Friday, June 25, 2010

Knife Fights at Cub Country, and overly Specific signs of the North West

Happy Friday! I love Fridays in the summer. The kids are so bored, they start to pull each other's arm hairs out for entertainment. 

Here's a rundown of recent goings-on, and some thoughts.

1. Kid C attended his very first Cub Country yesterday. I could tell he was a little nervous because he was asking an unusual amount of "what if" questions. He reached the breaking point on the drive to the church, when he asked, "What if a knife fight breaks out?"

What kid isn't scared of a knife fight breaking out at Cub Country?

 (This is how he looks when we tell him to smile. As a side note, I always discounted those crime shows that could make out the murderer's identity in a reflection, but check out the clarity in my sunglasses. It's like a movie projector.)

2. Seattle is very specific in their signage. One of their road signs read, "Please Don't Drug and Drive." We kept waiting for the sign that read, "Please Don't Shroom and Drive Either."

It culminated in this sign at one of the hundred or so hikes we went on:

3.  My mom and I were in a gift shop on San Juan Island, and in the corner was a sad little display rack of new/used books, with the sign "Bargain Busters: Pick any 2 for $1.99."

I was perusing the selection and wondering how each little title ended up here, when my mom came up behind me and said, "Don't worry. Someday your book is going to be on that shelf too. It won't be long."

 Um, thanks Mom. Here's to a future where my book ranks just above the expired food section of a grocery store. Someday, if I'm lucky, I'll be offering someone money to just take my book home.

So, what are y'all doing this weekend? Anything fun?


  1. Your mom is funny! And sounds like Kid C would get along with my Kidlet, she's all over the what if questions.

  2. I wonder if the specific signage is a Washington state thing. We were at a family reunion in the south many years ago (you know, when the family still talked to each other) and we stayed in a gorge and posted along the road was a sign:

    "Watch for Falling Deer."

    For some reason, that didn't make my dad happier about going to the reunion.

  3. WindyA- Yeah, my mom's hilarious. She was dead serious.

    Jenilyn- That is an awesome sign. Any way you read it (whether they're falling from the sky, or they're tripping along the road) it doesn't make sense. You'd think it'd make any reunion bearable!

  4. Your mom sounds really cool. She'll keep you down to earth when you skyrocket to (even higher) stardom.

    ps. Your anniversary didn't make the blog post? It is your wedding anniversary, right? Or maybe my calendar is off...
    Well, whenever it is, happy anniversary!

  5. Kent- Um... Oh yeah. It's my anniversary. I totally remembered. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It was going to be #4 on my list, but it didn't make the cut. And on Monday, I'll have a huge anniversary post!

  6. Don't knock bargain bins. I look through them all the time. Don't often buy anything....

    I'll bet Stephenie Meyer's mom told her she'd be in the bargain bins, too. In ten more years, she might just be there.... If there's a worn-out paperback Twilight somewhere....

  7. Someday your book will be on that shelf too - rofl - something to look forward to right. My son bought a knife at cub country this year and last year - why do they sell knives to children? The other day we were going out to eat and he wouldn't leave the house without his knife - just in case there was an emergency. I guess he was worried about knife fights too - or he wanted to start one. Maybe Kid C does have something to worry about.

  8. I've been to Cub Country and a knife fight would be a great diversion!

  9. If it makes you feel better, you can pay me to take your book home. Weren't the pages of those bargain books worn and tattered though? They were well loved and the only reason they got rid of them was because they had to replace them with new copies because of the missing pages and coffee stains!

    And, this is why I suck at pep talks!

    PS, how do you post your blog postings on facebook?

  10. Robin- SM's books may be the only ones immune to the bargain bin.

    Mary- Okay, that is truly scary. They sell knives there? How come no one is seeing what's wrong with that picture?

    Eden- Any time there's a lull in a party, we always resort to a knife fight.

    Cam- Wow. You do suck at pep talks. It's a good thing I don't go to you for them! Snarky commentary, yes. Pep talks, no.

    I set up the Facebook thing... somehow. I think if you type "Post blog to Facebook" in Google, it will show you how. I did it so long ago, I can't remember! Or maybe it's an option on Facebooks settings. anyone else know?

  11. So, so funny. I love the signs. While driving up a hill in South Dakota we passed one that read, Hill. Nice, huh? We might never have known what was going on otherwise.

    As far as the bargin books goes, I'm still rotf. :)

  12. You gotta watch those cub scouts. They get into all sorts of trouble....


  13. Leisha- I love the Hill sign.

    Britt- I know. The scouting program is really a breeding ground for gangs.

  14. That sign is awesome! I love it!

    My weekend was busy. My niece got married on Friday, I went sailing yesterday, and I'm relaxing and getting ready to head home today.

    PS - Don't worry about what your mom said. All moms are like that. They think they're giving encouragement when they're actually slowly breaking your heart into a million pieces and pouring acid over them. For some reason, they just have a knack to do that. I think it comes with age and raising a lot of children.

  15. Jenni- YOu're right- moms do have a knack for knowing just what buttons to push. It's uncanny!