI--remember the guy with the long yellow ponytail? Ask him about it. I still want to know his identity.

  23. Happy Birthday! May your sore thumbs never stick out again. (Not that I have any idea what it actually means to stick out like a sore thumb, but whatever.)

  24. Elena- Ponytail guy just gets spookier and spookier. I can just imagine him, alerting hubby to my spending habits on a daily basis!

    Jenilyn- Cliche with a twist. Thanks!

  25. Happy Birthday, Bro!

    I wish I could remember the cliche I kept messing up when we went grocery shopping in Midway. I think it was "easy as cake," or something? I don't know, I just wanted to give you something for your birthday.

  26. Em- I think you're right- it was supposed to be "easy as pie" and we kept saying "easy as cake". At least we didn't say "It should be a pie-walk."

    Which begs the question, what in the heck is easy about pie in the first place?

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROD! Glad you didn't avoid the whole birthday thing on your blog because I was going to wish you a good one whether you mentioned it or not! Sam knows you all too well. Your story of falling asleep during a massage is hilarious!

    As for cliches, can we bury "when life throws you lemons...make lemonade"?? Way too peachy for me. Sometimes I just want to hold my lemons and cry.

    Will you be tap-dancing at the Melting Pot too? You ought to sell tickets. Love ya Brod!

  28. Heheheh. That was so funny I had to read it to my hubby. :)

    Once I did my own take on the "If I had a nickel every time..." cliche. See my hubby had said something like "If I had a nickle for every time I wanted a raisin, I'd be rich!" or something like that. And I thought "It makes no sense to be getting a nickel when you want a raisin." So I said "If I had a raisin every time I wanted a raisin...I wouldn't have very many raisins."

  29. I have de-lurked on a previous post, so I'll give you a cliche:

    Actually, here's a link to a list of fantasy cliches:

    And happy birthday!

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

  30. I can't think of a good cliche... unless you count "Happy Birthday!" But Happy Birthday anyway.

  31. i'm not exactly a lurker, because I just subscribed to your blog a day or two ago after reading about it on Confessions of a Book Habitue. I also was at the book bloggers picnic with you, but I was on the other side of the group and didn't budge from my comfort zone. Hopefully I'll mingle more next time and get to say hello. Happy birthday!

  32. Re: twist on a cliche, I remember reading somewhere that "All clichés should be avoided like the plague."

  33. Cath- I hereby skewer the "when life hands you lemons...". Consider it an early birthday present for you!

    Alysa- lol!

    Paradox- that list is great. A couple of my favorites:

    "Evil villain must always kill at least one henchman no matter how loyal he is."

    "Dark minions are idiots."

    Thanks for the link!

    Heids- the cliche of Happy Birthday should never be killed. Thanks! :)

    Lynn- Thanks for stopping by. I love that quote. Next blogger social, we're going to mingle!

  34. I am going to officially de-lurk as my birthday gift to you today! My excuse for lurking? Well... I didn't want you to get jealous that I have one extra letter in my name. It doesn't detract from your awesomeness, if anything, it makes you more awesome ;)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRODI!!!! Hope you have a fantastic day! Your post made me laugh, loved it.

    And I think you mean that the UPSIDE of reading such a good book is knowing that someday you'll be publishing something just as good, if not better. I loved The Hunger Games too, I haven't read Catching Fire yet but it's in the mail! Team Peeta here =D

  35. Your name is Brodie? That is so cool! I haven't met another girl Brodi ever.

    Thank you so much for de-lurking. You made my day. Team Peeta is always welcome here!

  36. I'm not sure if I'm a lurker, or if it's appropriate to write a comment the day after the blog is written, so I'm writing to avoid any lurking mishap and please excuse my blog etiquette. I'm a roommate of Niece L(?) and am a new follower. Cliché: there's more than one way to kill a cat than choking it with butter. I have no idea what this means. Happy Birthday.

  37. Hi Becky- I love niece "L"! Thanks for leaving a comment. It's always a good time to leave a comment, no matter when the post!

    Good to meet you.

  38. I have been a lurker for a long time, and never feel like I have anything witty enough to say. So that's why I'm a lurker. (Hides head in shame.)

    Hope you had a great birthday and I will be sharing your runny nose story, it's quite funny. :)

    Debbie/Cranberry Fries introduced me to your blog, btw.


  39. Kimberly- thank you so much for de-lurking for my birthday. Please don't let it be a one-time thing! I promise no one around here bites.

    So good to meet you. Any friend of Debbie's is a friend of mine. Even if you don't want to be.

  40. Gah!! I haven't read Catching Fire yet. I'm hold 342 or something and impatiently waiting for it to be available! Gah!!! It's driving me crazy. Maybe I should just buy it.

  41. Ok - you got me -- I am de-lurking because you are histerical! I wanted to de-lurk last week and answer those questions - especially #1. I think Lucille Ball should portry me in a film. Ask your mom about the soup delivered to a neighbor in need and falling out the back of my car all over the street! No good deed goes unpunished. PS - Happy Birthday!

  42. My Grandma always said

    "It is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man."

    Needless to say, all us girls fell in love with poor ones!

    Happy birthday! The Dodo is the matter what Mark says.

  43. How did my comment end up under Mamm Jo?

  44. Hannah- Do you want to borrow my copy?

    Margaret- thanks for letting me call you out! And I thought the whole "Mama Jo" thing was your secret identity or something...
    That soup falling out of the car story is hilarious.

    Emblems- I didn't fall for a rich one either. Judging from experience, I think it really is harder to fall in love with a rich man. Thanks for the comment!

  45. In case I haven't said HAPPY BIRTHDAY enough this weekend, I'm saying it again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Hope you had fun at the Melting Pot with Sam! I won't tell him that that's where we really were on Saturday afternoon, not The King's English. He won't mind, will he?

  46. Bree- You weren't supposed to say anything!

  47. Sorry to be a couple days behind, but here's the one that drives me crazy: my husband continues to say "sweating like a pig" even though I've already TOLD him that PIGS DON'T SWEAT.

    If he said it just to be funny, I would laugh, but I think he's forgotten that I vetoed this cliche, so it's more annoying than ever.

  48. Nikki- You're so right! Pigs don't sweat.

    I once told my husband to stop singing. Now he sings every day.

  49. Happy Birthday Brodi!
    For the record I hate that nose running thing when you're laying on your face during a massage. The first time I got a massage my eyes even started to water so i got a bit of mascara on the face pad and since my nose was running was sniffling like crazy. When I was done that gal asked if I had been crying. So embarrassing!

  50. Debbie- lol! You were just so moved by the massage- it's hard not to cry. That is funny.

  51. Happy belated birthday, Brodi! I wanted to come by Friday, but life was a little too crazy. At least I was able to catch you on Facebook. ;)

    Anyway, I'm glad you liked Catching Fire. I LOVED it. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm Team Gale or Team Peeta. I don't know Gale well enough to make a decision. Too bad, the two characters can't be combined into one person because that would be the perfect man!

    Also, you do write as well as Suzanne Collins. You need to give yourself more credit. I think you're awesome!