Monday, June 21, 2010

Washington State by the Numbers

Oh my. It feels like I've been gone for a few years. We spent last week in Washington State with my family, my sister's family, and my parents. Our condo there had no Wi-Fi, which is a concept I simply don't understand. 

Anywho, I'm crazy unpacking and recuperating right now, so here's a quick post.

Washington State by the numbers:

Total number of miles driven: 2653.

Total number of miles driven in quiet solitude: 2.7 

Number of ferries taken: 7
Number of times the lake monster attacked our ferry: 0. (I was rather disappointed. Whenever movies show ferries, someone gets murdered, or monsters attack.)

Number of games of "Tag, you're it" played inside the car: 4,382
Number of times we tried to explain tag inside a car was not supposed to be fun: 4,381

Number of times my mom - because of the one hour time difference - started out the day saying, "What are we going to do with our extra hour today?": 7

Number of DVD's we  bought for the trip: 8

Number of DVD's Kid B would allow to play in the car: 1 (Sonic the Hedgehog, a cheesy 80's cartoon version of the game)

Number of nights we were up singing the Sonic theme song: 7

Number of hikes: 12
Number of beaches: 6

Number of hikes to beaches: 6

Number of times Nephew A complained, "All we ever do is hike to beaches!": several

Number of times a few of the adults secretly agreed with him: several

Time on the clock when we entered the fabled Forks, Washington: 10:47 a.m.

Time on the clock when we exited the fabled Forks, Washington: 10:54 a.m. (It would've been shorter, but I had to use the bathroom)

Number of Twilight themed stores we saw, including "Jacob Black's Power Tool Rentals" (which hubby thought was not really playing for the appropriate audience, because would the people who  actually rent power tools really be impressed by a connection to Twilight?): 8

Number of days we thought we had rented the condo for: 7

Number of days we actually rented the condo for: 6

Number of minutes we had to pack on the last day: 15

Number of minutes we'd been home before Kid C said, "I'm bored": 3

Number of times I've counted the calendar days until school starts again: Countless. 

I missed y'all. You have no idea how many times I checked my emails, hoping for comments, and then remembering there was nothing to comment on. It's good to be back. 

I'll share pics and stories on Wednesday and Friday. How's your summer been?


  1. Number of times I checked the blog to see the new post: numerous

    Number of times I checked the comments to see new ones: several

    My summer so far is not bad except for spending a good portion of Friday afternoon and evening in the emergency room waiting for hives to go away. But our son was baptized and Father's day went very well!

    Glad you are back!!!! I missed your bog!!

  2. Una- Congrats on the baptism! How exciting. Sorry about the hives.

  3. Number of times I missed reading Brodi's blog: several

    Number of times I wondered if Brodi would make it to Forks: 1

    Number of times I hoped Brodi would spend more than 7 minutes in Forks: 0

    My numbers aren't nearly as interesting as yours. It sounds like you had a good trip, other than the constant playing of Sonic. I don't know how parents do it.

    My summer is going well. I finished my spring term class and I decided to drop my summer term class. I need the 10-week break. ;)

  4. The Jacob Black comment cracked me up! For some reason, though, I'm not inspired to go jump in the car and drive to Forks for the seven minutes of excitement.

    I missed seeing you at For Young Readers this year. You missed all the excitement of Joel going into the wrong restroom. Apparently fact that the vast majority of conference attendees were female had some strange affect on him.

  5. Glad to have you back Brodi! I'll admit, I'm kinda jealous. I've always wanted to go to Washington State. Glad you had fun!

  6. Jenni- I love your numbers! Enjoy your break. Everyone deserves some time off.

    Jenilyn- I'm so sad I missed it. Poor Joel and his gender identity crisis.

    Lullabell- Thanks! It really is very pretty up there. Except for Forks.

  7. Sounds awesome! We experienced the ferries up there a couple years ago when we had to coordinate the schedules of two ferries 50 miles apart in order to make our flight. And then there was construction. Grr. But we visited a bookstore in Port Angeles and took a picture of the green highway sign pointing to Forks. I'd wondered if stores, etc, in Forks had embraced Twilight; thanks for letting us know!

  8. i missed your blog too--kept hoping for an update.

    i think there are TOO many days left in summer as well...sigh.

  9. Number of times I visited your blog to check for an update (let's see... you missed four blogging days, I have to check twice a day at least, then sometimes on off days, just in case, so...): 10

    Number of times I regretted not realizing your route would take you through my town in time to kidnap your manuscript, just so you'd have to visit (well, and so I could read the thing): once.

    Number of times I regretted being at church when you emailed and missing my chance to at least stalk you at the restaurant: once. :)

    Who knew Twin Falls was such a crossroads?

  10. Missed your blog too!

    And my son loves that ding dang Sonic show, "Sonic the Hedgehog He's got an attitude. Sonice, he's the fastest thing alllliiiivvvve!" Is it that one? Cause, yeah, that gets stuck in my head too.

    can't wait to see pics!

  11. Five minutes in Forks? I don't think we can be friends any longer! I missed you at WIFYR!!!! WTH?? Although, I did hang with Emily and Kim so they made up for your poor showing. Just don't ask them for their opinion about me and my writing...I prefer the illusion of being bitchin' as opposed to the reality :)

    Good to have you back!

  12. Nikki- Oh yeah, they totally embraced Twilight. We filled up at "Edward's Got Gas 'n Sip"

    Dorien- There was literally no Wi-Fi in the entire state. I think they outlawed it.

    Robin- I thought the city motto was: "Twin Falls: We have TWO Arctic Circles".

    Just kidding. That was Blackfoot's motto.

    Olivia- That's the blasted song! And could Sonic be more annoying? Seriously, Sam and I found ourselves talking back to the little bugger from the front seat.

    Cam- That's funny, because I asked Emily about you and all she could say was, "Bitchin'". So, you're good.

    I do feel like I missed out! Can't wait to hear about it.

  13. Glad your back lady! It was a long silence... glad the trip was...beachy. Looking forward to hearing more!

  14. Cath- Beachy and Hikey. How are you? Where are you living?

  15. Glad you're back!

    I've been looking for blog posts! Also glad you were not devoured by any lake monsters, although, that could've made for some really good book fodder...


  16. Windy- I'll endure anything for good book fodder! How are you feeling? recovering okay? I go in for surgery tuesday...

  17. You are in my prayers today Brodi! Hope the surgery goes well and you heal thoroughly and quickly!

  18. Thanks Una! It's a week from today.

  19. Ha! Jacob's power tool rental store. That made my day. Maybe they're hoping to attract new customers - ones who wouldn't normally go there. :)

  20. Melissa- Right, like a ladies book group who might have a need for a circular power saw, but only temporarily.

  21. I want to belong to a book group that needs to use a circular saw for a short time. They sound so interesting. I'm predicting your next book right here. Yup. Or at least a future blog post.

  22. Jacob Black power tools? Seriously?! Yikes.

    Missed ya, Brodi. Glad you're back!

  23. Goodness! I am off a week. Well, I hope you did have a GREAT day yesterday...

  24. Brod - still at my parents... not sure on a move-in date. I packed for a week... we're going on a month. Am I dang sick of the two t-shirts I have to wear? Yes! But hoping they can get the new house cleaned out by early next week.

  25. Leisha- those types of groups can be very dangerous, because you have to ask yourself, if they're not building anything, what do they need the circular saw for? I'm predicting a horror book.

    Britt- I cannot make this stuff up.

    Una- I did have a great day yesterday, and I'm sure that was due to your prayers!

    Cath- At least you have an excuse for wearing the same shirts over and over. I have no excuse. Hope you get to settle in soon!