Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Book Friday: A New Blog Tradition, Until I run out of Money

Rafa Update:

My main squeeze Rafa won his first round match, breezing past Frenchman Gasquet while simultaneously rockin’ the black shorts and yellow shirt. Hott! He plays again tonight. Vamos Rafa!
Check out the guns.

Sam’s main squeeze (some super-skinny Russian chick) lost in the first round.

On the count of three, let’s all give him a shout of support. 1… 2… 3:


Thank you for helping me console hubby.


Today officially kicks off our “Friday Giveaways”. I have way too many YA titles. So, here’s how you enter.

A. If you’re not a follower: Follow me. Then tell me you did in the comments. Easy Peezy.

B. If you are a follower: I want to get to know you better. Answer the questionnaire:

1. What’s your name?
2. Are you a writer?
3. Everyone has a book in them. What would yours be called?
4. Create the next line to this limerick:
a. There once was a man from Poughkeepsie…
5. What would number 7 on your 25 things about you list be?
6. Briefly describe a childhood memory that has stuck with you.
7. Things that must go?

To get the ball rolling, I’ll answer the questions.

1. Brodi Shawn Ashton
2. No. I type.
3. Ummm… Echo.
4. Who liked to dress up as a Gypsy
5. I pee a lot. (actual number 7 on my list).
6. In sixth Grade, hottie Matt Nance told me my ears were tiny and cute. Still gives me the chills. I’ve had an unnatural obsession with my ears ever since.
7. Cold sores, boogers and politics.

Normally you will have only Friday to enter. But this being the first contest, I may be more lenient. Maybe.

It's a holiday weekend. What are y'all doing? I think I'm going to Midway for Swiss Days. Because we have a little town in Utah that thinks it's in the the Alps. I don't know.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey Brodi! I am here to de-lurk myself!

    1. Liz

    2. Does writing in your journal count?

    3. Book?

    4. Who made great leaps and bounds, you see.

    5. I love brushing my teeth. It is the best.

    6. Hmmmm, probly when my little sis started talking. Full sentences. Out of the blue!

    7. Those cell phone adds about the rollover minutes. I don't even know what company they're for! I just can't watch them.

  2. Rafa Rafa Rafa!

    1. Debbie
    2. Sure
    3. Summers in the Feild
    4. Who really liked to eat cheesie
    5. I collect shot glasses
    6. I used to walk home from 1 & 2nd grades with a hot boy named Neil. We'd pick up worms and put them in mailboxes. I didnt realize then but I feel bad about it now.
    7. Not enough sleep

  3. 1. i am already a stalker, er i mean follower, you know me as "dorien".

    2. Are you a writer? i dream of it.

    3. Everyone has a book in them. What would yours be called?

    4. Create the next line to this limerick:
    a. There once was a man from Poughkeepsie…
    ...who found himself a really hot gypsy.

    5. What would number 7 on your 25 things about you list be?
    i converted from Dt Coke to Dt Dr Pepper because of YOUR sister!

    6. Briefly describe a childhood memory that has stuck with you.
    coming home from a date at 11 PM (my curfew) only to find out the car clock was broken and it had been stuck on 11 for was really 2:30 AM --remember this was WAY before cell phones. Pretty sure i have NEVER ever seen my dad so mad, and pretty sure i have NEVER EVER seen a date drive away so fast! LOL

    7. Things that must go?
    mean people!

  4. I have nothing to add here except a correction--Ivanovic is Serbian not Russian.

    And yes, I can appreciate Rafa for all of his tennis goodness.

  5. 1. See above
    2. Yep. Not published.
    3. I have no idea. How about Wussybus?
    4. Who liked to swim in the deep sea,
    5. I want to win an all night dance marathon someday.
    6. My sister and I playing Pioneers.
    7. This cold, this junk, this bum knee.

  6. Hey Lizzie! Thanks for de-lurking.

    Debbie- #6, so funny!

    Dorien- #6, my dad would have locked me away in a tower.

    Sam- Serbia, Russia. Russia, Serbia.

    Alysa- #3, very creative. #5, really? Like, for reals? Wow. I would collapse.

  7. 1. Jessica Christensen
    2. Yes. I write things.
    3. Something with the word "dichotomy" in it. I'm not sure what it would be about, but I really like that word.
    4. Who became preternaturally tipsy.
    5. Number 7 on my actual "25 things list" says: "I loathe odd numbers, particularly anything with a 7. They just make me feel icky. The only exception is 5 or anything with a 5--I'm not really sure why, though (ironic that this ended up being fact #7!)."
    6. We had a swimming pool when I was growing up. One day, when I was 8, I was swimming underwater and collided with my dad...who was swimming with his mouth open. He literally bit my head, and I have a scar to this day.
    7. Inconsiderate drivers. Dropping cell phones in water. Jon and Kate (and any other parent who exploits his/her children for money). Workdays that seemingly last forever.

  8. Jessica- Spooky about "number five, being about number seven, about your loathing of odd numbers, particularly number 5". I think you were meant for my blog. :)

    Ditto on everything on your #7

  9. I can't believe Liz got around to de-lurking first!

    1. What’s your name?

    2. Are you a writer?
    When I am forced to write.

    3. Everyone has a book in them. What would yours be called?
    A day in the life of Stravinsky.

    4. Create the next line to this limerick:

    a. There once was a man from Poughkeepsie…
    Who was just a little bit tipsy.

    5. What would number 7 on your 25 things about you list be?

    This is also the actual #7 on my list: 7. One of many historical figures I want to meet is Jean-Paul Marat, a radical journalist from the French Revolution. Not that I'm calling for the revolution of the proletariat, I just think his life was interesting.

    6. Briefly describe a childhood memory that has stuck with you.

    When I stuck gum in my sister's hair because I thought it would come out easily.

    7. Things that must go?

    Annoying bumper stickers. And those people who stand outside Columbia University asking me if I would like to save the planet today. I said yes once, and apparently "would you like to save the planet" actually means "will you please give us money?"

  10. Go Rasta!

    1) Camille Alaine Ballou
    2) I'd like to be but can't get past the first word.
    3) Depression and despair :)
    4) Who's wife has hacked off his wee-wee
    5) I love Edward Cullen (Taylor doesn't look too bad himself but he is 16 and I just can't be that creepy)
    6) My mom giving me permission to kick a boy in the balls in 1st grade if he kept bothering me.
    7) Reality TV

  11. 1. Jeni
    2. Yes
    3. Desperate Defenstration
    4. Who slipped and fell on his whoopsie
    5. I married the son of the man who once told my mother that she didn't date because she intimidated guys.
    6. I fell flat on my face on a gravel road once.
    7. Potty training

  12. Leena- #5 just proves you are a billion times smarter than I am. I didn't understand a word.

    Cam- #4 lol! #5, I can totally be that creepy. #6, that doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Jeni- #4 awesome. #3 Proof your vocabulary is better than mine. Welcome!

  13. 1. Jenni Elyse
    2. I'm a technical writer, but I really want to be a creative writer.
    3. The Adventures of Cassanova Kitty Cat -- I actually want to write a children's book series about my cat Cassie.
    4. Who wants to get it on with Sneezy. *blushes*
    5. I’m left-handed, a trait I get from my maternal grandfather. My niece and great-niece are also left-handed.
    6. I was in a Spanish immersion program for four years at my elementary school. Because I had the opportunity to learn Spanish at such a young age, I have a love of learning languages. I took one year of Russian and four years of French in high school. I took three years of Japanese in college. I’m not fluent in any of them, but I speak and understand Spanish the best. (I suppose I just need to practice more.) Japanese is my favorite language.
    7. The recession, the sickness I'm dealing with right now, and Satan

  14. Jenni- #4 lol! And I agree: Satan must indeed go.

  15. I'm a new follower - and boy am I glad I didn't have to answer those questions. I think I might have freaked out - what, am I in school again?

  16. Welcome, Melissa! And yes, these answers will count toward your final grade.

  17. 1. Shellie Bellie Bean Kendrick
    2. yes
    3. Fading into Green
    4. who loved to eat meatballs covered in ooey gooey cheese. (i'm hungry)
    5. I love rocky road ice cream.
    6. I peed my pants while petting a horse and told my mom that the horse spit on me.
    7. kids bop cd's in my car from mcdonalds.

  18. Shell- lol, # 4 and 6! Ditto on number 7.

  19. 1. Um, you know me - Leisha Maw
    2. I think I type
    3. Eddie and the Magic Staff
    4. Who sometimes felt weak in the kneesies
    5. I really, really, really, really don't like bees.
    6. I learned to burp in 1st grade because I had a crush on a kid who burped the ABC's.
    7. That high pitched 5-year-old girl scream that resonates through my house 20 hours a day.

  20. Hey Leisha- Thanks for commenting!
    #6- isn't it amazing what we'll do for cute boys?

  21. Hi Brodi,
    I'm a follower. :)
    1. Cari
    2. Maybe, one day. Just researching ways and hows and reading a lot at the moment. Planning to develop the habit in October.
    3. Wanting
    4. Who on the plane got a bit tipsy.
    5. I have very little skill in visual arts.
    6. My aunt and uncle brought me home from a family event when I was 7 and my parents hadn't made it back yet. I tried to convince them they could leave me there and I'd look after myself until they got home. Did not work.
    7. Piles of "things" in my house. Random, useless piles. Things that have no home.

  22. 1. Karen

    2. Nope, just a reader.

    3. Never, no wait I mean, Always Carry a Litter Bag in Your Car

    4. Who liked to dress up as a gypsy. (Yes, I totally plagiarized that answer.}

    5. I would like to be a Black Jack dealer.

    6. In first grade I asked my mom what my nickname was, because it seemed everyone had one. She told me my nickname was Princess. However, I thought she said Francis. The confusion was not cleared up until Parent-Teacher Conferences when my teacher asked my mother why I signed all my papers Francis Miller. It's hard to believe I thought that name was cool.

    7. Diabetes, celiac disease, and red turn arrows. Why is it that we can decide at most intersections when it’s safe to turn left, but at others we are forced to sit there when there is no one coming the other way. (I totally stole that answer too!)

    My girls and I usually go to Swiss Days, but they are all busy this weekend. I may head up there by myself. Maybe I'll see you there.

  23. 1. Keersten (Keers)
    2. My 5 year old told me just today that I am "A very good writer." (Of course she was referring to my ability to print.)
    3. Art All Year (but I hope to get it-er-out of me soon.
    4. Who drank pickle juice and got quite tipsy.
    5. I get really excited each new time I hatch a scheme to get organized. I'll let you know if it is ever successful.
    6. I was "little miss midvale" when I was 9. My little sis was in the contest too and was so mad about me winning that she stuck her gum in her hair.
    8. POTTY TRAINING, tiredness, um, did I mention potty training?

  24. Hi Cari- thanks for following. #2 is a very good addiction to develop.

    Karen- "Francis". That cracked me up!

    Keers- wow. Second story involving sibling "gum in the hair." as for #7, my 3-year old's new school was writing down his goals for the year. The teacher said, "How about potty training?" I'm all: "You do that? Yeah, let's make that a goal!"

    I can give you the number of the school...

  25. New follower!

    1. Raelena
    2. No
    3. ummm....
    4. Create the next line to this limerick:
    a. who never made a peepsie
    5. I have a pup named Domino
    6. The year I dressed up as TMNT Raphael for Halloween
    7. slimy bugs

  26. Welcome Raelena! TMNT brings back memories...

  27. I hope I am not too late...

    1. Una or do you want my super secret name?
    2. No, I am a reader.
    3. Laughing in the Rain
    4. Create the next line to this limerick:
    a. There once was a man from Poughkeepsie… Who wished he was as cool as a gypsie.
    5. Do I really need to go back and see what #7 is? I'll just make up my #7 - I found out hubby and I are expecting a boy! =)
    6. Making mud pies with my BFF with real eggs (we had chickens) and those little red poisonous berries (not the blackberries we had because we liked eating those). Now now, we didn't eat them...we just liked making them and you can't make a pie without berries and eggs. Oh and we'd throw the shells over the fence into my neighbor's berry bushes. Yeah...that part didn't go over so well either.
    7. Rude, mean people and spiderweb booby-traps. You know those spiderwebs that you run into because you can't see them?

  28. Una- It's never too late for you to enter...
    #5 Congratulations! I have two boys. Boys are the best.
    #6: Funny, because that's exactly how I make dinner every night.

  29. w00t! This will be fun!

    1. What’s your name? Brittany - no not like in Britney Spears.

    2. Are you a writer? Well, trying to be. I'm working on my first novel, a YA epic fantasy, and blogging about it at

    3. Everyone has a book in them. What would yours be called? Hmmm.... I must confess, I'm not all that great with titles. Lets see... For Better Or Worse Everyone thought I was bipolar, but really I'm ADHD - that was a sucky time, what with the wrong meds.

    4. Create the next line to this limerick:
    a. There once was a man from Poughkeepsie…
    A dentist he so wanted to be.
    But the problem, you see,
    when he pulled out my teeth
    Is they had no reason to leave.

    5. What would number 7 on your 25 things about you list be? If I love a book, it doesn't go down until I've finished it. No, seriously, I've stayed up 2 nights in a row to finish Lord of the Rings.

    6. Briefly describe a childhood memory that has stuck with you. Hmmm... going to Disney Land in Tokyo, and in California, when we lived there. My parents wouldn't tell us (my twin and I) we were going until that morning, when they'd wake us up reeeaal early. That way we wouldn't tire ourselves out the night before and be all cranky. We'd picnic by our car instead of eat at the restaurants.

    7. Things that must go? INTOLERANCE. It stems from fear, and fear often comes from change, or different cultures, people, ideals. Learn about them, and if you still don't like them, FINE. Just don't belittle something you don't understand.

    I was right, this was fun! And so much better than those stupid surveys on Myspace of Facebook.


  30. Oops! Also, I've been following your blog for awhile - get thee to reading Catching Fire!

  31. Am I too late?

    I already subscribed, but I just now followed to make it official.

    1. Suey
    2. I write lots of things, but not books.
    3. ... I think I could sit here all day and still no cool title name will come to me....
    4. Who wanted to dive in the deep sea.
    5. I've actually done that famous list and #7 is "I love thunderstorms."
    6. The time I kneeled on a needle, and it comletely embedded itself in my knee. Of course, we didn't KNOW that's what I kneeled on until the doctor dug out. Keep in mind, he did not know that whole time what he was looking for. I was five years old.
    7. All the fat on my body, radio commercials, people who cause conflicts

    Too late or not... it was still fun! :)

  32. Brittany- I think I will always know you as Lights Aurora. Bonus points for actually writing an entire limerick! #3 sounds like a very sucky time indeed. Are you following @Douglascootey? He does a very entertaining about being a writer and suffering from ADHD.

    as for Catching Fire- I'm almost done. And I'm so mad that I'm almost done! Ah, the conundrum of finishing brilliant books!

    Suey- It's never too late for a friend! But I may not be as lenient for this week's contest... Okay, really I'm a giant pushover.

  33. I'm a new follower! :D

    1. Briana
    2. Not technically though I am working on something
    3. How My Life Got This Way
    4. Who lived with Dopey and Sneezy
    5. Favorite color is green?
    6. Flying through a storm in a small plane with my dad.
    7. The Bella and Edward endorsed classic books covers. Migranes. Gluten Intolerence.

  34. Welcome, Brina! #7, so so true. I can't stand those book covers. And so many people around me are gluten intolerant.

    Thanks for following!

  35. 1. What’s your name? - I go by Paradox online, but I do have a real name...
    2. Are you a writer? - Yes!!! But I've never finished writing any of my dozens of attempts at books.
    3. Everyone has a book in them. What would yours be called? - My book for NaNoWriMo this year will be called Silversiders.
    4. Create the next line to this limerick:
    a. There once was a man from Poughkeepsie… - He sailed down the great Mississippi.
    5. What would number 7 on your 25 things about you list be? - I hate the taste of chocolate.
    6. Briefly describe a childhood memory that has stuck with you. - I would put grasshoppers in vending machine change returns and hope someone would open the flap and have a grasshopper jump out at them. My plan backfired when I opened the flap to check on one.
    7. Things that must go? - Racism, sexism, high school/middle school girls who are cruel and catty

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com