Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FBF Winners, Author Smackdown, and My List of Things That Must Go

1. FBF Winners

Two winners this week. One from the Smackdown Post and one from last Friday's post.

Smackdown Winner: Una
Friday's post Winner: Cam

Please email me (in sidebar) with your top three choices from the picture below and your mailing addresses. There are also two copies of Hush, Hush.

2. Author Smackdown

First round goes to Bree Despain (aka Team Gluten Intolerant). She emailed me 45 pages of her sequel Monday night. If you get a chance, congratulate her. Now she must finish her book by Nov. 30th.

Next Round: Team Tamale (that's us) owes an entire novel by one week from today.

Original word count: 39,528

Word Count as of this morning: 48,742

So, about 49,000. Goal 65,000.

16,000 words in 8 days. Doable.

How is everyone's NaNoWriMo going? Shell, Alysa, Eden, Olivia, Hannah?

3. Things that Must Go

Okay, so today is one of those days where I need everyone’s help with the blog. I am bra deep in my race to finish my book. Let’s do a big blog-wide list of things that must go. I’ll start.

1. When Twitter friends Tweet something like, “I’m eating Mangoes and Sticky Rice. Sorry you can’t be here @brodiashton. It’s soooo gooood. 140 characters doesn’t do it justice.”

2. Those lights on cars that look almost like they are brights, but not quite, so I don’t know if the butt-munch behind me is mad at me, or just driving normally. So I don’t know if I should slam on my brakes in response to our disagreement, or if there’s no disagreement in the first place. Capice?

3. Itchy skin.

4. Wine Frye "hot spots" that don’t work. I need a Wi-Fi hit, Barnes&Noble in Sugarhouse. I need a hit! Why do you insist on thwarting me?

5. Goldfish that refuse to die of natural causes.

6. People who don’t understand Barnes&Noble is a place to write novels. Not talk to your kids about what kind of books they should read. Be quiet!

So, help me out here folks. What are your Things That Must Go?


  1. Personally, I think Daylight Savings needs to go. Especially if it comes the day after Halloween. At least for those of us with kids.

  2. Totally. My kids have yet to recover.

  3. If I had a penny for every single thing that must go...I would have 13,565,743 pennies. So to spare you all, I won't list any--except for one, bad haircuts must go.

    It is my mission to give those goldfish a long and satisfying life. As long as you stop giving them HUGE flakes of food in hopes that they choke on it, I think I will be able to keep them alive till Spring, 2011. Wish me luck.

  4. Things that must go: 1) Standard Daylight Time--keep the daylight savings schedule (I'd rather go to work in the dark than come home in it). 2) Parking lots that don't quite connect. You get all the way to the end, thinking you can connect to Home Depot from the Target parking lot, only to find a tiny little curb to thwart public efficiency.

  5. LOL@sam for his "bad haircuts must go"

    also I agree that itchy skin is lame. I have a spot right on my back. Right Now.

    the writing is going okay. I just went to write or die and put in word goal for 1000 in 15 minutes on Kamikaze mode. I think it basically with be the S H EYE TEE word over and over.

    I'll be back in 15 minutes to let you know.

    peace out.

    (I think this was about 300 words can I copy and paste this into word and have it count for something)

    (can you tell I'm trying to put off going over to write or die for as long as possible)

  6. Congratulations to Una and Cam! And, congrats to Team Gluten-Intolerant! Way to go!

    Brodi, you're so going to do it! :D

    Things that must go:

    1. Daylight Saving Time (I know it's already been said, but I had to reiterate it because it's THAT bad.) But, I'd rather have the saving time than the standard time for the same reasons The Eastley Family said.

    2. Writer's block

    3. Soreness after working out

    4. The new guy at work as he's the most annoying person I've ever met

    5. Deadlines

  7. A big huge DITTO!!! for the three comments about stupid 5pm sunset. The sun should not set at 5pm. And it should not rise at 6:30am, when I have no need of it. I am fine to have it rise as late as 8am so long as it does not set ANY EARLIER THAN 6PM!!!

    (Also, I'm normally against multiple exclamation points--they would normally be on my list of things that must go--but this should emphasize how much I am dittoing everyone else: DOWN WITH THIS TIME CHANGE CRAP!!!)

    Brodi, thanks for giving us a space to rant!

  8. Hey, me and Una!! Right on.

    Is that my problem...I just need a good afternoon at B&N?

  9. 1066. It actually turned out pretty cool. :)

  10. I am also going to give a huge ditto on the time change thing. I hate having it dark at 5. I know it's boring to ditto, but DITTO!

    Dog poop must go too! It should be self cleaning.

    Also I am up to 3900 words in 2 days. Which is about 3900 more than I've written on my novel in a year!

    So I'm on track so far--but I know I couldn't do what Shellie did and write a 1000 words in 15 minutes.

  11. Sam- I think people who demand haircuts, and then are dissatisfied with the results, must go.

    Kent- I know everyone's with you on the time change, but I'm totally with you on the parking lot thing. Next car of mine is going to be a monster truck so I can just jump the curb.

    Jenni- Ditto on #4. I can't stand him.

    Nikki- rant away. That's what my blog is for. That and recipe exchanges.

    Cam- Give it a shot. Their wine-fry is hit and miss, but other than that, it's a good writing nook.

    Shellie- 1066! Congrats! And that is also the year of the Norman Invasion and Conquest of England. Coincidence? I think not.

    Eden- Way to go on the 3900 words. That is very very very very very cool. (you can take that as a hint about how I get my word count).

  12. Congratulations Cam, YAY!!!

    Woo Hoo, thank you Brodi (and Smokey)!!

    Having to work must go, it should be wanting to work!

    Also, waking up so sore you can barely move because you are 7 months pregnant and can only sleep on your side. Come on, how will I eventually carry said child once he is born if my hips are completely disfigured from sleeping the last trimester, I can barely walk! *whew* Sorry, rant over! (Grr...and Tylenol is USELESS)

    Good luck Sam, goldfish are a rare and unfortunately delicate breed, sometimes they just forget to live.

    Go NaNo NaNo writers!

  13. There is a pet store in Bountiful that took our goldfish, (or maybe it's technically in No. Salt Lake). Bird World is probably the name.
    Things that must go:
    1) Door to door salespeople
    2) Salespeople in general

  14. ok, many years ago deann walker also took home a Halloween is now over a foot long swimming in a pond in her back yard...sam may just win this one...but then again your tub is busy and the canal is lethal. xox

  15. Una- All Smokey asks in return is that you name your baby after him.

    Cherie- I just told my goldfish to pack for a road trip to Bountiful. Thanks.

    Cristie- You cannot be serious! A goldfish that grew to be a foot long? That's even scarier than the vines that grow through walls!

  16. I'm amazed at your ability to keep goldfish alive, especially since you want them dead. My sister babysat her neighbors' kid's goldfish and they died the first day. Then she bought some new ones and they died. She bought replacements again and...they died. She finally had to get a bubble-maker to keep the dang fish alive. I'm not sure if she told her neighbors' kid's about the replacement goldfish.

  17. I was giving something called "kissing fish" for my 17th birthday by a friend (glorified white goldfish) & they lived through my senior year of high school & then had babies. I didn't even notice until I saw these tiny fishes in there. Then I finally had to give them away when I went to college. No matter what I did these fish lived & bred. Watch out!

    Thanks for asking about writing! It's going better today. I had a few hours to myself to write today & I'm off to B&N after dinner. So, hopefully I'll be able to catch up.

    Things that must go:
    1) Throwing up my steak dinner at one in the morning. Seems like such a waste of good red meat (at least I'm better today!)
    2) lost cell phones. I believe my two year old might be the culprit. No doubt I'll find it in his diaper later tonight.

  18. Becky- the good thing about goldfish, right? They all look alike.

    Olivia- my parents always told me: kissing leads to babies. Apparently they were right. Great job on the writing. And I really hope your 2-year old didn't eat your cell phone.

  19. My kids' Halloween candy must go. And not because I've eaten it all.

    I second Olivia's lost cell phone complaint. I'm going on 10 days now without mine and I may just be going CRAZY!

    Also the movie Ponyo must go. I just wasted 1 1/2 hours of my life watching it with my kids today. Hopefully they at least appreciated the effort.

  20. Congrats team Gluten-Intolerant! And Brodi, you are gonna do great!

    As for my thing that must go, I think that today it's definitely thinking an assignment is due next Tuesday, but it's actually due this Thursday. That's just annoying. And inconvenient.

  21. Karin- I really don't know what I'd do without my cell phone. I don't want to be too dramatic, but I would just die.

    Lulabell- Ah, the inconvenient truth of deadlines. I know the feeling.

  22. On track with NaNoWriMo. Loving and hating it by turns.

    Also TIME CHANGING must go! Hate it! Ridiculous! Just pick one, like Arizona! That is all.

    (Still saving all pronouns for manuscript.)

  23. Alysa- way to stay on target. In keeping with the NaNoWriMo theme, I also say adverbs must be banished.

  24. Haha... My goal was for at least 5,000 by today, and seeing as I started last night at 10-ish, I'm only at about 1,015. I'm working on it though...

    And one thing that must go is too little time. I'm going crazy.

  25. You are perpetually my hero Brodi! One day I hope to aspire to be at the level of wit you are able to share because it is hilarious! Oh, and for MY list of things that must go: people commenting if you've straightened your hair when it's obviously straight; asking if you really want your sandwich wrapped in lettuce when you've stated you can't eat bread (I too am GF); and my last thing that must go? The crease I get between my eyes and my cheek from sleeping on my side at night :)

  26. Hannah- Keep it up, sistah. I agree about the too little time thing. I was looking at my day today, wishing someone could lend me a couple of extra hours.

    Jo- you are too kind. I get the opposite question on the straight hair thing. My hair's naturally curly, and when I wear it curly, people ask, "Did you get a perm?" I always answer, "Not since the early 80's."

  27. Things that must go today: people who ask inappropriate/stupid personal questions out of the blue, for example: "Are you having twins?" No...for the last time, I'm not having twins...grrrrrr - is that just the most inappropriate question - it's right up there with, "Are you expecting?" One of these days, I'm going to respond with, "No, but I eat babies." Come on!

    *please note it must be an emotional/pregnancy hormone day...those need to go as well.*

    On a normal note: Brodi, Lament by Maggie Stiefvater was very good, I'm going to request the sequel Ballad from the library.

  28. Una- I totally got the twins question. When I told one woman that no, I wasn't having twins, she told me I should talk to my doctor about how big I'd gotten. So I told her she was old, and no matter what she did, I'd alway be way younger than her.

  29. Things that must go: gum on our hardwood floors that is now stuck on the bottom of my shoe and reminds me of its existence every time I step on my left foot. Geez I love my kids.

    Things that already have left: the beautiful dog we found last night and then called it's owner today. I was sad to see it go but happy it found it's owner. I love happy endings!

  30. Scabby bandades and lurking must go!

  31. 1. Always forgetting to delurk on Brodi's blog must go...And now it has, as I have officially delurked. I am Emily Wing Smith's sister, by the way, not just your average stalker.

    2. When the bottom of my pants get wet in the rain or snow, and are wet all day.

    3. Landscaper guy with chainsaw outside my son's bedroom window must go. He has been out there for 18 minutes, the bush doesn't look any different than before, and I am living in fear of the premature demise of naptime.

  32. Erin- What kind of dog was it? Cute? Happy endings indeed must stay.

    Danno-Ewww... scabby band-aids? now I'm not sure I want you to de-lurk. I jest. I've been known to be gross here as well.

    Juliana- Yay for de-lurking! De-lurkers are my favorite kind of comments, and the fact that you are related to one of my all time favorite people - the awesome EWS - makes you doubly cool. Thanks for de-lurking.

  33. Brodi, your remark is so much better than mine, subtle yet sophisticated. See, this is why you'll finish your challenge and Team Tamale will still be on top of the Chimichanga Challenge!

  34. Una- It only works if the other person is older than you. If not, you can always use the "I may be big, but you're ugly. And in 2 months, I'll have a darling baby, and you'll still be ugly."