Friday, November 6, 2009

Free Book Friday, and a Metrosexual Guest Blogger

Team Tamale update:
52,000 words. 13,000 more in 6 days.

Free Book Friday
Today, we have our first "Guest Blogger due to Me Being Totally Whacked out Because of Trying to Write 25,000 words in 14 days." (I copied that sentence from my book yesterday. You can see the quality of the work I'm putting out.)

So, without further adoodoo, please welcome Hubby. And please show him some comment love, because he is a very insecure metrosexual man. He's also made it very easy to enter in the FBF. I miss each and every one of you.

From Sam

I am filling in for Brodi today. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU ALL FOR THAT BIT OF NEWS? Today you get a very sexy metrosexual guy talking about very nonsexy things.

Brodi has had a long stressful week of writing and just living life. She told me that she was going to cook me dinner if I did not write her blog today, so that is why I am stepping in. I love Brodi but cooking ain't her thing. Don't get me wrong, she knows how to order takeout...she knows how to turn on the oven (I think she does)...and she knows how to ask me to cook up spaghetti...but cooking ain't her thing. So for her to threaten me with cooking up a meal, well, lets just say--it is like a normal person screaming at the top of their lungs for HELP. I put on my superhero outfit, tried to put out the oven fire from her cooking and here I am typing out this blog.

For those that do not know me, I am Brodi's adorable husband. I am 6'3", I weigh 200 pounds, I lift weights often, I like long walks along the beach...ok, none of that is true, except for the long walks on the beach stuff and for that, I usually have to wear a speedo which is truly liberating. Anyway, hopefully I have only lost about 50% of the readers so far.

Hold on--interruption of Brodi and Carter playing a game. Kid C wants to play 'Let's guess what number I am thinking of'...ok, sure.
Kid C: I am thinking of a number that is between 1 and 500,000. Guess what it is?
Brodi: 1,000.
Kid C: No.
Brodi: (slapping forehead in exasperation)
Sam: going to grab a sleeping bag because of a long night ahead of guessing a number out of 499,999 options.

I don't know if any of you watched it, but the reimaginging of the old tv series 'V' premiered on Wednesday. Brodi and I are kind of ScyFy (the lame nonsensical acronym that the SciFi channel has switched to) geeks, as you all have read thru Brodi's blog. In fact, she is actually geekier than me--no joke, I believe that she has watched Aliens (not Alien which was decent but vastly inferior to its sequel) at least 113 times. It was on 5 times in one week once and I think she missed a total of 4 minutes of it.

If it is an alien/monster/zombie/especially zombie/vampire, then we will be watching it. So, I started thinking of what were some of our favorite tv shows that are little paranormal/science fiction-y. Here is our list of my top 5 shows in the past 15 years:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer--
This is the classic. Stupid title, fabulous show. It really was groundbreaking. A girl is given special gifts and she has to save the world. And save it she did. Excellent dialogue, touching moments, great fight scenes. A hot Michelle Gellar (never hurts to have a pretty woman as the main character for all of the 15 year old geeks at home) and this show made a near household name out of Joss Whedon.

We still shed tears over the cancellation of this show. It was short lived and terrific. Cowboys in could it be cooler besides maybe being Hip Hop-pers in Space? Another Joss Whedon show and it starred Nathan Fillion who everyone loves. Once again, great stories and likeable characters and it even led to an equally terrific movie, Serenity.


Don't get me wrong, this show has had troubles. A great first season was followed up with some problems in seasons 2 and 3 but it has been back on course over the past few years. What is not to like? an airplane full of people crash into a deserted island that is not so deserted as it has some possible mean people who have a pet Polar Bear as well as machine guns, a giant time traveling wheel, a VW van, bright lights, science projects, comic books, hot mess of women, and flash forwards--how can you not love that all?


If you are not watching, watch. It is strange, to say the least. A possibly evil science corporation, bald people, death by goo on a bus, monsters, mad loveable scientist. And how can you not love Anna Torv? Even the old Dawson Creek's very own Joshua Jackson turns in great performances.

David Boreanez. Being a true metrosexual, I can say without insecurity, he is one good looking man. You loved him in love him in Bones...and he was fun in Angel, the follow up to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is a vampire, protecting the city of LA from bad vampires and other bad people. It also kept the lovely Eliza Dusku and Charisma Carpenter on television which is appreciated by me as well. (It is OK for me to say this as I have put up with Brodi's 78 posts on her secret lover, Rafa Nadal).

So, there is the list? Have any of you seen these shows? if so, what have you seen, what have you liked?

Enter the Contest
It is Free Book Friday and you can get a free book by just doing one of the following three things:
1. Follow me on my amazing, though not quite as spectacular as Brodi's blog, blog at: www.samandbrodi.blogspot.comn Yes, that is shameless plug and I do not expect any of you to follow off to choices 2 and 3 for a chance to enter in to the free book contest.

2. Comment on your top 2 (or more if you desire) favorite science fiction shows (and for you old timers, you can include Star Trek if you like...we won't hold it against you for being old and cheesy to like that show)

or, 3. Just leave a general comment about anything.

If you have yet to do so, follow Brodi here on the blog or follow her on Twitter (@BrodiAshton).

Thanks for putting up with me today. Enjoy your weekend. And I hope you will soon be able to erase the image of me in a speedo from your memory.


  1. Sam- I can't believe you went on and on about Anna Torv. I'm so cooking you dinner tonight...

  2. Bro--we all love Anna Torv, but trust, Anna is no Brodi. It aint even close!

  3. Nice work on the blog post, Sam. But I can't comment about any shows because I just obtained access to regular television in my own home (not even cable, mind you) two nights ago for the first time in about 10 years. We had the antenna facing the wrong direction. :> I have not seen a single episode of any of those shows! The last sci fi show I remember watching was an episode of Earth 2 in 1994 or 95. Or maybe Charmed in 99-ish.

    Brodi, WOW. You are a writing machine. Can't wait to read the completed draft. You are my hero.

  4. Kim- Did your comment get lost in the 1980's, only to be spit out here in 2009? Television antenna? I don't even know what that is. :)

  5. Great show picks- My husband has been raving about Firefly FOREVER. I finally watched the first episode with him last night (& loved it!) on Hulu.

    We are like Kim, we don't have cable (or an antena) But we're totally flashforward to 2015. Everything we watch is on our computer (which is hooked up to our TV as a second screen).

    Congrats on your word count, Brodi! I'm trudging along with mine. I was at the library for 2 hours until it closed then capped the night with another hour at B&N. I have 4,000 to write tonight (constantly a little bit behind) Oh,& my NaNo name is liviecarter. Good luck writing today!

  6. I know I am commenting on a blog--at work--and you are one of my bosses, but how could you not put in Frakking Battlestar Galactica? Sam! Really!

  7. no BSG Sam? you should be ashamed! What Would Adama Do?

  8. Oops I was so outraged about the ommission of BSG that I didn't see that I had to comment on two tv show to participate in FBF. So I'll fall back on the truly classic Star Trek The Next Generation

  9. LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel...though I have to say that Angel was WAY more fun once he got his own show. I can only handle so much tormented brooding. I actually just watched all seven seasons of Buffy from start to finish a few months ago. I laughed! I cried! I sang! It was a defining moment in my life.

    I'm also a huge fan of Joss Whedon's new show, Dollhouse, as is my husband--he enjoys the Eliza Dushku aspect. :)

  10. We've finally finished the first season of Fringe... and we hate Anna Torv. Love the concept and like all the other characters (well, the ones that are supposed to be liked...) but can't stand Olivia. Has the girl never heard of back-up? I mean really.

    I'm a total Star Trek nerd. Not so much the original, but TNG and Voyager.
    Never really got into Buffy, but liked Angel. Never seen Lost. Firefly is sitting here waiting for us to pay attention to it...

  11. Definitely Buffy and Angel. Great job, Sam. I don't think I could get my husband to fill in for me....or at least, I don't know if I would want him to fill in for me.

  12. as Eden and Eastley pointed out, You frakkin' forgot BSG! Seriously, that is so uncool. Not just uncool because you're a geek, but uncool because you're uncool among the geeks! Does that make sense?

    Olivia- let me know what you think of Firefly.

    Jessica- Joss Whedon rocks. You've seen Dr. Horrible, right?

    Britt- How can you hate Anna Torv? She's FBI. They don't have the budget for backup.

    Valynne- He's pretty cool for a metrosexual geek.

  13. LOL.
    Oh come on, like she couldn't call Charlie or something.

    I don't know, she's just really not working for us. My husband is even more bugged with her than I am.

  14. Britt- I think you and your husband need to dig deep and ask yourselves, "Why do we hate Australians?"

    It's a question we should all ask ourselves once in a while.

  15. Nice post, Sam! You fill in well for your wife. I can see why you two fell in love with each other and decided to propagate. ;)

    I absolutely love Fringe! My hubby and I watch it every time it comes on. We haven't missed an episode yet. I was sad when the shapeshifter dude took over Charlie's body because I knew he's have to leave the show eventually. Walter is hilarious too!

    My other favorite fantasy/sci-fi show is Charmed. I was sad when it was canceled.

    Close runner ups are Quantum Leap, Star Trek: Voyager, and Angel.

  16. Good job, Sam. I'm a Next Generation fan myself. Also my hubby and I just watched the Battlestar Galactica mini-series thing. Totally rockin'.

  17. PS - Way to go, Brodi, on your awesome word writing skills!

  18. Hey now, we like Walter. He's an Aussie too.


  19. dear sam,
    you wonderful metrosexy man you. (did i spell that right?)

    i HAD TO quit reading after i saw that you had no even MENTIONED ONE TIME BSG.


  20. The true question of a cook, can Brodi boil water. If so, she just needs some practice, if not, lock the door to the kitchen!

    Sam, thank you for standing in on the blog, nice job! My favorite SciFi/Paranormal shows are X-Files (I mourned its loss) and Star Trek: Next Generation. Oh and my hubby got me hooked into Battlestar Galatica (the remake) it was really good too! Speaking of, I agree, how could you forget that on the list?!?

    Go Brodi - GREAT word count, you are doing fantastic!!! Keep up the hard work!!

  21. I am absolutely embarrassed and ashamed. BattleStar would be #1 or #2 on my list, without question.

    In fairness to me, Brodi is my editor and she should have caught this stupidly glaring omission. I may just leave work right now, go to a corner of my house and cry for this mistake. Egads. (slaps palm of hand to forehead).

    Thanks to you all for your comments. You like me, you really like me!

    Now that I think about it--you might just really like Brodi and feel bad for me and have to comment.

    Or maybe you are just commenting to be in the running for a book.

    I am picking the reason that you must all really like me. Once again, I apologize to all of those who I offended with the lack of Battlestar. Sheeesh.

  22. I watch(ed) and enjoyed all the shows listed, however the lack of BSG was harsh (as a few others have pointed out)... another that I think is note-worthy with the new remake and all would be the original V. With the marathon last weekend on the SyFy channel and all it just renewed my love for that show from the past.

    Now to see if the remake is going to hold up at all to the original. And for a sidenote... do you happen to watch Castle? They make many Firefly references and it's a crack up when it happens. Love it!

  23. I'm brand new here on the fabulous Shellie's recommendation and I have to say, I like what I see. Probably because my husband has recently done some guests posts for me and I think you all would get along.

    We're pretty nerdy, but more along the comic-book lines. We love Smallville. But we watched ghost investigations on Halloween and loved those -- does that count?

  24. Michael came in this morning and said "We really should have Sam and Brodi over for dinner again." I guess he was worried about Brodi having to cook :) (Actually, we really would like to; you guys are even more fun in person.)
    To the point: I have to admit that I was such a raging Buffy fan that Michael got miles of teasing over my incessant taping-and watching of Buffy episodes. Especially the torrid Spike-fest of season 5 or 6. Ah. But I also will admit BSG's dominance. It pretty much is the best. ever.
    ...and I do really like you.

  25. Jenni- good tastes! But I hope Britt didn't read your comment, what with the Fringe spoilers...

    Britt- refrain from reading Jenni's comment.

    Whew. We're all good now.

    Alysa- is the bsg miniseries your first foray? You will love it!

    Dorien- forgive him. He had stage fright at posting a guest blog.

    Una- all you have to do is boil water to have potential to cook? Bring on the dinner parties! Hope y'all love your water hot!

    Sam- yo buttmunch... it is not my fault. And yes, they are commenting because they love me. (Right everyone? Right???)

    LifeBoundByBooks- Yes I watch Castle. I especially loved it when he dressed up as a space cowboy, and his daughter told him it was so five years ago, and he should get over himself. So funny.

    WonderWoman- Welcome to the blog! Although I hope you stick with it during these two sticky weeks while I finish my book. I promise we're normally not this scatterbrained. And by "we" I mean "me".

  26. Keersten- But you like me better, right? I jest. Dinner was very fun and very good at your house, and we would love to reciprocate the offer. How do you like your water?
    Boiled? or Room Temperature?

  27. Life Bound--yes, leaving BSG off the list is inexcusable. We watched the new series from the absolute beginning and it was our favorite. I am an idiot.

    Wonder Woman--welcome. Glad you visited today. Don't hold this blog against Shellie though. Even after my post, please keep coming by because Brodi's regular posting is wittier and awesome-r.

    Keersten--don't tempt us...we may just show up on your doorstep one night around 6pm to just say 'hi.'

  28. Hmmm ... yeah ... spoilers ... oops.

    Brodi, I so long my water hot. I might just have to have you boil it for me some time. I bet it rocks!

  29. Whoa! I cannot type. I met love my water hot not long my water hot. What does long your water hot even mean?

  30. Holy Heck, Jenni- that sentence for some reason made me laugh so hard!

    "Brodi, I so long my water hot."

    So funny how getting just one word wrong makes it sound like gibberish!

  31. Sam, I only wish my non-metrosexy hubby could do half as good as you on our blog. But I digress.

    LOST. Is there any other show on tv? We don't know what we'll do when it's over in May. I hope Jack gets back to his skeptical self soon.

    It's big of you to admit that David Boreanaz is a good looking man; I have to agree with you whole-heartedly.

    Brodi, good job on your novel. I wouldn't have the courage to do it. Good luck over the weekend!

  32. Congrats, Brodi, on the word count! You can do it!

    Firefly is top of my list of favorite shows. I also enjoyed Buffy and Angel, and got a good laugh from Dr. Horrible.

    This isn't science fiction, but they do discuss science fiction a lot, I really like The Big Bang Theory.

    I'll have to check out some of the other shows you mentioned.

  33. Firefly is one of the best shows ever. (They always cancel the best shows) :( I'm a dork and have seen every Buffy episode but for some reason I don't like Angel (the show that is). Would Eureka qualify as sci fi? I mean, it plays on the Sy Fy channel and's pretty good. Oh, and I LOVE Lost.

  34. I grew up with Brodi as my sister and it's no wonder she was so scared at night...she watched too many Aliens movies. She would ask to sleep in my room and I of course told her no...and the next thing I would know, she's at the bottom of my bed, under the covers in a lump. Sam, no more letting her watch scary movies!

    I do have to suggest a show I just started watching on Fox: GLEE! It is so dang funny and really not that scary. Maybe suggest that to Bro. Thanks for the blog post! I really do think you have a good metrosexual flare about you..seeing how you're so into your haircuts and all.

  35. Kimberly- yes, but would your husband post about his favorite shows and neglect Lost? Because Sam did that with bsg. (Sorry Sam. Not letting you live it down.)

    Jenilyn- I love Big Bang Theory. "Rock Scissors Paper Lizard Spock."

    Throughthehaze- I have to agree with you on Angel. Although I loved the Angel character on Buffy, I didn't watch it so much as its own show.

  36. Erin- Sam asks for sci-fi shows, and the best you can come up with is Glee? How are we even related? I do love Glee, though. If they can just get rid of the pregnancy storyline.

  37. Wow Sam, forgetting BSG. Tsk tsk. As for myself, I quite like Star Trek: the Next Generation. I also like Fringe a lot, but I don't watch it as much as I did last season.

    Anywhoo, other than that one glaring omission, good job taking over!

  38. Sam, nice to meet you! Thanks for being cool enough to sub on Brodi's blog. I wish I could comment on any of those shows, but sadly I am a loser who doesn't watch TV. Okay, I've seen a few shows. We own practically every season of West Wing, so I guess I'm a poli-sci nerd (who doesn't actually know anything about poli-sci). That's close to sci-fi, right? Right?

  39. Love the post! Very fun to read. Sadly I haven't watched any of these shows. I'm kinda a CSI/Criminal Minds freak. I will say tho that I remember when the original V came out!!! Watched all of that. I missed that the Sci Fi channel was replying them. I would've been all over that. Of course I'm sure I would've cringed at the cheesiness of it all tho. 80's tv - you gotta love it!

  40. Well done, Sam. So what was the number? 389,741?

    Definately LOST. I don't have a second pick since I'm not much of a Sci-Fi'er...unless you count Enders Game, LOL!

  41. I actually haven't watched any of these shows. I guess that I did start watching Fringe, but then college came along and started to kick my butt. Now I have to do homework instead of TV. Bleah!

    Congrats on the word-count Brodi. You will totally make it!

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Brodi, are you taking time to eat? I can't believe how much you've written.

    I love TV science fiction & fantasy.

    Maybe too much. I blame the 70s.

    In the 70s, The Incredible Hulk and Six Million Dollar Man were my poisons of choice. These shows ran so long they warped my mind. Also, Linda Carter etched on my developing libido what women were supposed to look like. My wife, however, refuses to wear a costume for me.

    I must admit that Patrick Duffy's Man from Atlantis had an inexcusable affect on my imagination, despite it's short run. I actually remember trying to breath water through a wet facecloth the way he claims the ancient Atlantean mothers trained their children for their new watery existence.

    I can expect only the purest dreck to come out of any novel I write.

    Douglas Cootey
    ☆ @DouglasCootey on Twitter
    A Splintered Mind

  44. We rented Firefly from the library awhile back and watched the whole season within a few days. LOVED it! I think I better go buy my own copy of now so I can re-watch whenever I want.

    Nice guest post. :)

    (I am a Star Trek fan. My favorite was Voyager. Still missing that one.)

  45. Lizzie- Thanks for rubbing it in. Twenty years from now, I want us all to remember Sam forgot BSG. Make it So. (Isn't that the tag line from Star Trek Next Generation?)

    Nikki- Poli-Sci is totally like Sci-Fi. Just don't tell the Sci-Fi geeks I said that. They can be a touchy bunch.

    Jill- I so remember the original 'V' show when it came out. I thought it was so cool. Saw the scy-fy airing. Wasn't quite a cool as I remembered. Better to leave it as a good memory!

    Cam- That was exactly the number. I'll tell Kid C you're playing the next round by phone.

    Becky- College does indeed have a bad rep for kicking butt. Thanks for the encouragement on my word count! Now, do your homework. (That's my reciprocal encouragement to you!)

    Douglas- You win Most Obscure Reference for the Man from Atlantis reference. And I dressed up as Linda Carter for Halloween this year. Not as Wonder Woman, but as she looks today. Hubby was not impressed.

  46. Suey- Doesn't it just make you sad when Firefly just ends like that? It's hard being a fan of cult shows!

  47. I heartily agree on all of your choices except for Fringe. i didn't last past three episodes of that show before I lost interest. It was far inferior to The X-Files. And why isn't that on your list?!

    But the other shows are are some of my all-time favorites. Especially Buffy. No wonder Brodi and I are friends.

  48. Team Gluten Intolerant- I watched the first three episodes of Fringe the first season it came out. Didn't watch again for a year. Then we watched the rest of the episodes over a two week period, and now I can't get enough. So I can empathize with your initial assessment.

    You're not counting this comment toward your NaNoWriMo word count, are you?